How To Advertise A Blog: Complete Guide

How to advertise a blog and promote it effectively? Have you decided to start a blog but can’t get traffic and visitors? Read this complete guide.

Creating a blog can be very simple  but it is not enough to achieve success, earn and position yourself on search engines in order to get visits.

Today I want to share with you some practical tips to improve the visibility of your blog and to advertise or promote the blog effectively.

Make yourself comfortable, take a pen and paper if you want for notes and good reading!

How to advertise a blog?

If you thought that starting a blog was enough to get traffic and visitors, I’m sorry to disappoint you but that’s not the case.

Maybe you thought you had an advantage or an advantage because you know how to write well: even in this case, unfortunately, if you are reading this article, you will have guessed that even this is not enough.

So what are the best strategies for promoting a blog?

At the base of everything there must clearly be a well-structured and organized blog After having structured your blog well, you will clearly have to write relevant content that is able to engage users.

Write more content

It’s always the same story: quality or quantity?

Let’s say that, according to Hubspot and a research carried out in recent years, sites / blogs that publish 16 or more content per month usually get about 3 times more traffic than blogs that publish 0 to 4 articles per month.

Without underestimating the quality of the content, therefore, one of the best strategies to have a blog followed is to consistently publish quality content .

It may seem obvious to you, but it isn’t.

And linked to this topic is also the review of published content , which should be periodic.

You might think that writing content doesn’t help advertise or promote a blog, and that’s partly true, but without content… we have little to advertise and promote!

After this first suggestion, therefore, let’s see the best strategies to promote the contents of our blog (because in fact, we do not have to advertise the blog but the contents that are present on the blog)!

Social Media

Social Networks (and in particular Facebook) are certainly one of the most powerful means to promote the contents of your blog.

However, remember that:

  • Spamming groups will lead you to have a bad reputation (and in some cases even to be excluded from groups)
  • Facebook wants you to invest money to give you more visibility.
  • A smart way to promote yourself via social media is through the use of communities

Let’s look carefully at this last point.

If you actively participate in a community, with quality content and interventions (and therefore not spamming), you can intrigue people and get noticed.

By helping others you will therefore be able to build greater authority and credibility, people will search for you and find your blog or your content (which you can perhaps share on your profile if it is targeted with your blog).

Another extremely powerful social network for promoting your content is YouTube !

If you have a channel you can insert links to your articles in the description (when relevant), but avoid posting links on the videos of others, otherwise your comments will be put in moderation, you could be reported as spam and you will only waste time!

Out of social media

Outside of social media there are… online communities .

The most important to date are definitely Yahoo answers and Quora .

By answering the questions of other users, or perhaps by answering the questions concerning the topic of your blog, you can get noticed or in some cases report articles you have published and thus get new visits for your blog!

Guest Post and Guest Blogging?

Today, when we talk about guest posts , this activity is associated with link building .

In reality, writing for other blogs you have already followed can help you gain visibility, build relationships and relationships with other professionals and make yourself known to a different audience.

Knowing how to guest post and contribute to other blogs is a real art, but it can give excellent results on various fronts!

eBooks and Collections

Creating collections of articles on a certain topic, or creating eBooks to give away on platforms like Amazon , will allow you to gain visibility and reach new people who could then start following your blog and reading your articles.

OutReach activities

Outreach, literally “reaching out”.

Promote your blog or your content externally through a set of materials and content designed to attract the attention of our potential audience.

In fact, it is a question of looking for all those blogs that can bring quality traffic to our blog and propose collaborations or buy spaces to promote our blog and our contents.

These are all avenues you can take to promote and advertise your blog.

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