Making Money With Online Surveys, Best Sites [2021]

You may wonder if you will require you to build your own site web , write posts on blogs , or even sell a product online. Whatever it is, one might think that some kind of precise knowledge is needed. Of course, as far as the cases mentioned above are concerned, it is better to be an expert or in any case have some experience, in order to achieve the ultimate success.

For many people, this can be a little tricky, but don’t be put off by it.

There are actually several ways of making money online. it’s much easier than you think.

What are the Paid Surveys
The Paid surveys are the best and easiest way to make money online. Of all the other methods of earning extra income , paid surveys are the best and easiest way to make money online.

What could be easier than answering a few questions and sharing your thoughts on a survey? It’s as easy as drinking a glass of water, plus, it only takes about 15 minutes to complete a survey and you can earn an average of $ 5 per survey. It does not require any kind of special skills to complete a survey and can be done anywhere as long as you have a pc and an internet connection .

Companies are willing to pay for your opinion.

There are many large companies out there who would like to hear your opinion on their services or products and are willing to reward you for this kind of useful information in return. Companies use this valuable information for their future developments, to design better products or services and to improve the quality of them.

All feedbacks are welcomed both positive and negative. Don’t be afraid of not getting paid if your feedback is negative. In fact, businesses are open to hearing negative responses almost more than positive ones as they help highlight what needs improvement.

You can worry about the risks of making money online because of all the stories that people hear about being scammed by fictitious companies. The truth is, most of those “businesses” are asking you to “invest” to increase your “return on investment”. However, a legitimate survey site will never ask you to make any kind of investment. A legitimate site will never ask you for a credit card and will never ask you to pay any fees to collect your earnings. They are always open to membership and will never ask you for anything in return.

Also, it is possible that sometimes you will receive a free product to test or try it out.

All you have to do is sign up for a free account and you can start making money right away by simply filling out online surveys . You will be able to cash in or redeem any rewards after completing a series of investigations.

In order for your efforts to be rewarded you need to make sure you find a legitimate survey site that has a long history and is safe. GlobalTestMarket is one of the best among all the other survey sites.

GlobalTestMarket , was founded in 1999 and is one ofthe world’s leading providersof market research. they have more than 4 million members in 40 markets in America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Members around the world were rewarded with USD $ 3.2 billion in 2014.

In addition to the money, you also earn points for completing market surveys and thanks to these points you can receive reward items from over 200 partners ; such as gift cards from Amazon, Macy’s and many others.


Working from Compiling Online Surveys
Through online surveys it is possible to work from home profitably. Surveys are a great way to engage web users to get useful feedback from them in different situations. You can use online surveys in any way, to get feedback on a product, to do market research, or to get a customer opinion.

Taking an online survey is very simple.

In the following articles we will show you some ways to follow to make money with online surveys, using serious and reliable Survey Panels, to which you can sign up for free.

Who will never have received a phone call or even being stopped on the street for a market survey or a political-electoral poll at least once in their life, and to think that for the time spent they would have deserved to receive a fee, but now this is possible on the internet.

To date this is achievable because many companies have understood that if they want to get serious answers for their Marketing research they must offer an incentive in exchange, and it is precisely for this reason that paid Surveys Panels were born , which deal with mainly as an intermediary between users and companies who need to ask the public questionnaires for their market surveys.

In exchange for the commitment of the users, which can almost always last a few minutes, they will receive a reward in the form of money, shopping vouchers or prizes, depending on the survey site to which they register.

Reasonably given the commitment of a few minutes, one should not think of being able to earn even a salary with the Surveys, but in any case it remains an easy and fast way to earn a few euros from the comfort of home with the internet and round up to get rid of some whims.

It should be considered that, with increasing frequency, companies need useful information to study the market trend, and taking advantage of the paid online survey channel offers us the opportunity to earn extra money online .

The companies themselves commission the survey panels to send out the questionnaires that will be sent to the various members.

