How to Make Money with TikTok Tips and Guide [2021]

In teenagers but not only, the Social TikTok is depopulating . Let’s see the launch of TikTok in 2016 , initially it had the name of

But what is it really about? What is TikTok used for? We just tell you that it has more than seven hundred million users, right now it is one of the most used social networks. In this article we will tell you the story and why of the great success of TikTok, but mainly we will understand if it is possible to earn online through this Social and how it can be done.

The origins of TikTok are Chinese, this Social for teenagers and not only was conceived by Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang , the initial idea was to create a Social that had music, video and chat inside . The antecedent to TikTok or was launched in 2014. There were various transformations up to 2017 when the Chinese company Byte Dance bought for a whopping 750 million euros . In 2018 and TikTok joined together, thus expanding their audience.


How to use TikTok
The use of TikTok is focused on recording mini videos , which have a maximum duration of 15 seconds up to a maximum of 60 seconds, in these 15/60 seconds of video you can add songs and sounds. To create more captivating videos, TikTok allows you to speed up images or slow them down.

Like all Social Accounts, such as Instagram or Facebook , TikTok has the option of setting privacy settings. Over the years, as you have been able to understand TikTok has exploded in number of users, and here too the Influencer fever has started (Read our article Earning becoming a successful influencer ), Likes but not only, in fact there are many ways to earn with this Social, we will see them in the course of the article.


How to sign up for TikTok
To start the career of Tik tokers just formalize the registration to the Social platform, now we will explain it step by step. Download the TikTok App on your Smartphone or PC at this point you can access TikTok through the most disparate Social Networks and more.

  • e-mail;
  • Facebook;
  • Google;
  • Twitter;
  • Insagram;
  • Line
  • VK
  • KaKaoTalk
  • Apple.

In this case we will use the PC, providing our email, first of all it will ask us to write our mobile number or email. Let’s start by filling out the form with email, password and mobile phone, here we are at the second verification, the Social TikTok wants to make sure that we are not a Robot, after which it will send a code to our mobile number to verify that the registration is real.


How TikTok works
The specific function of TikTok is to circulate your videos and become popular, the Social has a vast music library and the integration with Apple music makes it stand out from other Social platforms. Who creates the video as we mentioned earlier, can use filters, remix their stories, if we think that it is only a Social for kids, we are now making a mistake the audience that uses TikTok has become very diversified.

When creating a post, Tik tokers offers a wide choice of filters, effects and there is also the possibility to divide the screen in two, as well as the classic GIFs and emojis.

Some accounts, the most famous, have the possibility of direct streaming .


What is the TikTok virtual currency used for?
TikTok is a huge turnover, in fact many functions are paid , such as filters for photos or videos, but that’s not all, in fact with TikTok it is also possible to donate funds to your favorite Tik tokers, moreover there is the Virtual currency of TikTok.

To access the TikTok virtual currency it is necessary to be of legal age, for the country of origin, you can buy the virtual coins of TikTok through the authorized payment methods.

The price of the coin is displayed at the time of purchase, commissions and currency exchange is automated, and are based on the commercial agreement between the supplier and the payment method.


What are TikTok Diamonds?
An adult who participates in a Live Streaming, (only if he has reached 1000 Followers will be able to participate) will have the right to earn virtual credits, or Diamonds. To earn Diamonds you need to make content that is appreciated, that becomes popular. The Followers will then give gifts. TikTok holds the exclusivity as regards the conversion rate and ownership.

Diamonds cannot be exchanged for Coins or gifts

The Tik tokers at any time they can sell diamonds from them earned over time. Diamonds can be withdrawn in exchange for financial compensation such as Dollars or Euros. The withdrawal will be credited to the user’s PayPal account . However, if the Account is canceled immediately, both the Diamonds and the coins and gifts will be lost.



How to make money with TikTok with Affiliations
Today we are used to seeing Social Networks as forms of income, among these there is TikTok which, among the many possibilities, also allows you to use the affiliate program.

This is interesting because in this way TikTokers can promote products and / or services offered by others, receiving a certain remuneration.

We are talking about Affiliate Marketing which consists in the launch of products by starting an advertising campaign. All products are characterized by specific codes that allow you to obtain a percentage of sales.
Of course, users who click on the product have to buy through that link to make money .

Currently there are many companies, platforms and brands that offer affiliate programs in order to profit by advertising their products within their content posted on TikTok.


How to put links in the bio on TikTok
To do Affiliate Marketing on TikTok it is good to know how to insert the link in the biography , within your company profile , in such a way as to refer to a web page that interests you.


Now let’s find out all the steps to take, which are:

  • Account management ;
  • Switch to the Company Account : to switch from the Personal Account to the Company Account, click on ” Change “;
  • Go to “ Edit profile “: where you have several options available inside;
  • Click on the ” Site Web “: Here you can enter the link.




Other ways to make money with TikTok

In addition to Diamonds or inviting people to subscribe to the platform, there are other ways to earn through TikTok, being a platform that places visibility at the center, the more you are visible the more you earn, in the most disparate ways.

Now we will list the main ways of earning on TikTok:

  • Through influencer marketing;
  • Selling Merch;
  • Affiliation;
  • Live striming .

These are some ways to make money with TikTok , first on the list is Influencer Marketing. C ome you can earn doing the ‘ Influencer Marketing ? it all depends on our account, the more followers you have, the easier the business will be.

To become a successful influencer marketing it is necessary to sponsor famous brands, this can only happen if you have many followers, at which point we will be paid by the company to which we will advertise.

Instead you can earn on TikTok through the Selling Merch, or by producing your own articles, therefore by sponsoring your company, sending the Followers on the Instagram page. The TikTok platform does not allow you to paste links, which is why to make an advertising focused on sales you have to send the public to other social networks. TikTok is very useful for sponsoring the products of your company, creating brand visibility, through video and live, the more followers you have the more you earn.

Another earning possibility that you can have through the Social TikTok is the Affiliation, for example with Amazon , even here the Tik toker in its videos will sponsor products and send the public to another Social, which gives the possibility to paste the links , once the user clicks on the product sponsored by us or buys it, we will be assigned a percentage.

To make money with Live Striming , you have to be very popular here too. Once in Live , users will send you gifts , each gift has a different value. These gifts can then be converted into real money via the Paypal account .


To truly understand the potential of this social network, all that remains is to use it. It is definitely a good channel to sponsor your companies’ products or make affiliations. Tik Tok having a huge audience is a perfect channel to increase your popularity whether you want to become an influencer , or to increase the sales of your company, it is also a very interesting cross-section of society, to understand how the habits and customs of the new ones change. generations. Do not miss this opportunity to be able to make money with Tik Tok.

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