Crowdfunding Real Estate Re-Lender How To Earn Opinions 2022

When you hear about investments that concern the real estate sector, you immediately think that they are operations above your own economic resources. But today this is no longer the case!

Through Real Estate Crowdfunding , users can invest even just € 50.00.

It is not necessary to have specific skills, everyone can do it from the comfort of their own home from their computer or on the move directly from their mobile device which can be a phone or a tablet .

But how to do it?
We must try to get the maximum return from real estate crowdfunding , which is a new way of understanding this type of investment. It consists of investing through the acquisition of shares in a specific property.

This takes place on appropriate platforms which manage and guide the investor throughout the entire procedure.

In this article we will look in particular platforms Re-Lender and housers and learn to invest in an alternative way on real estate and industrial upgrading solutions.

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1 What is Real Estate Crowdfunding?
2 Why rely on Real Estate Crowdfunding?
3 What is Re-Lender
4 Re-Lender: Goals
5 Re-Lender: How it works
6 Re-Lender: How to register for free
7 Re-Lender: Strengths
8 How Does Real Estate Crowdfunding Work?
9 Can Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms Be Trusted?
10 Real estate crowdfunding: Equity and Lending
11 How much do you earn with Real Estate Crowdfunding?
What is Real Estate Crowdfunding ?
With real estate crowdfunding , investors have the opportunity to use their money in real estate and this is possible thanks to the platforms that make everything easier and safer.

Always invest in brick has proven every time a great deal . In particular in Italy the real estate market is one of the most popular. The reasons could be many, for example the fact that it is considered a safe investment or in any case it is a purely cultural phenomenon.

It has been estimated that more than 50% of Italians own at least a house. This is a figure that exceeds the average that was recorded in the rest of the world.

Why rely on Real Estate Crowdfunding ?
The real estate investment mainly presents two problems, where the first is the bureaucracy that involves important burdens, that is the payments to be faced such as management costs and taxes, but not only.

The second problem is the volatility of the real estate market . In particular, in recent years there have been some unexpected changes.

However, buying a property always remains a safe investment when compared to other types of financial investments.

In general, it can be said that in any financial market one decides to invest, the desired profit cannot be guaranteed and this naturally also applies to the real estate market.

The Crowdfunding Real estate is not yet well known, but who has now begun a long time to invest through this system is very satisfied.

This is an opportunity to make a profit to be taken into consideration. It is a new form of property investment that has nothing to do with physical possession or direct use. So we are talking about buying and selling that takes place directly on the real estate market.

This type of investment is completely different to the real purchase of properties which is subject to inflation and which therefore puts one’s capital at risk, where the value of the investment is also exposed to other variables such as the physical location of the property. and its intended use.

Instead, investing with crowdfunding does not have to deal with any of the problems just mentioned.

In Italy it is a decidedly growing phenomenon, which is spreading also thanks to various platforms born in recent times.

Among the latest platforms, certainly the most interesting is Re-Lender , which offers truly unique features.

What is Re-Lender
cosè re-lender

Re-Lender is an ItalianStart-Upin theFintechsectorand is perhaps the firstReconversion Crowdfundingplatform in the world.

In fact, through a lending crowdfunding model it finances companies for the realization of industrial requalification projects and more.

The lending crowdfunding is to lend money to those seeking financing for their project.

The investment will then be fully returned to the investor by adding an interest rate which is established in advance.

“>re lender banner


Interest will therefore be the investor’s earnings.

Compared to the traditional bank loan, this instrument has a significant advantage linked to the times.

In fact, times are drastically shorter for companies that need a loan.

Generally a crowdlending platform takes twenty-four hours to accept or reject a project and around 72 hours to raise the funds.

This is why the interest rates are slightly higher than those charged by a classic credit institution.

The reason for this difference is easy to explain:

Crowdlending platforms are naturally not able to analyze the debt risk profile of a start-up or company as a bank can (this is the reason for the shorter deadlines);
The crowdlending platform does not require the guarantees that are usually requested by a credit institution, such as sureties from company partners.
The fact is that no lending / crowdfunding platform , primarily Re-Lender , would accept projects from companies that do not have the liquidity requirements that are necessary to deal with the repayment of the loan.

Re-Lender is the first crowdlending platform dedicated to financing conversion projects.


Registration is totally free and without deposit or contractual restrictions.

Re-Lender was born with the aim of merging two different crowdfunding formulas : civic and lending / crowdfunding .

The first envisages that direct benefits to local communities derive from the projects that are financed, while the second concerns the financial nature of participation in the collection, in our case in the form of a debt instrument (loan).

Analyzing the different protagonists of the collections, the Re-Lender platform represents a showcase in which:

The companies that apply for the loan can advertise their industrial, real estate, ecological or urban conversion projects through an innovative tool that consists of an effective, fast and flexible form of alternative / supplementary financing compared to the traditional banking channel.
Those interested in becoming lenders of funds can participate in the proposed initiatives thanks also to the size of the investment that is truly accessible to all, in fact it is possible to become lenders starting from the threshold of 50 euros.
Re-Lender: Goals
The development plan of this start-up is very ambitious.

Re-Lender’s goal is to make it easier for supply and demand to meet industrial and residential conversion projects.

Unlike other real estate crowdfunding platforms , Re-Lender intends to stay on projects that foresee a positive transformation in ecological terms of the affected area.

Another appreciable goal of the new platform is to attract investor confidence.

Trust not only in itself, but above all in crowdfunding in general, considered a very free investment model, since it allows all investors, small or large, to be able to access it and make their contribution.

The crowdfunding as mentioned is in fact a micro-bottom, that you put as opposed to classic financing, or by the institutions or banks, to which you can not always access them.