In surveys you will find all kinds of questions, and you will always be paid, whether our opinion is positive or negative, because you are free to answer.
The most common ways to collect the money from the payment, once the survey is finished, will be by means of PayPal, check or wire transfer, vouchers, etc.
Our paid opinion will be used, adding it to many others, to launch a new product on the market, give the right name to a new brand , etc …


Is it possible to make money with surveys?
Surely! It is possible to make money with online paid surveys to share your opinion. Every year, companies spend billions of dollars to know what the consumer is thinking. This is called a marketing studio and it helps improve their sales, create more targeted advertising, and more.

“When you share your opinion, you help these companies improve their products and services.”

This is why they pay you to know your opinion.

But who pays for paid surveys?
Surveys are paid for by companies that want to improve their products. Have you ever thought about how much it costs to own a commercial TV? It can cost up to millions of dollars. The problem with commerce is that even if companies manage to sell in the market, they don’t have a direct view of the customer. Some companies invest money so that the public helps them promote their product in order to increase their sales. Thanks to these surveys, you can get free money or products for you and your friends.

But what are market surveys for, specifically?
Basically, surveys allow companies to identify current trends.

Thanks to surveys, companies can both study what consumers like most, through market research, and understand what consumers think about certain products or services, and receive feedback from online consumer reviews , in fact there are panels of Surveys, which recognize points based on reviews left, in addition to participation in surveys. For these reasons, the companies are willing to pay the Survey Panels , which in turn reward all the people who have signed up, and who will therefore participate in the compilation of the surveys. By registering you can earn money with surveys.

They are known sites, which simply by providing you with surveys, will then have to be filled in by you, and upon completing each one, a reward will be given. The reward can take place either in euro cents, such as 30 cents, or points will be assigned, which then accumulated, will form a tot, which will allow you to choose prizes in exchange.

The surveys to fill in can take up a lot of time, because sometimes you will come across surveys, which will take up to 20 minutes to write them and sometimes they can even be boring, so it will take commitment and patience.

What are the paid surveys for?
The Paid Surveys are only questionnaires to be done online. Usually the questions are closed-ended, or by cross, and may concern, for example, one’s tastes, interests and opinions, on a specific commercial product, but also on more general things.

Usually in the survey questions you are asked to answer by ticking an option among those available, for example: “Which juice do you prefer between apple, pear or apricot?”, Or you may be asked to give a vote, such as: “What vote would you give 1 to 10 to the juice of this brand? ”

There is the freedom to subscribe to one or even several sites, because one registration will not exclude the other, and indeed by subscribing to multiple sites, you will receive more surveys and therefore you will earn more. Once you have registered, you will have the opportunity to access your profile on the Panel and complete it by entering your interests, where based on these you will receive invitations to the Remunerated Surveys via e-mail, in which you can also see the estimated duration for completing the questionnaire and the related earnings.

The positive aspect is that you can do it comfortably from home, or from your smartphone , and wherever you are, the important thing will be minutes of an internet connection , and more importantly, is that once the survey is completed, you will receive remuneration.

Platforms to use
There are many platforms on which to sign up to receive surveys. To register, you will have to fill in a profile, and once you have completed the registration, the surveys will arrive both by email , where you will answer several questions to understand if our profile is ideal for that particular survey, and both you can find them directly in the platform on which you will have registered. They are called the Survey Panel, they contain all the best marketing companies that are willing to pay to fill out online surveys, it takes very little time and registration is free. You can participate in one or more surveys, of your choice, of course the more surveys you participate in, the greater the revenue. There are many, from the most valid to the less valid ones.

What do i need to do to register?
You connect to the platform, filling in a profile with your data and once you have completed the registration, you will have created your own account, which will then be used to access the platform, by entering your account and password , and then start participating in surveys. .

What should I do before signing up?
Before subscribing to one or more platforms, you can inform yourself, always on the internet , through other reviews and see if it is reliable or not. It is possible to subscribe to several Survey Panels at the same time .

