How To Make Money On Social Media

Would you say that you have lots of social media followers? Want to learn how to turn those followers into some real cash ?

As of now, there are people making a living on social media without even selling anything or hard selling.We’ve all seen those profiles of seemingly regular people with a whole load of followers.

It always seems as if they’re traveling around the world or doing something exciting. But what exactly do they do to fund this lavish lifestyle?

Whether you currently have a social media account or not, you can still utilize this opportunity of online marketing and increase your customer base and earn a lot of cash through these social media platforms.

Here we have compiled a list of things that can help you with how to make money on social media.


The 5 tips to make money with Facebook

Facebook has more than a billion users and is one of the most profitable ways to make money with social media marketing. How? Here are some ideas!


1.Create a compelling profile
When someone knows you, appreciates you, loves and trusts you, they are more willing to learn about your business. Your profile gives you this opportunity – pick a professional image and use your cover image to give people a snapshot of your personality. A comprehensive section makes you more credible and accurately delineates who is behind your company.


2.Publish with constancy and intelligence
Your goal is to let your friends know what you do for a living and how you can help those who follow you.

Interact with your followers, post constantly, interact with your contacts, show interest in them and respond carefully to comments. Take care to follow the conversations that concern them by showing yourself involved and providing useful answers to their questions, make sure to arouse interest and admiration in you, those who appreciate you will also love your business. Don’t forget to post affiliate links to themed products with your page in order to maximize revenue and earn a percentage of sales. If you then manage a successful local page, for example in Rome, Naples or Milan, you can directly contact commercial premises such as pizzerias or restaurants and get paid tot euro for each post published.


3.Use Facebook Messenger
Use Facebook chat to interact with friends and contacts: it’s like email, but much more effective and interactive. If you’ve already had a conversation with a prospect and are preparing to have a conversation with them again, you can quickly review all of your previous talks.

It is also an immediate and intuitive way to respond privately to doubts, questions and curiosities of potential customers, who are often looking for a quick and effective online assistance service.


4.Aim for quality content
It’s only a matter of time before friends want your product.

Keep in touch with them on Facebook by posting quality content and interacting with posts Posting quality content is a balance between business and personal strategy – too often it can lead to failure. Be personal 80% of the time. People do business with those they have the best relationship with, so post what you have in mind. The other 20% focuses on business.

The more you interact with your friends’ posts, the more your business posts will appear in their newsfeed. Your friends will also see you as a true friend, not someone who is just trying to sell.


5.Use groups
Whether you’re a manager who motivates a team or have a group of industry peers who want to support each other, Facebook groups are the answer.

Once you start your group, post at least a couple of times a week.

It could be a question, words of motivation, pictures or videos. Remember to always like and comment on what others post. Groups are like live events that happen 24 hours a day. If followed correctly, this strategy will become the foundation of your success.



The 5 ways to make money with Twitter

Twitter is an ideal platform for sharing news, content, images and videos in real time. Your content combined with strong visuals can help your story and business stand out in a fast-moving business flow.

There are several ways to earn money through the social network without trying to sell your products or services.

With Twitter, however, there are more opportunities than ever to generate extra revenue. All it takes is some creativity and ambition to make it happen, here are 5 ingenious ways to make money with Twitter :


The crowdsource is the practice of soliciting ideas and contributions from a large group or community. It has been a marketing treasure for years, especially when it comes to social media.

In the case of Twitter, crowdsourcing is an effective way to bring contributions from your followers (old and new) in order to fund your business or idea. It can make you a lot of money but only if it’s done correctly. Read up on and review the many successful case studies before attempting to start your first project.


2.Sell ​​products
This sounds like a no-brainer, but some companies actually forget that people won’t buy anything if they don’t see a call to action.

One of the most effective strategies is to use promotions and discounts to incentivize spending.

Some companies have found a lot of success in “daily deals” and other basic marketing practices that are well suited to Twitter. Make sure you don’t overload your Twitter feed with intrusive selling.


3.Produce Twitter-specific services
Your audience is on Twitter, which means you already know what your followers are using in their spare time. Take advantage of this by creating a Twitter product that you know they will love.

For example, many Twitter users would like to use an app that allows you to generate hashtags automatically, based on popularity. Something like this may already exist, but you can develop a better product that your followers will love!

Alternatively, you can use websites like Fiverr to charge people for creating their Twitter presence.


4.Use sponsored tweets
Did you know that you can actually upload businesses for your Tweets? On SponsoredTweets , you can find sponsors who will pay you to post about their products for a fee.