Those who care about the ecological impact and the reconversion of abandoned industrial or residential areas, in Re-Lender can find a chance to make their own financial contribution, even with truly low investments such as 50 euros.

Re-Lender: How it works
how to operate lender

After having explained to you what this new crowdfunding platform dedicated to reconversions and their objectives is, now we tell you how it works in general.

The launch of a new project is divided into 3 steps.

First step – Analysis of requests: Companies that intend to apply for a loan in the form of a loan are first analyzed by Re-Lender before being placed on their platform.

Second step – Fundraising: If the company has passed the first step, it will then have access to the platform, from where it will be possible to raise funds from the portal subscribers.

These will then be able to evaluate the project, study it and, in the case of interest, invest funds with a minimum investment of 50 euros.


Registration is totally free and without deposit or contractual restrictions.

There is no money limit for investments, only known and which must be equal to or multiples of the basic 50 euros.

Third step – Project development: Once the fundraising is complete, the project can then start.

The company will receive the funds raised on the platform, while those who have invested will begin to accrue and receive interest and repayment of principal based on the amortization plan presented at the beginning of the fundraiser.

Re-Lender: How to register for free
Up on Re-Lender is totally free and easy , it only takes two minutes for those not familiar with the platforms online of crowdfunding or recordings online in general.

First you need to visit the site web of Re-Lender , on which you can easily access by clicking on the button below:


RElender homepage website

Once on the homepage of the site you will have to click on “Register” , at the top right or in the center of the page, and fill out the form .

Re lender registration

Registration as we have told you is completely free and does not involve any cost or commitment, but if you intend to start lending money you will need to send / upload a valid identity document.

Re-Lender: Strengths
strengths relender

High Yields, starting from 9% per annum with monthly interest amortization.
Tax simplification.
Democratization, accessible from € 50.
International company based in Milan and Madrid and a team with experience in fintech .
re lender banner

How Does Real Estate Crowdfunding Work ?
The crowdfunding real estate investment has made accessible to all. This system, compared to the traditional method, allows people to get more guarantees.

But what exactly does it consist of? This model gives everyone the opportunity to directly subsidize a specific project . You have the opportunity to invest even small parts of your capital. Precisely for this reason, more and more people are becoming interested. It is a method that has made real estate investing democratic.

In this way the so-called “barriers” that may arise at the beginning are eliminated or in any case reduced. Compared to the traditional process, many times the price of the investment could always be out of reach for most people.

Instead, with crowdfunding you can make investments even starting from 50.00 euros, as you have previously read on the Re-Lender platform . Among the other platforms that allow you to make this type of investment we mention Housers that by giving users the possibility to invest with such a low capital greatly reduces the risk.

re lender banner

You can decide to make short-term or long-term investments. You can therefore get monthly profits or even in less time.

Furthermore, you can decide to invest, for example, in small apartments located in the most important metropolitan cities or you can decide to invest in new buildings, or even in the recovery of castles.

As we have seen, the possibilities are so many, you can choose from a wide range of projects .

All this is possible thanks to the platform. We always take Housers as a reference , which since its inception has managed to reach thousands of users who have led to the disbursement of several million euros in financing to real estate companies in Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Can Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms Be Trusted?
The crowdfunding abroad is used and more popular in comparison to our country. In particular, in Italy it has only been gaining momentum in recent years.

There are several platforms that offer this kind of possibility. In general, it can be said that they resemble each other, but they differ in terms of investment offers, how they are structured, the limits and characteristics that affect accreditation.

In Italy, investments made on these legal platforms are protected by payment systems authorized for example by the Bank of Italy.

Still talking about legal platforms, they must disclose all information concerning, for example, the expected commissions that must be easily visible and clear.


Furthermore, the customer service must be present, made up of personnel who are able to solve any problem and clarify any doubts.

The platforms must be simple to use and practical and that allow you to make quick investments where the user can do everything from the selection of the property, to the amount and to the opening of positions with a few clicks.

Real estate crowdfunding: Equity and Lending
The Crowdfunding Realty is divided into:

equity : as reported on the CONSOB website: “We talk about” equity-based crowdfunding “when through the online investment you buy a real shareholding title in a company: in this case, the” reward “for the loan is represented by the set of patrimonial and administrative rights deriving from the shareholding in the company ” . In this case you do not become the owner of the property;
lending : when the investor carries out this type of crowdfunding, he becomes the holder of a credit right, but without becoming the owners or partners. Once the investment has been made, within its maturity and based on a specific interest rate, the user has the right to get back the credit. The returns are usually lower in comparison to equity platforms.
On the CONSOB website you can find further information on crowdfunding.
How much do you earn with Real Estate Crowdfunding?
It is not possible to accurately quantify the profit that can be made from Real Estate Crowdfunding .

The possibility of financing specific projects through online platforms has revolutionized the real estate market and has also attracted small investors. One of the advantages is that you can make investments even with little credit.

In addition, the commissions to the lender and the bureaucratic steps have been reduced.

Of course, the more you invest, the higher your earnings will be . It is also important to diversify the portfolio, i.e. distribute your capital across multiple projects. This definitely increases the chances of making more profits.

Those who use this tool for the real estate sector have great potential. Even if it is still not so widespread in Italy, the platforms are increasing.

With all this being a very young industry, real estate crowdfunding is an ever-changing section. It is an alternative way to make money. Don’t expect huge profits in minutes, don’t believe those who say that these types of investments make you a millionaire in just a few days.

In this case we are talking about scams. Any self-respecting investment, or let’s talk about those recognized and regulated, generally the gains are obtained in the long term. Even if you can invest in the short term, it doesn’t mean you can make millions in a minute.

Be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise

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