How to Increase Website Visits? Winning Tricks and Strategies

Who wouldn’t want to be able to increase  website, eCommerce or  blog visits ? What’s the  secret or  trick  to getting more traffic and visitors? What are the  strategies for growing a blog or  website ? In this article I will try to share with you some  best practices that can help you achieve this, let’s get started!

Increase Site Visits

Three words that you will surely have searched on Google to get to this content. Once upon a time, to increase visits to a website it was enough to take some small precautions or, more simply, to use  social news sites .

Until a few years ago it was also possible to get  mountains of traffic with  viral content shared on  Facebook (many friends have created ad hoc sites to monetize the traffic brought by Facebook pages with millions of fans on blogs and sites that contained banner ads): today other strategies need to be adopted.

How to increase the visibility of a website?

If we are talking about organic visibility, or traffic from  search engines , the first piece of advice is clearly to start studying  SEO.

How to get on Google and get the top positions?  This is the question that everyone is looking for answer, that, as often happens in these cases, is a dry  depends .

Being able to reach the first places on search engines is a job that allows you to increase visits to a website but at the same time requires some preliminary questions:

  • How competitive is the sector in which I operate?
  • What are my competitors and top sites doing compared to what I am doing?
  • How much are the competitors investing in economic terms and in terms of time to be in that position?

Before asking yourself “how to get more visits”, you should also ask yourself if your goal is simply to have more visits or to have more sales, conversions, subscriptions (and therefore it is better to work on pages with less traffic volumes but more profitable).

Increase site visits with SEO

To grow the  organic traffic that comes from search engines to your website you need to have a  clear strategy and action plan. After answering the questions I asked you in the previous paragraph, you should create a lineup or a “To Do list” structured more or less like this:

    • Competitor analysis: what are they doing? How? You can help you solve this with  SEO tools such as SEOZoom
    • Keyword Research: intercepting the keywords of your users so the search intent and topics that have a higher search volume
  • Creation of an Editorial Plan: establish how and when to talk about certain topics, also analyzing the periods of the year and possibly exploiting the seasonality of certain topics.
  • Create content optimized for SEO and for users: at this point the world of Copywriting comes into play  . It is not just about writing content “designed for search engines”, but about writing valuable content , designed for users, whether they are  guides  or  solutions to the problems of the people you want to address (have you already thought about creating of buyer personas?).
  • Analysis of the results obtained: after publishing the articles you have to analyze your results. To do this you can use tools like  Google Analytics and  Google Search Console . Thanks to these tools you can monitor the performance of your pages, comparing impressions, CTR, position, time spent on the page, … If you want to deepen your analysis even more you can also use the  Heatmaps

Increase Visits to an eCommerce With a Blog

In case you are the owner of an  eCommerce , one of the best ways to grow traffic is certainly to  open a blog : the same thing you can do if you have a  company website .

Why do this?

You will be able to intercept new  search intent ( search intent ) then bring to your site users who are in a different phase of the funnel than the one in which they want to buy. Maybe you can collect their email address and in this way insert them in the funnel that will lead them to your goal (which will be to sell a product or service).

So take advantage of what is called Inbound Marketing in jargon  to intercept the latent demand, and surely the visits to your ecommerce will increase!

Content review

It’s been a while since you started reading this article. You also found numerous insights.

But do you remember how I started the article?

Telling you how he decided to  review and update an old article , now no longer present on the site (because it was replaced by this one) dedicated to the topic of  how to increase visits to a site / blog .

Here, this is one of the  methods to grow the visitors of your website: a blog by its nature must evolve, and often contents published long ago are now obsolete, they need to be updated.

Curiosity: Do you know that Salvatore Aranzulla on his site with thousands of guides has an editorial plan that provides for the revision of old contents, and that all the guides on are constantly updated?

If you want to improve your results you have to  improve yourself : improve your content, analyze the ones that generate more traffic then make them even more useful, interesting, in-depth.

Usually when I review the contents I also change the date by republishing them, and maybe insert a note at the end with the date of first publication and the revision date.

Comment Marketing and Guest Posting?

There are two other strategies you can use to drive traffic to your website.

Of the two, guest posting will probably  be the one that can give you the most results, as long as it is done well and in a structured way: certainly thanks to guest posting you can in fact get links that refer to your website and consequently also grow its. authority, but not all sites / blogs accept free content of value and, consequently, we enter the field of  link building.

The  Comment Marketing dates back to the “web a few years ago”, although even today is used sporadically (often to make a more natural link profile).

What you will need to do is comment intelligently by adding value to content or by replying to users and that way people may want to know more about you.

If you want to know how I think, it is not an ideal strategy to “increase site visits for free” but it is a way to try to make a site more “real” in terms of links in the eyes of search engines (provided that , the owner of the site / blog on which you comment does not decide to delete the link to your website / blog).

Promote your content intelligently

I could tell you to buy traffic through  Google AdsFacebook Ads  And so on and so forth.

But before giving you this “advice”, I want to make an important clarification:  buy advertising only if you bring traffic to pages that have a specific goal that is not simply to “increase the number of visitors”.

There is no point in buying advertisements to bring users to pages that don’t allow you to  monetize  or  convert .

If your goal is to  make your brand known, you can create an Awareness campaign, but my advice, if you decide to buy advertising online, is to collect at least one  email address .

Good job and good money online,

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