5.Organize a contest
Nothing engages people as efficiently as a reward.

Try connecting with a local company that wants publicity. Offer a contest via Twitter and receive a percentage of the sales that arrive.

There are lots of fun and creative ways to make a contest enticing for followers. You can ask them to be judges or just ask them to like / retweet something.


5 ways to make money on Pinterest and Instagram

Pinterest and Instagram are networks to use if your business is mostly visual.

Artists, designers, hotels and restaurants, authors, architects, directors, travel and fashion companies are able to attract customers and greatly increase popularity thanks to these social networks.

How? Here are 5 ways you too can make money on Pinterest and Instagram .


1.Use affiliate links
Many bloggers use Pinterest and Instagram traffic units on their site.

When you use the two social photos to direct people to blog posts that contain affiliate links, people click on your links, buy something, and you get a percentage. Easy!

Take some time to research affiliate programs. You will need to choose one with access to the brands you want to work with and as many that ensure you get paid quickly.


2.Sell ​​products
Are you selling your products on ETSY or other ecommerce? With 96% of Pinners using Pinterest to plan their purchases, you need to have your products on Pinterest.

Share your product images, both on Pinterest and Instagram: in addition to real life shots, take photos of the product as well. This will allow Pinterest’s visual search to collect your items and provide them with the exposure you need.

On Pinterest you can also try to create a collage of related objects to embrace different tastes and capture different types of users with a single Pin, which should link to a category page showing all the products for sale or to a blog post with links to each product.


3.Promote your services
Think of Pinterest as an extension of your content marketing. Pinterest is not the place to sell your service. You must first get Pinners on your site where you can start building trust. Get them on your email list as soon as possible and start building a relationship that way.

Use calls to action to encourage people to join your mailing list, download a resource in exchange for their email, or opt for a free trial or consult a resource.

On Instagram you can insert the address of your website in the bio and promote your services with an accurate description in your profile.


4.Earn money as an influencer
Pinterest and Instagram offer you the opportunity to become an influencer.

Do you have a large following and your posts generate immense clicks? Maybe this is really your chance to make money, you should take advantage of your social success and turn it into a business!

You can work with big brands to collaborate on discussion groups. If you already work with brands on other platforms, start there.

Look for brands you’d like to work with and see if they have had influencer discussion groups in the past. You can also take advantage of Pinterest ‘s Pin Collective , they match brands and influencers.


5.Sell ​​your content
If you are a photographer and want to make money from the great content you share instead of posting it on your Instagram for free, then use marketplaces like 500px or Twenty20 where brands will purchase your photos to use as images to tell their brand story.

In case you want to deepen the topic we have already created a specific guide: how to make money on Instagram .



Niche Idea:

If you’re still not sure where to start, these are some visually-friendly categories that are often popular.

  • Animals/pets
  • Ecommerce accounts where you publicize products or services
  • Brands (with a branding objective rather than selling)
  • Food and recipes
  • Sports, wellness, fitness, and diet
  • Automotive
  • Architecture, design, illustration, and art
  • Travel, leisure, and hospitality
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Jewelary


5 ways to make money with Youtube

YouTube receives over a billion unique users per month – that’s a huge audience!

If you want to start a YouTube journey, don’t see it as a monetization platform, rather, look at it as a catalyst for increasing your income source.

Here are some ways to make money on YouTube :


1.Get traffic to your site
If you have a website or blog to generate revenue, you need traffic.

Many websites have been hit hard by Google’s Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates. You can use YouTube not only to recover traffic, but to increase it as well.

Get started with Creator Playbook . Once you’ve set up, consider replenishing some old video content and creating new videos. Make sure you link to your website in the first line of your video descriptions, so you can funnel YouTube traffic to where you want it.


2.Create and promote your products
If you’re creating your own products or desires, YouTube offers unlimited ways to promote your items and make sales.

The products you can create include e-books, apps, art and music, add them to a shopping cart and use YouTube to promote them. Add a link to your product in the description of your video, so that users can buy.


3.Use affiliate marketing
“Affiliate marketing” means selling products for a commission.

Hundreds of companies offer attractive offers to affiliate retailers who promote their products, including big giants like Amazon and eBay, as well as small businesses.

Additionally, there are many affiliate networks you can join, these include ClickBank, Commission Junction, and


4.Create a web tv series
Do you love to tell stories? YouTube allows you to create your own Web TV shows. You are limited only by your imagination … and your budget.

You can create a comedy series, a drama series or your own personal talk show.