How do the platforms work?
Once you have registered, some platforms will give you starting points, and in this case, all you have to do is accumulate these points and convert them into rewards. The prizes can be, in cash, where they will be sent directly via PayPal or other type of payment, or you can choose prizes, there are also platforms that pay with Ticket Compliments , which are vouchers.

It must be borne in mind that often to participate in a certain survey, it will be necessary to possess certain characteristics,

for example, there may be surveys that will ask to be within an age range, or even, in this specific case, to be a man, and so on. There will be various requests, which will limit the possibility of participating in numerous surveys, consequently being able to make money online with surveys is not easy and it is not very profitable. Furthermore, you should know that generally, each market survey is composed of a form , a series of multiple choice questions, which may last from 5, to 10, or even up to 30 minutes, clearly depending on the difficulty of the survey. ie the number of questions.

Depending on the duration of the survey, more or less points can be accumulated within the Survey Panel , which will be converted into rewards, such as vouchers, payments via PayPal , etc. The longer the survey, therefore, the longer the time to complete, and the more you will be able to earn .

How can you accumulate points and then earn?
When you start with surveys, you don’t get many right away, because the survey engine will first have to figure out who you are, what you do, even if you are actually interested in participating. Especially in the beginning, and even later, it is important to be active in filling out surveys, because the more surveys you answer, the more surveys you get. Surveys target people, because when a survey is sent to you, the survey will search for a target .

If you do not fall within that specific target , you will not be able to participate in that survey, therefore, very often it happens that you are initially not eligible, and so the survey will end immediately and consequently you will not receive points. You will need to be patient, because a little at a time the surveys will arrive, you will be eligible and you will go on.

On the platform, to participate, you go directly to the polls section , and you will click, for example, on thematic polls. In this way, you have the possibility to choose different topics, on which you can take the survey, after which, you will pass to the compilation of the survey itself. The surveys can be of different lengths, from the shortest to the longest ones, in which both the time it will take to complete it and the final gain will vary accordingly.

Once you have finished filling out the survey, you will need to click on save, and in this way points will be credited. Once the points have been credited and the threshold is reached, you will have to go to the item ” Your prizes “, where you can then decide which prizes to use. By clicking on the item ” Prizes area “, you can check which prizes there are, then, based on the points achieved, which prizes you can choose.

The points can also be converted into vouchers , which are coupons, to make online purchases , or convert into cash.

In some platforms, there is also the item “Test products”, where you can test different products that have been launched on the market.

How does it work?
Once the page opens, usually the first question that will be asked is, if you already know the product you are considering. Then the next question will be, if you have already made use of it, a consumption, after which it will be communicated, that to personally test the product it will be sent home.

In summary, the remuneration will take place either with:

Payments via PayPal ;
Payments with tickets ;
Wire transfers;
The surveys are a great way to integrate earnings, they will allow you, at the end of the year, to take away the whims.

How to make money with Paid Surveys
It will be important now to understand how to make money with Surveys .
By simply filling out Paid Surveys, to earn money it will be enough to practically answer short opinion questionnaires that can last from two minutes, up to even thirty minutes. However, the most common duration for Online Paid Surveys is about ten to twenty minutes.

The longer the Survey, the more consequently the salary will be higher. Usually the remuneration can start from about 0.30 euro cents, to 1.00 euro for surveys lasting a few minutes, up to 15.00 euro or more, for surveys considered special which can reach more than an hour to complete.

To receive the remuneration, logically you will have to complete the Online Survey and never leave it halfway, or you will not have to be excluded from it due to incompatibility.

As for payments, some survey sites pay in money or by bank check, or through a bank transfer or even via PayPal, others still in shopping vouchers, such as for online and non-online stores, and others in prizes. , such as with technology or household products.

