Earning with Social Networks

Working from home with social network Inside the bubble of social networks , it appears to be the new source of income to which all have access because most of us know how to use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram . But the truth is, while most businesses and organizations realize the benefits they could get from their own online community , many don’t know (or don’t have the time to do so) how to grow their online marketplace .

If you are a phenomena with online tools , this could be a good launch opportunity. If you already have a job and want to earn some extra cash , or you need a stopgap income while looking for the job that’s right for you, the turning point may lie in exploiting the media potential of social networks .

You don’t have to be one of those ‘ gurus ‘ capable of transforming everything into a media case to win a slice of the sector market. If you know how to use social media strategically, do it. Someone, of course, will need your expertise.

To demonstrate how you know how to develop an online community , find small businesses to help increase their community , it will serve as visibility and as a resume for future paid jobs. Just start, customers will arrive.

Earning money through a Social Media company, as we already know, in recent years Social Media have become very popular, they are numerous.

We cannot deny the idea that at least once in their life it has been thought of making money online with social networks , this teases many, especially those who make constant use of it. Turning your passion into a source of income would not be bad.

Many people spend most of their free time browsing the internet, especially among the pages of Social Networks , so why not take advantage of this world of the internet, which is constantly and constantly evolving, to start earning seriously , using Social Networks and sharing functional content.

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2 Earning with Social Networks: what is the secret?
3 Earning money with social networks in a short time: how to do it?
4 How to Make Money with Facebook
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6 Making money with Twitter
7 Earn money by selling fans, pages and visibility
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Tips for making money with Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram
What are Social Networks
The Social Network , as well as being able to be used for entertainment and discussion among friends, can be exploited to do business in rapidly. The social networks , are trading platforms and successful communication. The creators of these platforms also predicted the efficiency of social networks in terms of user gain. This success has taken hold more and more, despite the passing years.

The Social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Viadeo, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest , in recent years have attracted the attention and interest of even part of many professionals.

There are many methods to earn with social networks , such as, for example, creating pages, or groups to build professional relationships to get new customers, because thanks to Social Networks , they increase their visibility, and consequently professionals attract their clients, but also many potential collaborators.

Entrepreneurs, for example, see their sales increase significantly even in a matter of months , and this approach is typical of entrepreneurs who want a good development structure in a short time.

A phenomenon that is growing rapidly today is the creation of pages, or Facebook groups , to try to accumulate as many fans as possible, where once a certain number of subscribers have been reached, they offer for sale the administration of the group or page, and there are many professionals in the sector, who are in fact willing to spend large sums to buy them.

How to get started
Many people will have already wondered or will wonder, how it is possible to make money online on Social Networks , given that in any case these are platforms that involve people from all over the world and with all kinds of passion. The goal to be reached, will be to share on Social Network of interesting content to our contacts, and if the shares will produce noticeable results, then you will receive for this, remuneration.

You could start by creating a page where you can then talk about a topic that interests us most , and which could also interest a large number of people, to consequently attract the greatest number of ” fans ” and ” Likes “.

It is important to create, produce good presentations, where to insert tempting images , because a page with interesting images and with a good presentation inside, will have the possibility of earning , for example, 30% more.

A few simple rules are recommended to attract readers, such as:

Provide good content regularly;
Share articles and videos through Social Networks, because in this way you will be able to entice readers to follow you, and to buy your products or services;
The pages must be composed of rich content, dealing with various arguments, and of quality, also posting regularly links , images and updates that can always arouse a high interest, towards your readers or your future readers;
Try to reach as many people as possible.
How does it work
There are still not many people who are aware of the existence of Social Networks that share their earnings with registered users, because the people who have done so have begun to see and think that Social Networks , in addition to being a means to make new friends, they can be or become a source of income .

The mechanism is very simple, it is within everyone’s reach, even for beginners.

It consists in being paid, based on the clicks received on what will be shared, clearly the content that will be shared will be of free choice.

In Social Networks , we will try to make the most of the potential present in a community of people linked to the same interest, or by sharing materials and useful information. One of the ways of earning on Social Networks is to be able to decide to sell services or products, it is a very good solution to make money . It is possible to sell digital products, clothing, etc …

An important aspect is that of …

try to offer products that are not found anywhere else,

or that in any case they are not very widespread, or that they are not too expensive products.

How much can you earn
The gain will be variable, it will not be possible to establish a fixed amount, in general, a minimum guaranteed sum can be about 3 cents for each click received. Furthermore, if after the visit someone generates a LeadClick , that is, contacts of potential customers for your business through the Internet, depending on the campaign, a single click can also be worth about € 10.