Please note that YouTube limits the duration of your show to 15 minutes, to upload longer videos, you need to increase the limit.


5.Use the tutorials
Tutorials are huge sources of income on YouTube. If you know how to do something, you can teach others and make money from your videos. Beauty videos are the most popular, if you are a woman with a passion for make up, take advantage of this opportunity to get extra gain and popularity on the web!

If you are not followed enough on Youtube you can also buy views and subscribers , this will help you get to know yourself more quickly and successfully create your audience by standing out from the competition. If you are interested in making a lot of money with Youtube you can learn more here: how to make money with Youtube .


5 ways to make money with Linkedin

Linkedin is the network for professional and business to business networking. Publishing your articles on Linkedin Pulse helps you stand out on this network of 414 million registered users worldwide. There are 5 other professional ways to earn money from LinkedIn :


1.Offer services
There are several freelancers and other social media consultants who can use LinkedIn’s platform to connect with businesses that need it in various ways which include:

Optimize the LinkedIn profile so that people can discover the workers they want to hire;

Adding skills to the LinkedIn profile; this way you can also get quick advice;

Taking advantage of the LinkedIn services section;

Define ideal clients and participate in groups they will join, for example real estate groups, etc.


2.Sell ​​products
If you’re marketing your personal information product, LinkedIn can be a great place to do it.

Free training videos, white papers, reports, and e-books are an easy way to attract potential customers to your sales funnel. Share a link to your squeeze page with your LinkedIn connections and groups.

Offer discounts for LinkedIn. People love the idea of ​​saving. Create a special offer code for your new product and share it with your LinkedIn connections and groups.


3.Increase your book sales
Do you have Kindle books on Amazon or e-books on your website for sale? Here are some ways you can use LinkedIn to increase sales.

Let your contacts know when you publish a new book. You can send personalized messages to each of your contacts or send private messages to a maximum of 50 contacts at a time;

Add books and e-books to the “Publications” section of your LinkedIn profile. The best part: you can include a link to books on Amazon or e-books on your website so that people can click to buy;

Join groups relevant to the book’s topic. To avoid sounding like a spammer, consider using the private reply option to interact with people asking questions within the group about the book.


4.Find advertisers and direct sponsors
Whether you offer advertising on your website or corporate event sponsorship opportunities, LinkedIn makes it easy to find potential candidates.

Keep an eye out for ads in the LinkedIn sidebar, footer, and other areas of the website. These same businesses may also be looking for advertisements on websites or willing to sponsor events for a professional audience.


5.Use Linkedin Advertising
If you have money to invest, you can use LinkedIn advertising to increase your revenue from the methods listed above in a variety of ways.

Create an advertising campaign to market the free giveaway for your list.

Use the targeting options to get the attention of different LinkedIn users.

Create an advertising campaign aimed at your target demographic for your information product. Invite them to sign up for free content that turns them into buyers, or create a sense of urgency with a special offer for a limited time.


Earning with Social Networks: what is the secret?

To date, everyone has heard and especially used social platforms.
Social Network indicates a “social network”, or a group of people connected to each other, both on a human and virtual level.

It can therefore be understood as a network of people linked to each other through family, work, friendly ties, and also as a network of people connected to each other only virtually and without any physical and knowledge bond. The purpose of each platform is knowledge.

Each Social Network is able to simultaneously connect people from all over the world including celebrities, or anyone who wants to be present. So you can easily find yourself talking to someone from the other side of the world if you want.

A positive feature of the Social Network is to promote knowledge not only of the person we have on the other side of the screen, but also of the culture that surrounds him, but certainly it can also be used simply as a leisure after a stressful day at home or at work. .


Earning with Social Networks
Few are aware that there are social networks that share their earnings online with registered users, and for this reason many people have begun to think that social networks, in addition to being a way to make new friends, can be, or however become, source of income.

For example, there are sites that allow you to create applications with advertisements to then be inserted in the Social Network . Then there are websites that allow you to earn online through the use of a Social Network . These sites pay for every action that takes place on the portal, and it is possible to withdraw the earnings upon reaching a fixed quota, and are generally paid through PayPal or a check.



There is a lot of scope for money to be made on social media right now.

People are making a wild living without having to sell a single product…

Those of you who have a large social following can use this to your advantage to elevate your profile by getting sponsorship of digital media campaigns by brands.

Even if you don’t have a whole load of followers right now, you can increase your following and engagement metrics to make yourself more appealing to future prospective clients.

If you follow up the tips and advice I’ve outlined in this guide for you, then you can turn your social media profile into a money-making machine.


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