How to Invest in Apple Stock Beginners Guide [2022]

To date, Apple is a very famous brand, you can see very long queues in front of the shops, when there is the new release of an iphone or other. Now we are going to understand how to make money on this giant colossus.

Many of us have chosen to invest in Apple shares , with various methods, either through the bank or by using CFD online trading .

There are many platforms that allow us to earn on Apple shares , for example the eToro platform which gives us the possibility to use CFDs on Apple shares . To start our journey we cannot fail to tell you the story of Apple , from its origins to today.

Features of Apple Stock Trading:

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1 Apple share price
2 The history of Apple
3 The great loss
4 Apple stock technical analysis chart
5 Apple products
6 Apple cares for the environment
7 Why Invest in Apple Stocks
8 How to buy Apple stock
9 What are CFDs
10 How to make money with Apple Shares through eToro’s Social Trading
11 VIDEO: How Social Trading works
12 How to manage your capital in online trading
Apple stock quote

The history of Apple
It all began in 1975 when Steve Wozniak designed the first Computers signed and sold as Apple . Steve Wozniak in 1976 MOS technologies put his 6502 Chip on the market for only 25 dollars , and Steve immediately started writing a new version for the basic language , after designing it he immediately started designing a new compute r. Once the prototype was finished Wozniak showed it to Steve Jobs and together they produced it and consequently put it on the market.

The Two Boys assembled all the computers themselves to avoid additional expenses.

They called their first project Apple I. The computer had two very special features, which had never been seen before, the first feature was that it could be connected to the TV , and this was already a great revolution, the second peculiarity is that Apple I was equipped with a ROM .

In 1976 the two founded Apple , including Ronald Wayne , who already had experience in the entrepreneurial sector, in their company. At first their computers were sparse or frameless.
From then on they began the design of the second model, called Apple II , with which we will see a huge change. It will take a few years for this reality to take hold, in fact we see the spread of Apple around the 80s . In 1985 Steve Jobs left Apple and founded NeXT Computer on his own.

The two companies split up until 1996 when Apple bought the NeXT, from September 16 Steve Jobs quickly managed to refound Apple , further promoting the development of the new iMacs . After these changes, Apple was recovering very quickly.

In the year 2000 Apple introduced the new Mac OS X.

This system blends security and stability all enclosed in a wonderful elegance that has always distinguished Apple products . Since Apple fever has now invaded the whole world, Apple announces the opening of their stores . We see the first openings in the United States, after which they will reach Japan in 2003 and then in the United Kingdom.

To be able to see the Apple Stores in Italy we would have to wait until 2007, the first opening was at the Romaest shopping center.

The great loss
In 2011 the great disappearance. Steve Jobs passed away after a long illness. The announcement was published on the site with the following words:

Apple has lost a creative and visionary genius and the world has lost a formidable human being

The news quickly bounced around the world, all the more and less important newspapers, television news, the web , the whole world was talking about the disappearance of Steve Joobs . Apple fans in New York lit and filled the street with banners in commemoration of Steve Jobs .

Apple stock technical analysis chart

Apple products
Of Apple products we find all kinds, starting from the iPod classic up to Apple watch . As we have seen in retracing history, Apple has never stopped improving and designing unique and always cutting-edge products.

Currently we have seen a spread of the AirPods , and AirPods Pro , which in addition to their younger sisters have the cancellation of external noise, instead if you want to be alert and attentive to all external noises there is also the transparency mode.

In addition, the Pro version gives the possibility to choose them based on the size S / M / L. The other great Apple revolution was the Apple watch , this watch has a Retina display that ensures that the time is always visible. Even at the style level the Apple watch is very versatile, there are many interchangeable straps. This is just the tip of the iceberg of all Apple products .

Apple cares for the environment
Apple has currently purchased the first batch of carbon – free aluminum . This is an innovative and more environmentally friendly process. This initiative is the first ever, the governments of Quesbe and Canada have come up with this innovative and potential innovation.

To see a mass commercialization we will have to wait until 2024. Carbon – free aluminum could potentially be a material that will be used for many Apple lines . This processing of aluminum certainly lowers carbon monoxide emissions in the atmosphere. .

Why invest in Apple stock
The Apple company has branched out around the world. Apple has currently created 1.76 million jobs in Europe . This is just a fact that already makes us understand how great the potential and turnover of Apple is .

The Apple group being so important is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to buy shares or do online trading on Apple shares . Another advantage that leads us to invest in Apple shares is that this company has an excellent marketing strategy , a formidable communication network. Furthermore, Apple has a strong ability to renew itself.

All these features make this company very stable and consequently an excellent investment.

How to buy Apple shares
There are a few ways to buy Apple shares , they can be divided into three different types. Each has characteristics that distinguish them, both in terms of execution methods and costs, below we will explain them in detail starting from perhaps the best known method.