The LeadClick consists in finding interested customers, getting the contacts from the person, called Prospect , and building a database that will be used by the sales department.

To generate new contacts of future customers, all the various marketing strategies can be used, from the more traditional ones such as advertising, or telemarketing , to the most innovative ones such as direct marketing , or other strategies that use the Web. service, and you will have someone sign up with your link , you will also earn on clicks on his links , such as, for example, a euro cent per click .

The figures will vary based on various factors, such as, for example, if with your videos, once published, you will be able to attract the attention of your contacts, and consequently, many activities and shares are started, thanks to this you will have good probability of earning money . A fundamental and decisive aspect will be to get a very large number of friends or followers on your list, and who above all have the same interests as you, this can guarantee greater earnings.

Different types of links that are published
Companies strongly believe in Social Networks , and in the power of word of mouth, which is why they pay money for the advertising you will do by publishing their links . The links that will be provided will be based on the interests and campaigns available. You will have the opportunity to communicate and promote, staying in line with your interests and earning with Social Networks by sharing content for your contacts and followers .

The social networks have become a real source of business that can make money, you only have to understand how it works, and apply best practices.

On this page you will find some tips on how to start making money with your social media skills .

Earning with Social Networks: what is the secret?
Social Network: let’s reveal the mystery
To date, everyone has heard and especially used social platforms.
Social Network indicates a “social network”, that is a group of people connected to each other, both on a human and virtual level.

It can therefore be understood as a network of people linked to each other through family, work, friendly ties, and also as a network of people connected to each other only virtually and without any physical or knowledge bond. The purpose of each platform is knowledge.

Each Social Network is able to simultaneously connect people from all over the world including celebrities, or anyone who wants to be present. So you can easily find yourself talking to a person from the other side of the world if you want.

A positive feature of the Social Network is to promote knowledge not only of the person we have on the other side of the screen, but also of the culture that surrounds him, but certainly it can also be used simply as a leisure after a stressful day at home or at work. .

Log in to social networks
Nowadays, social networks can be accessed almost automatically, even if only to see the latest news, for pastime, or to stay in touch with a loved one who is perhaps far from us, or to share photos or moments of the day. Many times these social networks are also used in particular for business or charitable purposes.

Many people, of all age groups, often use Social Networks also simply to not feel alone, for company, but using a Social means not being in direct contact with people, it means sharing one’s ideas with the so-called virtual friends, who we choose and who may perhaps have the same ideas as us, or an event of their life in common with ours.

It is possible to make yourself known by sharing ideas, photos, thoughts, moods or any event that concerns your life.

Then there is the majority of the population that uses social media in a different way, such as looking for people who have moved away over time for any reason, or simply to comment on the life of others, to create study groups, to comment on a any open discussion, to buy, to sell and even to work.

How to get started and how to join a Social Network
There is no precise rule on how to use Social Networks , in particular it will depend on the type of service that one decides to use. In general, however, to become part of a Social Network , you must first of all create your personal profile by entering basic information, regarding personal data such as name, surname and private e-mail address , up to your own interests and their passions, past work experiences and related references.

Once registered, it will be possible to invite your friends to join your virtual network, who in turn can begin to do the same, so that you find yourself having more contacts with friends than friends, and so on.

Earning with Social Networks
Few are aware that there are Social Networks that share their earnings online with registered users, and for this reason many people have begun to think that Social Networks, in addition to being a way to make new friends, can be, or however become, source of income.

For example, there are sites that allow you to create applications with advertisements to then be inserted into the Social Network . Then there are websites that allow you to earn online through the use of a Social Network . These sites pay for every action that takes place on the portal, and it is possible to withdraw the earnings upon reaching a fixed quota, and are generally paid through PayPal or a check.

The Web Marketing : what to do with the Social ?
Mainly it is possible to earn through Web Marketing , or by inviting friends to use the Social Network, and this can be done using the invitation link .

You will therefore have to try to find the greatest number of people willing to subscribe to the Social Network.

For each person who is found, you will receive a point, which will be equivalent to a cash value. Another way to earn is to focus on content, that is by increasing the traffic of the Social Network through the publication of posts, commenting on other users, asking for friends, creating groups and doing any other normal operation in a social network, where for each point obtained you will receive some money, and this will of course depend on the site.

The points obtained through the content are awarded in an attempt to increase traffic to the site. So every time you post a photo, and every time you add a friend, or every time you post or comment on a video, you will receive a certain number of points that will be converted into money.

Logically in this case, to have many views, and therefore increase the traffic of the Social Network , you will have to have many people who are invited to watch, so all you have to do is increase more and more the number of contacts, with whom you can then share. your uploads.