Why do companies pay?
Many have asked or will ask themselves the question of why companies pay for the simple fact that they respond to Surveys. To many it will seem impossible to get paid just to answer online surveys, but the reality is that many companies and companies rely on paid surveys to know the opinion of the general public when they intend to launch a new product or service, or to improve an old one. , or simply to know the opinion of consumers on aspects, for example of a general nature.

Any person, at least once in their life, may have been called on the phone or stopped on the street to answer a survey, but how many, if they have answered anyway, will have done it really seriously and not just hastily. To date, more and more companies have understood that if they want reliable people, who respond in a truly attentive and valid way, they will have to provide, even if minimal, a contribution, because these are the only opinions that companies mainly need.

Reasonably you will not get rich simply by answering paid surveys, but it certainly remains a good way to round up and earn something more in your free time, even from the comfort of your home, without tiring.

A good Paid Surveys site must have the following requirements, such as registration must be free, the companies must be serious, renowned and, equally important, they must be paying, moreover personal data must be treated according to the current privacy regulations , and there should be no obligations to respond to the questionnaires and this should not affect the receipt of other invitations in the future, finally there must be the freedom to unsubscribe when you want, and consequently you will no longer have to receive the Surveys.

An important thing to know immediately is that you can subscribe to all the sites at the same time, without any problem, and for this reason it is advisable to do so, because the more sites you subscribe to, the more Surveys you will receive automatically and the result will be that you will earn more. There are some paid survey sites that often look for new members, but this will not always happen, and for this reason for some the registration may be temporarily closed.

Well-paid survey panels? Yes, but which area to choose?
There are some panels of Paid Surveys that send questionnaires very often and well paid, and usually pay by check after reaching a certain amount, or vouchers, such as for Amazon, or even via PayPal , or they can allow you to donate the proceeds to charity. There are also famous market research companies, which reward you with points that can be converted into many prizes, if, for example, even once a month you connect to the internet through an application, completely safe and free, which will be found on the site. Or there are reliable Survey Panels, which reward participation with vouchers valid in many shops, and these too can offer the possibility of donating their earnings to charity.

In other Panels there will be different ways to accumulate points, in which you will be rewarded for completing the Online Surveys, with discount coupons or with real money.

In other Survey Panels you will be rewarded in prizes, just for recording the barcodes of your purchases. The prizes to be won can be, for example, in household appliances, games, smartphones, or products for the home and leisure, computers and much more. There are also panels that, just for having registered, will thank you for your choice by giving you money.


What are Paid Surveys Panels
There are several sites that are dedicated to market research, therefore, on these sites, once you will be enrolled, they send periodic surveys to which you will have to answer, and for participating in these surveys you will receive a salary . Filling out online surveys is, therefore, quite profitable, and obviously you will not immediately earn large sums, but it will take some time to reach certain sums. To date, there are many people registered, because making money with paid survey panels is a way of being able to earn online that can also be fun.

How does it work
There are many sites that offer this service, such as the more or less known ones, and also the more reliable ones, to ascertain if a site is reliable, one way is to go and read the comments on some blog that deals with this topic, and see if there are positive comments, or not.

Some online surveys are also of the ISTAT service , which stands for National Institute of Statistics, and is a public body that deals with statistical surveys and surveys in various sectors, therefore, they are recognized surveys.

Generally, those who send a survey do it to see the reaction of the public, such as, for example, when a new product comes out, or to see if they will like a TV advertisement, or even to find out how they found themselves with a new product. certain service. All Online Surveys are always made up of questions, which must be answered by ticking an option among several available. Other questions will ask for a numerical judgment on choices.

How to get started
The first step will be to find reliable sites where you can register, therefore, register with companies that will propose opinion polls to which you will have to answer over time, and once you manage to enter, you can participate in all future surveys.

It is advisable to check, before proceeding with the registration, the type of salary, the payment methods, how much you will be paid for each survey you answer.

Searching on the internet, it is easier to verify if that particular site will be more or less reliable, advantageous, operational.

