Make Money: The Ultimate Guide to The 12 Best Income Sources

Earning money online is arguably the most convenient way of generating an income. You don’t have to go out of the house and you can usually work whenever and wherever you want. This is now easily possible for everyone – regardless of whether you have previous knowledge or not. The part-time job from home offers you a variety of opportunities to earn money online.

I would like to introduce you to methods and techniques to earn money on the Internet:

Paid surveys: earn money quickly and easily

Earning money with surveys is probably the easiest way to start making money online. Here you usually only have to register for free and you can start immediately. You can generate your first income in less than 15 minutes.

You wo n’t get rich on survey portals like Swagbucks and Decision Makers Club , but you can still earn a nice penny without much effort. By the way, you can also answer paid surveys comfortably while you are out and about. Usually a smartphone is enough.


Affiliate Marketing:  Earn money automatically with referrals

Affiliate marketing is based on a win-win principle: You make sure that a retailer sells his goods online and you reve a commission in return. So the dealer earns money and gives you part of this profit for your advertising activities. How much you get for it is determined in advance. Affiliate marketing is usually a percentage of the purchase value.

There are vaceirious ways of recommending products and making money . For example, you can create your own blog or recommend products through a niche site .

Almost every online shop offers you the opportunity to participate in an affiliate program (also known as a partner program). The best-known affiliate programs include, for example:

Amazon partner program (Amazon partner network)

Check24 partner program

Ebay affiliate program


There are also so-called affiliate networks. These represent a wide variety of shops and providers. Here you only have to register once and you can then apply for many different partner programs from different providers. The best known affiliate networks are:







Blog & Website:  Earn money with your own presence on the web

If you aim to earn a lot of money and even earn all your income online in the long term, I recommend you to set up your own blog or website (for example a niche site ). The big advantage here is that you are “your own boss” and can use various methods to earn money. Here you can, for example, not only recommend products via affiliate marketing, but also place advertisements or sell your own products. There are no limits to your options here.

In addition to the already mentioned and well-known methods of earning money with a blog or website, there are also sources of income that you probably won’t come across immediately. One of them is VG Wort . The collecting society gives you the opportunity to receive money for every text published on the Internet. Very extensive blogs and websites in particular can generate good additional income in this way.

Your own blog or website also enables you to earn a so-called passive income . This means that you also earn money when you are not actively working on your PC. So if you’ve always wondered how the beautiful and rich can sail on their yacht and still earn money while doing so – passive income is the keyword here.

The following posts will help you build your own website or blog and earn money with it:




Advertising:  make money with advertising revenue.


There are many different ways to earn money with advertising on the Internet. On the one hand, there is the classic method: the insertion of advertising banners on your website, blog or in your YouTube videos .

Providers that you can use to display advertisements easily and simply are, for example:


Google Adsense

Youtube affiliate program

But you don’t have to rely on advertisements alone. There are many other ways you can make money from advertising.

One method is, for example, to publish sponsored (guest) posts on your blog, so-called ” sponsored posts “. This is a guest post that the creator has to pay money for. How much money you can make with it depends primarily on your blog. Your visit numbers, to be precise. The more visitors your blog has, the more reach a guest post can achieve here. This is why companies pay more for guest posts on high-traffic and well-known blogs than on blogs with few visitors.

Another way to earn money with advertising is through cooperation. This type of advertising works on websites and blogs as well as in videos or on social media platforms. In a post, video or post you advertise a product, service or the like and receive remuneration for it. This technique is particularly popular on Instagram.

If you are already successfully on Instagram, you may have already received one or the other cooperation request. Of course, you can also take action yourself and inquire directly with companies. You can find important tips here.

Microjobs:  Earn money online with small part-time jobs.

Do you just want to earn something quickly? In addition to paid surveys, you can also use so-called microjobs here. Micro jobs are nothing more than real jobs. That means you have a client who tells you exactly what to do. The difference to a normal job is that micro jobs are often available at very short notice and can be completed just as quickly. So you are usually only occupied with a job for a few hours.

You can read more about microjobs and where you can find them here.

Cryptocurrency, trading & investment:  increasing money for professionals and beginners

When it comes to cryptocurrency , stock trading or investment, people often shy away from it. The fear of bad investments is always present and often you just have the feeling that you have no idea about the matter.

Especially if you have some “high-tech” money that you would like to invest, I can only encourage you to take a few hours to read up on the subject of investing and trading. Believe me, it’s worth it!

Investment opportunities and stock trading have become significantly more modern and user-friendly in recent years. You can now even use your smartphone as a trading platform.





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Selling products:  Your own shop or a well-known sales platform – the choice is yours

While local retailers have been struggling to survive for years, online retailing is booming. Not only do new products quickly find buyers here, but also home-made or used items. Well-known platforms for selling products are, for example, eBay and Amazon . If you want to sell homemade things, you’ve come to the right place on Etsy .

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to use these platforms. You can also start your own online shop. You can create this quickly and easily with WooCommerce, for example .

But not only physical products can be sold on the Internet, but also services or digital information products, of course. The advantage here is that storage costs and the time-consuming shipping are no longer necessary. Digital products can easily be sent by email or accessed via a member’s area. You can use a full service provider such as Digistore24 for payment .

But one thing shouldn’t be missing with digital products either: the right presentation. You can do this via a professional landing page .





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Instagram & Youtube:  Earning money with content creation

Instagram and Youtube are still very good sources of income. But it takes a lot more than shooting a few videos and taking a few pictures. Only those who really master the art of content creation, i.e. the creation of content, will be successful here.

But good content doesn’t spread by itself either. Therefore, the right marketing strategy is just as important here, which is associated with a lot of time and often costs.

For me, Instagram and Youtube are clearly some of the most intensive and expensive ways to earn money online. But if you have managed to become a real ” influencer “, you can earn a lot of money through cooperation. To motivate: (Instagram) superstars like Kylie Jenner can earn up to a million dollars with one post.

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