Social network management
Usually on these sites a part is reserved where you can keep under control, in a general way, all your earnings made on the site, where it will also be possible to see all the points accumulated through invitations, or through social activity, even how many points they will be converted into money, and how many are still available, and who are the registered users under us.

Also in this section it will then be possible, through the payout button , and upon reaching the quota, to request payment to the account, for example, via Paypal .

Then there are sites, Social Network platforms , which like many others allow you to keep a blog, a photo album and have its own internal messaging system, but which make the profits collected from advertising to distribute them in part to their users, essentially , each subscriber receives money based on the number of pages viewed and the number of “invited” users, where more people are involved in the chain, and the higher the revenue will be for users who have been there for the longest time.

On other sites it is possible to use some online services that, by exploiting, for example, the Affiliate programs of popular e-commerce sites , allow you to obtain commissions on the sale of items online , in this way it will be possible to take advantage of the page of the Social Network that you created to promote them, through a sort of virtual showcase.

Logically, you should not think that these are easy money, because in this type of system the latest arrivals, or new users, cannot in fact enjoy the same benefits as those who have been there for longer than them. It will also be necessary to be very careful about the risk of spam , since the mechanism is able to feed itself only by increasing the number of guests.

Earning with social networks in a short time: how to do it?
The Social networks are not just a way to stay in touch or deepen their knowledge with friends, family, colleagues, and classmates. It is also a great opportunity to make money online.

In this article we will talk about the three most important social media:

Next we will find out how you can make a profit from these recent tools.

How to make money with Facebook
Facebook logo
Facebook logo

Let’s start with the most used social network : Facebook . There are multiple ways to make money with Facebook , precisely because there are hundreds of millions of users who use it on a regular and daily basis.
If you operate a blog or a site web , you can, for example, promoting quietly. Not only that, even with affiliate marketing, it is possible to promote it on this social network .

If you are able to write posts for your blog or informational texts to the landing pages of affiliate marketing so as to gain a nice pool of readers who visit your site, then it is undoubtedly on track to do money online .

Remember to always create content that focuses on what interests the reader.

But there are also other ways to make a profit and make money online using Facebook, for example certain sites, which work with the social network . To cite an example, there is Zazzle . The latter will allow you to create and design any product on your site, for free. Then, you can use the pop-ups on your Facebook and thus start selling it. It is, however, advisable for those with good knowledge and design techniques.

Read our guide How to Make Money with Facebook .

Make money with Instagram
Instagram logo
Instagram logo

This is the most recent social network, compared to those described so far. With Instagram you can share photos and videos of any kind.
Consequently, it is widely used by so-called influencers , individuals who sponsor company products and services, through photos and videos, in exchange for a cash consideration.

It is clear that to become an influencer it is necessary to have thousands of “followers” or ” followers “, otherwise no company will entrust you with the promotion of its products.

But how is it possible to get many ” followers “?

First, you need to understand what your followers want. Also continuously publish content, in this case photos and videos. From here on, you will start earning with Instagram .

Read our guide How to Make Money with Instagram .

Make money with Twitter
Twitter logo
Twitter logo

Another fairly well-known social network is Twitter . Also in this case, just like Facebook, it is especially suitable for promoting a blog or website . But how? By publishing posts related to the blog , combined with a captivating description, thus providing a link to your blog. It also works incredibly well for anyone who is doing affiliate marketing .

It is possible, in fact, to join affiliate sites like Commission Junction and find a product that you really like and that catches your attention. Then you have to write a post about the product and finally publish it on the blog , creating at least a couple of pages about it. Once done, then you can promote it on Twitter , starting just to make money with Twitter .

One thing is certain, if you want to make a lot of money with the social network, you have to guarantee yourself a lot of followers on Twitter.

In fact, once you have reached a good number of ” followers “, it will therefore be possible to have the so-called ” sponsored tweets .”, That is, they are the ones that advertisers will pay you to show on your profile because they know that you will be able to reach the target market or the number of users who need to get in touch with the sponsors of the tweets .

Read our guide How to Make Money with Twitter .

Earn money by selling fans, pages and visibility
The Social networks have now become a valuable tool for making money online . There are many users who try to monetize their activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.
But there are continually new ways to do it. In this article we will focus on the last frontiers of social media marketing , or, specifically, in the sale of fans, pages and visibility.

Selling fans
The fan selling mode is one of the major monetization channels of many pages and is mainly divided into:

” White hat social marketing ” method ;
” Black hat social marketing ” method .
In the first case, ie the so-called “ white hat ” technique , it is considered a fairly legitimate method.
Basically, it consists in publishing, for a fee in money, on your own page or on the one you manage, the link to another page, with the main intention of increasing visibility and fans.