How to make money with Paid Surveys Panels
There are sites that pay for each survey carried out, even from 3.00 euros to 5.00 euros, but some may even exceed 10.00 euros, this will depend on the type of survey you are going to carry out, because the more it will be particularly sophisticated and the more you need more time to fill it out, as a result there will be a high pay.

Among the payment methods you can find, for example:

Credit on PayPal: it is one of the most popular payment methods in the world, to remunerate the occasional earning services of users, who will respond to opinion questionnaires sent by companies operating in the online market research sector. nothing, it is a very advantageous electronic tool and is now recognized by all e-commerce sites in the world. The PayPal account is connected to an email , which will also be used for access, and where payments will then be received , in fact, in some survey sites, the PayPal account email is required to receive the money;
The prizes deriving from the accumulation of points: can also be spent in the web shop , or that can be changed into money , such as, for example, 400 points will be equivalent to 5.00 euros; or with Ticket Compliments , worth several tens of euros, or with other types of gifts and vouchers .

Why choose paid surveys?
Many paid survey panel sites are managed by very serious companies, therefore, it may happen that you can only register by invitation. You will be given the opportunity to subscribe to their site and respond to their surveys, only a few times a year, and sometimes it may even happen that no survey will be sent in a year, because this will depend on the type of person category they at that moment they will be looking for.

To receive the surveys, you will have to match a certain profile, which is suitable for answering those specific questions, for example, if they have to do a survey on people who all own a shop, such as the food one, they will open the applications to all. people who will have a shop.

There are sites that instead of paying cash , will assign points for each survey carried out, where once accumulated, you can redeem corresponding vouchers that will be in cash, or vouchers that you can use to buy some product, such as for example, on Trony .

All paid survey panel sites share the same feature, that once you have registered on the site, and once the surveys arrive via email, in which you can participate, you will click to participate, where then the next step, they will first ask you personal questions to create a profile, such as, for example, what region you are from, your age, whether to work in a specific sector, etc. Once the profile has been created, and you are in the bracket they are currently looking for for the survey, the survey will continue, eventually receiving a salary.

If, on the other hand, you do not fall within the range they are looking for, you will receive an answer in which it will be written, for example:

“We thank you, we have already received many requests that have satisfied our survey, see you next time”,

therefore, in this case no remuneration will be received.

There are sites that are not recommended, because it may happen that they will make you fill out more than half of the survey, and then tell you that you do not have the corresponding characteristics for that survey, and this will lead you to waste a lot of your time, not leading to any salary. .

Then there are sites, where they will be able to send you their products to test directly at home, where you will not have to pay absolutely anything, they will provide you with this product, and your job will be to try it. You can also find sites where you will be paid immediately, for each survey that you will carry out and that you will be able to complete, the payment can arrive even after about two or three days, on PayPal .

The advantage of the Paid Survey Panels will lie in the fact that you can respond wherever you are, in a timely manner, all you need is a device that will connect to the internet and in doing so you can do all the surveys you want.

The more sites you sign up, the more income you can get, but it will be taken into account that the more surveys you will find yourself filling out, and consequently the more time you will have to dedicate to it.

I of Paid Surveys Panel fall within the statistical survey methods commonly used to get some guidance from a representative sample of the population placed under review, which will be required to express their own opinion about the purpose of the investigation.

Opinion that will be requested of the individual interviewee who will participate in the survey, to see and understand if it will be inherent to one’s own satisfaction, dissatisfaction, feeling, agreement, disagreement in relation to a specific service, product, topic, for which the interviewee can express a judgment that will be quantified either through a verbal scale or through a numerical scale.

How to make money with Paid Surveys Panels
All online paid survey panels are all those sites that will allow you to make money online by responding to surveys or by carrying out simple online operations . There are Panels that have the most valid free online points and rewards program, just sign up to immediately start accumulating points for each online activity on the site, such as comments, reviews, votes, recommendations and much more, and then also win fantastic prizes.

