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In 2019, a record breaking 271 million people around the world decided to migrate to a new country. The UK was among the top five countries for Indians to migrate for its mass and rich culture as well as abundant jobs within the STEM fields.


If you have been thinking about moving to the UK and want to learn more about jobs in the UK for international students available in the UK for Indians, the documents you’ll need and more continue reading this article brought to you by Kampus Group.


Jobs in the UK for International Students


According to a survey, the three months leading to November 2020, saw approximately 176,000 job vacancies in the UK from enterprises. However, 77,000 vacancies were seen in November for medium-sized businesses that employed 50 to 249 people.


The current economic climate in the UK is filled with jobs that aren’t being filled by its British citizens. These jobs, otherwise known on the Shortage Occupation List, may otherwise go unfilled unless an foreign skilled worker comes in and partake.


The increasing demand of SOL jobs in the UK makes them few of the easiest jobs and positions to receive a visa sponsorship.


Few of the top job fields on this list are:


  • IT & Tech including software engineer, data scientist, or web designer and others
  • Creative including film editor, graphic designer, etc.
  • Healthcare including Doctors, paediatrician, nurse, veterinarian, etc.
  • Secondary Education including math or mandarin teachers


Required Documents For UK Job Applications


Just like any job interview or application, you will need to submit a spotless application and CV. 


A Well-drafted Resume

Most applications will require a CV upon applying. In your CV you will list your personal contact information, the most recent applicable work history and any specific skills for your trade or major and references from previous employers as well as your education history.


Mention your Awards and Achievements


While not necessarily required, it is usually a great idea to submit a cover letter along with your resume and mention any awards or achievements received. This is a separate document where you get to brag about yourself and show off!


Cover Letter


Cover letters are not the time to be humble…you get at least one page and no longer to prove to your employer why you are the best possible choice for this position.


We do recommend starting your cover letter by thanking your employer for taking the time to examine your application and discuss any relevant experience or  qualifications.


Work Permit 

Witholding a permit that allows you to work will be favourable to your employers. Keep in mind that individual applications will vary based on your job type or major. If you are applying to be a writer, you may also have to submit writing samples and examples of your work.


Immigrating to the UK with a Job Offer

Depending on the visa that you choose, you may need to provide certain documents or verifications before the visa can be granted to you.


To make sure you know which visa to choose and how to apply, we’ve broken down the process for you here:


  • Tier 2 General Visa (Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa)


On 1 December 2020, the Tier 2 General visa category was renamed the Tier 2 Skilled worker visa  when the new UK points-based immgration system was introduced.


This visa is the most popular visa option for Indians migrating to the UK for work. With a Tier 2 skilled worker visa, you can live and work in the UK as a skilled immigrant on a long-term basis.


Tier 2 General Visa Requirements


Your job must be listed in the UK’s Tier 2 Shortage Occupations List (SOL). See the table below to check if your job is listed in the SOL for Major groups 1, 2 or 3.


You will need to have


  • a job offer in a skilled position
  • a proof of sponsorship from your employer with a Tier 2 sponsor licence to pass the English Language Test and submit your score.
  • proof of funds to support yourself and any dependants while in the UK


Other documents needed include a valid passport, a valid certificate of job sponsorship, a police clearance certificate, and a complete travel history over the last five years. Finally, you will also need to provide your tuberculosis test results.


Employer Must Meet the Minimum Salary Thresholds


The Tier 2 (General) salary threshold is above £30,000 or the 25th percentile of full-time earnings. For new entrants, the salary threshold equivalents are £20,800 or the 10th percentile.


Visa processing time


Usually, Tier 2 General Visa applications are processed rather quickly and you should receive a decision in about three weeks.


Visa cost

The cost of applying depends on the type of job field you will be working in, as well as the length of time you will be there.


If you are in a job field that is in desperate need of workers, staying for less than six years, the cost is 464 euros (about 150 euros less than if you were not in a shortage job field).


Tier 2 General Visa Application Process


There are two main steps you will need to follow in order to obtain this type of visa. The first will be done by your employer, and the second is for you.


First, acquire a sponsorship license. Have your employer apply for one on the UK government website, and understand that all employers must meet the Resident Labour Market Test requirements.


Second, you must submit your Worker Visa Application with the CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship) number. This is also where you will submit all of your required documents.


If your visa is approved, you will most likely move onto another interview stage.


Other Visa Options


While Tier 1 and Tier 2 Visas are the most popular options for workers, there are other situations where you may need to acquire a visa for immigration.


