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How to Create Affiliate Links on Amazon

Create affiliate links on Amazon it is very simple and requires little management work.

Once you’ve entered the link, you won’t actually have to do anything else.

By becoming an Amazon Affiliate, you will be assigned an identifying ” Tracking ID “.

Whenever a user clicks a link containing your tracking ID and makes a purchase, you will receive a small commission on the order value.

The main challenge is to attract enough traffic to generate sales.

Then you have to be careful not to include too many affiliate links.

This could in fact make your site appear not genuine and aimed only at making money.

Now that you know roughly how this earning strategy works, let’s see right away how to create affiliate links on amazon.

Why use Amazon?

The advantage of using Amazon is that it is a huge marketplace where you can buy just about anything.

You can use it to advise your readers from books to cosmetics, from technological gadgets to household cleaning products… the choice is virtually unlimited.

Become an Affiliate

The first step is to create an account as an Amazon affiliate.

You will be asked to log into your customer account and enter a series of information.

You will also need to provide specific information about your site.

For example, what topics you cover, what type of products you intend to promote, how do you attract traffic, etc.

These are very simple questions that will take no more than 5-10 minutes.

After this step and your account is approved, you can get started create affiliate links with Amazon and promote your favorite products.

In the post you will also find information on the plugin dedicated to WordPress “Amazon Associates Link Builder” and a guide to use.

You can still ask for our help in case you find yourself in trouble.

When you access the control panel, already in the central part of the first screen you will find a section where you can search for the product you want to promote.

You can search by entering keywords or Amazon identification codes directly.

Once you have found the product, you have a choice of different codes to share:

The simple link is a “naked” url that you can insert as you like within text or images.

To copy it, click the small down arrow located on the right side of the “Get Link” button.


The iframe code is used to insert a box containing an image of the product, the name, the price (optional) and obviously also your affiliate link.

This is the first option that appears when you click the “Get Link” button.

On this screen you can also customize the color of the box.

To integrate this code into your WordPress site, copy and paste it into a text widget or, in posts and pages, in the Text Editor.

When you view the post it will automatically be converted into the Amazon box.


When you click “Get link” you will see that on the page there is also another tab, called “Text only”.

Here is a “Link Text” field where you can type the text you want.

In the part below you will find the HTML code to paste the text you typed on your site, in which the affiliate link has already been inserted.

there how to create affiliate links on amazonsimple right?

For an affiliate link to work properly it must include the tracking ID associated with your account.

At any time you can test that the link is correct using the ” Link Check Function ” tool (find the link to this tool in the left menu).

Paste the link you generated and click “Verify link” to confirm that this is correct (or not).

If you want, you can also generate codes to insert promotional banners.

Again these are iframe codes.

To do this, click “Link banner” in the left menu.

Then, select the type of banner you want to insert.

Banners are currently available to promote gift vouchers and banners to display randomly rotating promotions and ads.

In both cases, you can select the banner size you want to insert and copy the generated code.

Amazon Associate SiteStripe

With Amazon SiteStripe you can also create Amazon affiliate links from your regular eCommerce site without going through the affiliate center.

This option is much more immediate and easier to use.

To access this service just visit the website www.amazon.it and log in with the affiliate account.

In the upper left corner of the Amazon page, you will see the “Amazon SiteStripe for Affiliates” option.

Click on “Create a link” and you will have access to the following options:

  • Create Text Link: Allows you to create text links with the Amazon page you are viewing.
  • Create a Text plus Image Link: Allows you to create links to text and images of the Amazon product page you are viewing.

You will also be able to share a URL of the currently displayed Amazon page directly to Twitter or Facebook as if it were a quick update.


In this guide you have learned how to create affiliate links on amazon.

As you can see, once the account is created it is very simple.

In fact, you just need to find the product you want to promote and paste the links generated automatically by Amazon on your site.

At first you will not see big profits but as the traffic grows and you improve your affiliate technique you will see that you will be satisfied with this service.

As I wrote earlier, don’t get carried away though.

Promote only the products that you think are truly valid!

Have you tried creating affiliate links on Amazon yet?

Did you get good results?

As usual, now I leave the word to you: I invite you to leave all your comments and questions below the post. We will reply as soon as possible.

How Does Amazon Affiliate Work?

Once you become an Amazon affiliate and create the affiliate links, there will be no need to do anything else and the results will be more than satisfactory.

So is it possible to make money with Amazon?

Yes, even if it all depends on the affiliate techniques and promotion of the visibility of the site where Amazon affiliate links and banners are loaded.

They can be created and inserted using the Amazon Associates Link Builder plugin. There are various types of links that can be promoted on your site

Does Amazon Affiliate Really Make Money?

In the beginning there will be no profits but, as the traffic of your site grows, the results will not be long in coming

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