In the case of Facebook, it is forbidden to publish links on its pages for a fee, but it certainly cannot know if the publication of links is a paid activity.

The second case, the ” black hat ” , is a faster technique, but on the other hand more dangerous, because it is unlawful and prohibited by Facebook, resulting in the elimination of the pages of both those who sell and buy through likejacking , if noticed it.

But what does it consist of?
Have you ever noticed that you have become a fan of a page, without actually clicking on the “Like” button?
If the answer is yes, then you have almost certainly stumbled upon a likejacking technique . The latter consists in publishing news with a captivating title, the so-called “click-catcher”. Generally they are gossip news or incredible / curious news, sometimes real fakes , which however very often receive a high response from users, especially in terms of clicks .

But what happens once the content is opened?
The user is catapulted out of Facebook or into a Facebook application, but hosted on servers external to those of the social network ). Once you have landed on the application or on the external website, the news is invisible due to an annoying pop up that invites you to “like” if you want to read the article.

If you decide to click on the “like” button, you are deceived into a fan of a page that has paid a sum of money, in exchange for your “like”.

This technique is exploited for several reasons: There are those who do it for image reasons , and therefore a page with a large number of fans, even if not active, can give it more credibility and importance in the eyes of customers or investors.

There are those who are instead a container of popular national news and who do not need a well-defined target to be able to sell their services. Just think of a classic editorial project that, in order to increase the income generated by advertising spaces, needs high traffic of visitors to its website.

There are also other likejacking techniques such as, for example, an invisible “like” hidden above an image of a website. In that case the user thinks he is clicking on the image to enlarge it, while instead he clicks like on a page, again for deception.

The sale of visibility
Conceptually, the sale of visibility is the same as the “white hat” sale of fans. It mainly involves publishing articles on external websites, for a cash payment.

Selling pages
In this case, Facebook does not allow the sale of pages, but instead allows their sale.
This means that if a person, for personal reasons or whatever, is no longer able to manage a page, he has the possibility to appoint another person to manage the page.

From this permission comes the possibility of selling pages.

A huge market, if we think that, for example, a page with 1 million fans, an Italian target, today can even be worth up to € 10,000 based, obviously, on the topic dealt with.

Basically, for pages with many fans it is like owning your own social network within another larger social network.

The rental of the pages
In addition to selling, a page can be rented. But how?
Lately Facebook has been providing its users with the opportunity to become a “content creator” of a page.
This means that it is possible to write on a page, even if you are not an administrator of it.
As a result, numerous pages have begun to sell the “content creator” job to websites interested in getting traffic to their website.

How much do you earn for a large page?
It is clear that it is not possible to answer in a timely and precise manner.

Profits range based on several variables, including the page theme, audience engagement, and number of fans.

Having said that, it can be said that there are multiple users who earn high profits , thanks to social media marketing and the techniques mentioned above.
Let’s find out some costs in this sense:

Selling an increment of 1000 fans can cost anywhere from € 18 to € 75;
Renting a page with 500,000 fans can cost anywhere from € 300 to € 1000 per month;
Buying a page with 100,000 fans can cost anywhere from € 300 to € 800;
Buying an advertisement on a 1 million fan page, specifically the status update, featured half an hour and canceled after a day, can cost anywhere from 15 to 35 €.
Leave a like and… start earning!
It is now well known that it is possible to earn with social networks , in previous articles we have seen how:

Earning with Facebook ;
Make money with Instagram ;
Earning with TikTok ;
Make money with Twitter ;
Make money with Pinterest ;
through the publication and sharing of content, in the form of written texts, graphic posts, videos and so on, with the main intent of arousing users’ interest or sponsoring a specific product or service, as a blogger or influencer .

But few people, on the other hand, know that it is possible to make a profit , even by simply putting a “Like” or a “Follow” on a page on the major social networks .

Yes, you got it right, you can earn small bucks with this simple activity, which everyone is able to do.

In the following article, we are going to see how so-called PTL ( Paid To Like ) marketing works , how much to earn online, and which companies are willing to pay for it.

How does PTL marketing work?
It is not about being an influencer and sponsoring a certain product or service, or about publishing engaging content, with the main intent of getting more shares and positive feedback from your audience.

In this case, the speech is completely different, the one who earns is the one who “likes” specific pages or links .

But how does it work?

How Paid To Like works is very simple.

First of all, the user must register on the platform by entering some personal data. The registration process is very fast, it takes just 20/30 seconds.

