Landing Page What is it, How to Create It?

What are landing pages and how can you create them? It is one of the most important elements of Web Marketing for the acquisition of contacts, prospects or customers.

In this article, you will find out what a landing page is, what a squeeze page is, what a landing page does , how to make it, for what purpose, what are the best ready-made landing page templates and many other useful tips.

You will also find in this article a collection of landing page examples that will be useful for you to have a clear idea of ​​how to create your landing pages.

What is a landing page?

When we talk about Landing Page (from the English “landing page”) we mean a page that is reached by a person or user who clicks on a link or on an advertisement.

Within the page, theoretically, only specific contents dedicated to a product, a service, an objective must be present.

Definition of Landing Page

A landing page is a special page created with the aim of motivating the user to perform a specific action called conversion.

It is in fact a page that wants to provide the best answer to a person’s needs by creating a one-to-one relationship of trust and mutual benefit.

If you want to create effective landing pages and you do not have a good initial budget to invest to delegate the creation of your page to a professional, I suggest you buy and read Luca’s book:

In the advertising field, the landing page must simply contain the information necessary to convince the user to carry out a specific action. This action is usually one of the following:

  • Request a quote
  • Purchase of the Product
  • Compilation of the Form
  • Contact request
  • Booking Test Drive or Free Trial
  • Free Sample Request

These particular pages are used a lot when Advertising Online , or, as someone called it some time ago ” keyword advertising”

The goal of a landing page , as I have already said, is to attract traffic to a specific page to try to convert the visit into a sale (where a sale does not necessarily mean paying for a product or buying a product. service, but also the simple compilation of a form or the acquisition of a contact, or even the download of a software).

Types of Landing Page

There are different types of landing pages, depending on the goal of the page that was created.

This could also be a “landing page”, which aims to provide the main information on the term “Landing Page”, on the various landing models, on how a landing works, on the best books and tools for the creation of landing. effective pages.

Opt-in Page:

This is a page that shows your prospect what they will receive after leaving their email address or the fields you have chosen for your lead magnet, often the first step in a sales funnel.

Reference Landing Page:

These are the pages that deal with or that are created to provide users with accurate and important information. They can be text only or accompanied by images and files to download (for example brochures or flyers, coupons, …).

Squeeze Page:

A Squeeze Page (literally squeeze page) is a landing / landing page created to “Squeeze users” in the sense of “soliciting them to subscribe to a mailing list / newsletter or leave their email address”.

It is one of the most used tools to transform visitors to a website into real prospects or customers.

Transational Landing Page:

They aim to bring the user or navigator to perform a certain action (the most classic action is the compilation of a form) and is used to sell products, services, courses, contents, …

Killer Landing Page:

It is that page that is used by Marketing experts to generate sales or contacts and is designed in such a way as to give only two options to the user who enters it: conclude the purchase (or fill out the form, download the software, …) or exit the page.

All links that may lead to other pages or make the user “forget” the reason why he arrived on that site and page are removed from this page.

What is the goal of landing pages?

The goal of each landing is to convert as many users as possible who arrive on the page into customers who purchase your products / services or registered users who will then be “processed” during the lead nurturing phase .

How to make a good landing?

The tips for making a landing as effective as possible are:

  1. Check the compatibility of the page with various browsers and platforms (especially with Smartphones and Tablets , which today generate most of the traffic);
  2. Avoid Flash and heavy pages (consider that your site could also be visited via mobile phone);
  3. Remove all what can be considered distractions from the main goal;
  4. Highlight well the action we want our user to perform, insert the right Call to action ;
  5. Use the right marketing levers: create anxiety, urgency or scarcity … It might be useful to create pages with “limited seats” or “deadline” offers …

These are the main information on landing. If you have doubts or questions, as always, you can contact me and ask for further information and details (or watch the video where you will find lots of ideas and advice)!

Software to Create Landing Pages

There are numerous software, plugins and tools that allow you to create landing and squeeze pages.

The most famous are definitely Instapage and Leadpages , both of which I have dedicated in-depth articles that you can read by clicking on:

  • Instapage How does it work? Complete Guide
  • Lead pages How does it work? Complete Guide

These are two very functional and easy to use paid platforms that will simplify your work.

If I were to find a flaw in these two tools, I would definitely say the fact that to keep the landing pages always online you will need to pay the monthly or annual subscription (in practice, if you do not pay the subscription, you will lose the landing pages created, including any landing pages of customers).

Precisely for this reason there are those who prefer to use ad hoc solutions, such as Elementor Pro .

  • Landing Registration: Signup landing is dedicated to those who want to increase the number of subscribers to their newsletter.

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