UK Global Talent Visa

The UK Global Talent Visa is set aside for extremely skilled and qualified individuals, like professors or doctors within specific sectors. If you are accepted for this visa, you do not need to have a job lined up in advance.


This visa was introduced on 11 September 2019, focused on allowing foreign students to stay in the UK for two years after they have completed their studies from 2020-21 academic year. It gives them time to look for work after graduation.

With the UK Global Talent Visa, undergraduates and students pursuing their masters can stay for 2 years under this route, while Ph.D students can stay in the UK for 3 years.


Students will have the right to work during this period which will also count as their period as a new entrant.


UK Standard Visitor Visa

The UK Standard Visitor Visa is available for those who are mainly visiting the UK for leisure, sports events, business trips, or private medical treatment.

UK Spouse Visa

The UK Spouse Visa is available for those who are lawfully married to a British citizen, in a long-term relationship with one or wish to be married to a British citizen within six months of arrival.


UK Student Visa

A UK Student Visa is available for Indian students who have already secured a spot at a registered UK educational institute and wish to enter the UK to further their education.


UK Ancestry Visa

The final popular visa option for Indians is the UK Ancestry Visa. This option is for those who can prove they have any sort of family connection or history in the UK.


Let Kampus Group be your helping hand throughout every step of the process. Along the way, our visa experts and educational consultants will assess your needs and skills, look over your application, help you gather the right documents, and provide more personalized services for your specific case.


Settling in the UK for Good…


After your visa expires, there is no period of time that you can stay in the country. However, if you would like to extend or gain a permanent citizenship, there are other options.


If you would like to extend your current visa make sure to apply online through the website well before your visa ends to avoid any complications or delays.


After extending your visa, you may also meet the requirements for an Indefinite Leave to Remain (also known as IRL). An IRL would allow you to live and work in the UK without a time limit.


The requirements for an ILR include:


  • having a Tier 2 Visa
  • proof of residence in the UK for more than 5 years without spending more than 180 consecutive days outside the UK in a 1 year period
  • meeting the minimum salary requirements of the UK
  • proof that your sponsor still needs you for your job





What are you allowed to do while working as an international student?

You’re allowed to work in the UK while studying, only part-time. There are many job offers and opportunities for international students in the UK. As an international student, you’ll work up to twenty (20) hours every week during your study period.

Additionally, you’ll work in the united kingdom as long as your university is on a listing of the varied universities and institutions whose students can work alongside their study.
International students who study in an exceedingly full-time program at a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. level may need a maximum of 20 working hours per week. Also, they’re allowed to possess full-time work during the vacations and summer for bachelor students.

In the UK, particularly in big cities like London, international students can easily find a part-time job.

Some universities may only allow you to work inside the campus, but there’s no need to worry because there are still many options available to you. However, before getting into hunt part-time jobs you need to check if you’re eligible for such work.

It all starts together with your Tier 4 visa, the official student visa within the UK. the primary criteria you need to check is your age. If you’re under 16 and don’t have a Tier 4 (General 4) you’re not qualified to figure within the UK.

Types of jobs you’re not allowed to do

There are certain jobs you’re not allowed to do while studying within the UK as international students. Below are some varieties of them (paid or not paid) you can’t engage to when you’re holding a Tier 4 visa:

  • Be a self-employed or working freelance
  • Professional sportsperson including sport coach
  • Work as an entertainer
  • Initiate a commercial activity
  • Full-time permanent job
  • Work as a dentist or a doctor in training, except you’re enrolled in a foundation program.



What types of jobs can you find in the UK for students?

Below we give you a long list of student jobs in the UK, which will give you an idea over what jobs to seek in the UK as an international student.




Food Delivery

Student Support officer
Sales assistant
Pharmacy Deliver Driver
Pizza Deliver Driver
Veterinary care assistant
Personal Assistant
Physiotherapy assistant
Admission Officer
Sport Facilities Worker
Customer Assistant
Facilities Assistant
Residence Guider
Promotional worker
Enrollment advisor
Finance Assistant

Graphic designer
Software Developer Intern
Tour Guide
Research Assistant
Waitress at the university cafeteria
Pet caretaker
House Cleaner
Brand Ambassador
IT assistant
Security guard
Social Media Assistant
Newspaper distributor
Personal Tutor
Ice Cream scooper
Host at a Restaurant
Smoothie Maker
Fitness instructor

Freelance translator




How can Kampus Group Help?


Don’t let the worry and hassle of applying for your visa hold you back from pursuing your dream and career outside of India! There are several jobs in the UK for Indians just waiting to be filled by qualified individuals like you, we are always here to help at Kampus Group.

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