Elon Musk Bitcoin Robot SCAM? What does Tesla have to do with it?

Businessman, entrepreneur, richest man in the world, founder of Space X and finally CEO and architect of Tesla . All of these titles can lead to one person: Elon Musk.


Bitcoin Elon Musk: scam or reality?
Previously we mentioned the strategy adopted by these auto trading platforms to ensure greater publicity, that is to connect the face of the famous entrepreneur Elon Musk to them, a strategy used both to increase the temptation in investing “digital money” and to make increase the number of visits to the broker connected to the platform.

Now the question we ask ourselves is whether this platform is truly as extraordinary as they present it.

The answer is no, this does not mean that Elon Musk dissociates himself from the use of Bitcoin Robot , indeed there are various positive reviews about this topic, expressed several times through the social media Twitter .

Even if the idea regarding the investment in cryptocurrencies by our entrepreneur remains fluctuating, the famous entrepreneur continues to be one of the “testimonials” of the scams implemented by hackers always ready to lure new victims; they can say that Musk , through his experience and through Twitter, is warning us.

Bitcoin robot: what is it?
When we talk about Bitcoin robot we mean an automatic trading mechanism through which we invest in digital currency to make profits in the future.

It is an artificial intelligence system that should predict the trend of cryptocurrencies a few seconds before and then make a profit. Using Bitcoin Robot, the user has the sole task of depositing the money, in fact, subsequently no other requests will be made to him.

Experience has taught us that the word profit is almost always synonymous with scam, you have to pay close attention when you rely on these platforms, especially those that promise you high earnings in a short time.

It is always better to rely on licensed sites. Among the sites not in possession of a bitcoin robot license we find for example: Bitcoin Revolution , Bitcoin Prime , Bitcoin Compass , Bitcoin Profit .

What do all these platforms have in common?
All of them have used the image of Elon Musk without any kind of his participation, moreover these sites are not licensed. Therefore, if you choose to rely on Bitcoin robots , it is preferable to choose safer and more honest sites where the risk that personal data can fall into the hands of scammers is not so high.

What does Tesla have to do with it?
While it needs no introduction, Tesla is a very well-known company in the high-performance electric car industry. As previously mentioned Elon Musk is an active part of the Tesla team, as well as co-founder and head, as a “product architect”; he mainly deals with the design, planning and production phases of the vehicles.

But what does Tesla have to do with an article about cryptocurrencies? The answer to this question is very simple, on February 8, 2021 Tesla bought an amount equal to 1.5 billion dollars in Bitcoin and also decided to accept payments in bitcoin. However, after the announcement of this new initiative, a step backwards was immediately taken; therefore, it is no longer possible to make purchases via digital currency.

The main reason for this sudden change is the impact that digital currency has on the environment.

Mining activities , for the generation of cryptocurrencies, require too high a quantity of energy, including that obtained from fossil sources, which is the most polluting; in fact hundreds of very powerful computers are used, continuously active 24 hours a day.

Elon Musk will not re-approve Bitcoin as a payment method until it becomes “green” .

The Tesla company, after the decision to invest in Bitcoin and accept payments with cryptocurrency, has been subject to innumerable criticisms as it is a leading brand in electric vehicles, which has repeatedly expressed the goal of switching to a world that uses sustainable energy sources, which wants to promote a payment system that, for now, causes damage to the environment.

The consequences after Tesla’s reverse
We understood how strong the influence of Elon Musk and his actions is.

In fact, immediately after Tesla’s investment in cryptocurrency, the market value increased by well over a trillion dollars . But let’s see now how much the change of mind of our founder of the Tesla company cost the cryptocurrency.

After Musk’s reverse, the value of Bitcoins fell by 17% on the stock exchange; the famous entrepreneur, despite his decision, continues to support the digital currency, he stressed that he has no intention of selling the Bitcoin assets in which he has so far invested.

Furthermore, it is very willing to accept cryptocurrency again for the purchase of its products, when the environment will no longer pay the costs.

New method of email scam
Another threat using the image of Musk and the Tesla brand has appeared in many people’s emails . Using the image of the well-known entrepreneur via email , the opportunity to get free cryptocurrencies is offered.

The scam consists in the request to deposit an amount of Bitcoin to receive double, reaching the possibility of receiving up to 5 thousand dollars in Bitcoin. Inside the email there is a pdf containing all the instructions to participate in this proposal not to be missed.

Another type of similar email is sent, this time, however, using the image of the Tesla company, which promises to donate up to $ 750,000 in Bitcoin to its most loyal customers.

The first emails containing this type of threat began to circulate on May 15 and are currently still present in the mailboxes of several users.

These scam attempts on the internet are called phishing , the recommendations to escape from these “deceptive traps” are always the same: do not click on the links received via e-mail , check if the addresses are reliable, use safe sites, be wary of unknown users.

In the technological age we are experiencing, the use of cryptocurrencies is a novelty that is literally depopulating, it is an opportunity to earn, obviously with the respective risks and dangers of any type of investment.

As in every advantageous opportunity that arises, there are always those who want to take advantage of it at the expense of the most inexperienced, who enter the world of online trading for the first time .

The only advice we would like to give you is to always be very cautious, be wary of too tempting proposals and, if possible, rely on those who already have experience in this field.

What is Bitcoin Robot?
When we talk about Bitcoin robot we mean an automatic trading platform through which we invest in digital currency to make profits.

Is Bitcoin Robot a Scam?
Yes, Bitcoin Robot is a scam and we do not recommend using it to invest online.

Why should you invest in Bitcoin and not in Bitcoin Robots?
No, we recommend investing in Bitcoin. On February 8, 2021, Tesla bought an amount equal to 1.5 billion dollars in Bitcoin and also decided to accept payments in bitcoin. Bitcoin will continue to rise on the stock exchange.

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