Once the user has subscribed to certain websites, which we will see better in the next chapter, the pages where to put his “Like” or “Follow” are communicated to him every day. On the other hand, the company will always check the activity that has taken place.

Also, there is another way to make a profit, and that is by inviting other people to sign up or “like”.

It is important to underline, that in theory, it is always possible to remove the like , if the pages are not to your liking.

What are the websites on which it is possible to register?
Surely there is not a large selection, as the sites that deal with the PTC, the Pay To Click , but they are available online many sites web that offer this type of service. Each one provides a different offer, with different payments and methodologies. It is always advisable to carry out a market survey, before choosing and subscribing to a specific one.

To name a few examples of websites using PTL marketing:

Page FB: Earning by liking
How much can you earn with this business?
As mentioned above, the performance varies based on the site chosen for this service.
It is clear that this is an extra income , certainly it is not possible to get rich, but not even to have a high monthly income. It is a method, however, that allows you to get a small nest egg, dedicating very little time to this elementary activity.

Generally, you are paid 3 credits for each like on the fan pages and the minimum to be paid is to reach 3000 credits which are therefore 15 euros, this means that 1000 “likes” will be enough to get the money .

Others, on the other hand, pay a little more, 2 cents, and it is possible to make money online and withdraw them, reaching a lower payment threshold, for example after the 10 euro milestone.

It often happens that even at the time of registration, 50 credits are received, or an average of 0.25 euros.

Furthermore, the number of likes to be made every day depends on the friends you have on your social profile . The greater the number you have, the more ” likes ” to click.

Make money with social media tools
If your intend is to increase traffic to your site web , you’ll understand soon that social media are the key to success. In this article you will discover some platforms that will allow your business to develop as much as possible to grow your business .

A system linked to social media is a sure way for the success of your promotional campaign.

There was a time when creating fake profiles within social networks with links to their websites, brought the desired traffic, but you have to think that it was not real traffic, in fact, even if before it could have been useful, today this strategy just doesn’t work anymore.

Social media tools allow you to promote your website in a simple and effective way, but above all in a short time. The moment you learn how to use the right tools, it will be much easier to grab the attention of the audience.
And there are some methods to make all this possible, so in the course of this article we want to illustrate some of them so that you can begin to increase traffic to your website and beyond, in this way the your earnings.

More than methods, it is appropriate to call them instruments. Now we will move on to a list of the 4 most used tools to invest online with social networks :

Below, find a description of each of the tools we have mentioned, just to give you some little ideas and let you know in a nutshell what it is when it comes to the best tools to make money online .

Narrow (Twitter Marketing Automation)
We can say that Narrow is a research tool that helps understand your audience and is fully automated.

Twitter is definitely not the social media par excellence and when it is used for advertising it is even less so. Think about the time it takes to post tweets with relevant hashtags and build an audience in no time.

While thanks to Narrow, it will finally be possible to interact with Twitter users who may be interested in your offer. Basically, you enter hashtags or keywords and allow Narrow to identify the target audience .

But it is not free, on the contrary, it is quite expensive compared to what is around, it is about 50 euros. Narrow has now become a great way to help people build a solid base of followers.

Website: https://narrow.io/

Onalytica ( Social Insights Reporting)
Onalytica is a tool that enables the identification of the option will influence of social media .

But what exactly are social media influencers ?
The influence how are people who participate in our website and have a great success. What Onalytica does is target these influencers by using them as a marketing channel .

The great thing about this tool is that it’s completely free.

Website: https://onalytica.com/

HootSuite ( Manage Social Across Teams. )
Hootsuite is an easy maintenance tool that allows you to manage up to 100 different profiles from a single feed .

Hootsuite not only maintains social media profiles , it is also an analytical tool that allows you to select a specific profile and send updates. But not only that, it will also be possible to plan a subsequent publication, as well as compose messages.

To exploit its full potential, the free version is not enough , but you will have to pay for the standard version of the program.

Website: https://hootsuite.com/it/

If you want all links to your site web are present in all social media, you will need to start using Flare .
Flare is a sharing plugin for WordPress and it’s super easy to use.

Thanks to this application, if we want to call it that, you will share all the contents through social media with a click , releasing one or more reports on the sharing activity.

Moreover, through this tool you will be able to identify the type of content with the greatest attention of the public, in this way, you will concentrate all your efforts in one direction, practically towards the content that the public likes.
Let’s add that Flare is a free plugin, therefore, there will be no version of this program available for purchase.

Obviously, the social tools to make money online that are on the net are many and we would like to specify that in this article you will find only those that we believe are the best.
If you are interested in other ways to make money with your website, find out now how to monetize with a blog .

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