Keyword Research: How To Get More Visits?

Keyword Research: How To Do It To Get More Visits? – One of the aspects often overlooked by novice bloggers is  keyword research , i.e. the search for keywords and topics to be discussed, within a blog or website, to get more traffic and position themselves on the search engines. Research. In this article I will try to give you a series of tips and tricks to set up an effective editorial plan.

Thanks to a correct  keyword research we can in fact study and plan the keywords to place that can bring traffic and visitors.

Keyword Research: Searching for the Best Keywords For SEO?

When we talk about Keyword Research, many SEOs introduce the concept of  LSI , or  Latentic Semantic Indexing and consequently of  Google Hummingbird , the algorithmic update of Google that aims to give better results trying to understand what are the  search intentions of the users.

In summary, Google today analyzes the keywords entered in the search on a quantitative basis  ,  analyzing which are the keywords most used by the sites positioned for a keyword, and  qualitative , or what are the semantic relationships between the words used.

When doing  keyword research to structure a content plan to be published on our site we must therefore, first of all, understand what the  search intentions of our user are:

  • Is this an informational query?
  • Is this a transactional query?
  • Is this a branded query (or as they say in navigational jargon)?

That said, we should consider ‘ going research and  search volume of keywords, to understand what that keyword is searched and how much traffic can actually lead to our website / blog.

What is the Search Volume of a Keyword?

Search Volume is a parameter that indicates  how many times a particular keyword is searched on Google .

This information is very important to understand if what we want to write about has an audience or if it does not have a volume for which it is worth spending the time writing an article: great web professionals analyze the contents to be written precisely based on the volume of keyword research, and not based on what they like:

  • If a keyword has a good search volume, you write the article and rank
  • If a keyword does not have an interesting search volume, other keywords are sought

This allows you to create sites that receive a lot of traffic, position themselves and respond to user needs.

Tip (Useful tip): To optimize your website or blog even more you can also evaluate whether a certain topic is profitable or not, or how much advertisers pay for certain keywords and in this way make an estimate of the earnings that you will get from an article that has good keywords and a good search volume.

Free Tools To Do Keyword Research

At this point, we must begin to understand what are the tools we have available to do Keyword Research.

Whereas I feel very good about the  tools of  SEOZoom which allows for the suggestions of keywords and topics to be covered , it seems only right to give some suggestions of free tools to do Keyword Research:

  • Google Suggest shows the suggestions of the most searched keywords on the search engine, words that we can use in our articles;
  • Ubersuggest  allows you to get keyword ideas to include in your articles
  • AnswerThePublic displays a series of questions and topics that users searched for based on a keyword
  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner helps you find keywords and search volume data for various keywords

How to do Keyword Research?

Now that we have a series of information at our disposal we must organize the work: first of all we must therefore create an  Excel file in which to insert some essential information to organize our editorial plan and publications on our site:

  • The list of keywords that we want to treat within the articles on our site;
  • The search volume of the various keywords (in this way we can make a selection and choose only the most interesting)
  • The Competition that exists for each keyword and / or for the topic dealt with (we can divide this information into two columns, respectively average competition and competition by keyword)

At this point we can combine the information obtained using various tools (free and / or paid) to create our spreadsheet, from which we will select only the keywords and topics with high search volume!

Writing articles to get more hits?

At this point we have our editorial plan with the contents to write, we can start planning the publication paying attention to the  quality of the contents .

Today Google is increasingly opposed to  Content Farms and the  low value / quality content , you do not need to publish many articles that do not give any value to people, you need to create quality and value, giving information and create items  high quality (to have a idea try to look at one of the articles published by Salvatore Aranzulla today: look at the length, the topics covered, the insights and you will understand what today makes the difference on search engines and on Google in particular).

Good work and good money online,

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