Buy Apple shares in the Bank

One of the best known methods, because it has been in use for the longest time, is to go to your branch and hire an employee to buy Apple shares for you . Certainly in this way you will have higher costs, given that the bank will apply very expensive commissions, they can even reach 15/20 Euros on an investment of little value. It is definitely not the cheapest method.

Buy Apple stock through Home Banking

Another way to earn on Apple shares is through Home Banking , this platform is made available, sometimes for a fee, and sometimes not by their banks. With Home Banking you can do a lot of routine operations, you can also buy Apple shares or trade them.

These platforms for the most part are not up-to-date or not too advanced and do not have all the tools needed to make a right analysis of the markets and consequently make the right choice.

Trading Apple shares online

This way of earning on Apple shares is the most used by many users around the world, because it is easier and faster. Let’s try to understand what online trading is to start . Online trading or also called TOL is a method of speculating on financial products. Online trading is done through a broker platform , such as eToro , which gives us the ability to use CFDs on Apple shares .

Online Trading platforms are much cheaper than banks or Home Banking platforms , furthermore, being much larger companies, they have greater efficiency and a considerable economic advantage. Accessing an online trading platform is very simple and fast.

The important thing is to rely on an online trading platform regulated by the major financial control bodies. The broker eToro is regulated by Cysec and the FCA , these two supervisory bodies, protect investors from financial scams.

After choosing the right platform for what we have to do, in this case trading CF D on Apple shares , we move on to recording our data. Once registered on the broker we can start trading by loading the amount we deem appropriate to the account to start trading with CFDs .

What are CFDs
Before moving on, let’s focus for a second on what CFDs are . CFDs are financial products used since the early 90s, in conjunction with the expansion of online trading . With CFDs you can trade on the most varied assets , such as commodities , shares , indices , etc.

The peculiarity of CFDs is that you do not have to buy a stock but speculate on it, that is, you open a position and earn whether the price of the Apple stock goes up or down. CFDs have revolutionized the investment market, making them affordable for everyone, lowering costs. CFDs also use the Financial Leverage Effect which allows the trader to make investments greater than his actual capital.

The broker eToro gives the possibility to negotiate on Apple shares through CFDs , asking users only for a registration of 200 euros to access all the services, including an information part, where there are courses to bring users closer to online trading and many technical analysis tools that are used to manage the investments.

How to make money with Apple Shares through eToro’s Social Trading
EToro broker logo
EToro broker logo

The eToro broker is an online trading platform recognized by the best financial protection certifications and appreciated all over the world. The birth of this broker dates back to 2007 , when the eToro Team set itself the goal of making online trading accessible to all .

eToro is one of the most intuitive and simple to use online trading platforms. In 2009 , eToro programmers introduced professional tools, raising the technical level of both the platform and its users.

Why choose eToro instead of other online trading platforms? The answer is simple: Social Trading.

To earn on Apple shares there is also another way, Social Trading . This way of trading is truly for everyone, even for those who are inexperienced. Social Trading is also widely used by those who do not have too much time to devote to this activity.

Social Trading is a social network platform that was developed by eToro in 2010 , also winning the Finovate Europer Best of Show award , thanks to this function, anyone can earn by copying famous traders .

eToro within the platform there are in real time all the quotations of Apple shares , daily, monthly and half-yearly reports etc. It also offers traders prospectuses relating to Apple Stocks.

In 2010 eToro launched its Social Trading platform , the first ever. This platform gives traders the ability to copy the strongest traders .

VIDEO: How Social Trading works

Using eToro ‘s Social Trading it is very easy to start earning on Apple Shares.

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Free and Unlimited Demo Account with No Deposit Constraints.
Get a free $ 100,000 virtual trial account!
How to manage your capital in online trading
To conclude our article it is important to address the topic of capital and risk management in online trading . One of the basic rules regarding risk management in online trading is never to invest more than you can afford.

In fact, many times it happens that traders invest more than they can afford. To learn risk management in online trading, you can take Money Management courses .

In the discipline of Money Management there are many precautions to follow in order not to make wrong investments or in any case to optimize the investments made. Each Money Management strategy is different, it depends on the type of Trading you want to do and on the starting economic availability.

However, there are some points to follow that are common to all online trading strategies . One of these points is that the trader has to focus on one trade at a time, the other very important point is to operate the Stop Loss and Take Profit commands which help traders manage their losses. As regards the management of losses, it is advisable to never invest more than 2-3% of one’s capital.

Trading online can be a very profitable activity if taken seriously. It is recommended that the trader who does not feel ready to really start trading online is recommended to sign up for the demo account .

The demo account is a test account that gives the trader the opportunity to trade in a simulated way, by signing up for the free demo account of eToro you can start trading online with a simulated budget of 100,000 dollars . Know the platform and become familiar with the charts, indicators and all the tools you will need to do online trading in a serious way.

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