There are also panels in which if you want to receive an invitation for all programs in order to register quickly,

just fill out a form and they will then invite you. There are other paid survey sites, also available in various languages, where you can select Italian from the menu and which will also pay if you invite friends.

They will be able to offer from around 0.50 euro cents to 3.00 euro per survey. There are panels that send surveys by e-mail quite frequently, making payments with credits on Paypal , for example every 400 points, which will be equivalent to 5.00 euros. Other Panels promise to pay in cash via Paypal to those who register by filling out the first survey and who participate in the surveys sent by them.

In this case they are actually real Social Networks , within which it will be possible to create your own network of friends, manage your Shoutbox , customize your profile and enrich your experience.

In some cases, you may even decide to donate your budget to the charity. For some Panels, however, payment will be made via PayPal every 20,000 points.

The best way to make money with surveys: choosing the platform
There are also platforms that pay quite well by giving 3.00 euros in Ticket Compliments Top Premium to each completed survey.

For other Survey Panels, registrations will be possible only by clicking on the Banners that will be temporarily activated online according to the request of the Panel itself and invitations are not allowed and there will be no registration form on the site. We will have to wait for the Banners and hope to meet their requirements.

Platforms to accumulate points to spend in the Web Shop
There are Survey Panels that will allow you to participate in many surveys and accumulate points that can be converted into rewards within the Web Shop . Other platforms remunerate users for participating and completing their surveys and the invitation will be sent by post.

By registering for free and filling out the profile, you will quickly receive surveys via e-mail , where once completed the first euros will be credited and upon reaching the threshold you can receive them on your Paypal account or can be converted into fantastic gift vouchers.

The surveys will be sent by important Italian companies or by international groups operating in Italy, such as well-known brands which are interested in having your opinion on new products to be marketed.

Before, for example, selling an item at the supermarket, assembling a car, developing a beauty product or putting a fashion item into production, market research will be carried out, we will try to understand what people like for it. then meet their preferences, avoiding any large unprofitable investments .

Platforms to accumulate money in euros and not in points
There are sites to earn with online surveys that in addition to offering surveys quite often, have a community where you can exchange ideas and opinions and that by participating in the surveys you will directly accumulate money in euros and not in points, but which can be converted at any time. in discount coupons for different online stores .

Then there are platforms where you will receive at home, always free of charge, a terminal that will read the barcodes of the products purchased in a simple and automatic way and having fun scanning the shopping, you will accumulate many points, and then choose from a vast catalog of prizes.

Other Panels will send the surveys almost daily, but the points will almost always be credited at the end of the project, when the Merchant , therefore, closes the applications, and will credit the points for the completed survey. Then there will also be instant 15-point surveys to which it will be enough to give a single simple answer. You can also periodically take part in free product trials and if you are lucky you can be selected to become a Tester. Finally, some surveys will involve sending a sample produced at home.

Scoring platforms
There are also Panels that have been updated to be viewed on mobile devices, so if you browse from mobile or smartphone , you can register immediately to accumulate points and win prizes, such as vouchers, electronic items, household items, etc. .

Then there are sites that mostly serve to become a Tester in particular , where you will have to send your application and participate in product tests, with the exception of some sites that will still allow you to take part in surveys to accumulate Wombats , or score, which will mark your prestige within the group and will allow you to access product tests more likely.

There are sites that offer their subscribers, according to the well-known script, the opportunity to participate in surveys and in exchange to receive points to be converted into cash. The minimum payout can be only about 2.50 euros, where moreover, for each survey in which you participate, you will automatically be enrolled in an annual competition, with prizes up to thousands of euros .

There are other sites that by joining it, you will periodically receive invitations to participate in questionnaires and express your opinion on various topics. Each completed questionnaire will allow you to accumulate points that can be used to request prizes such as discount vouchers of € 5.00, € 10.00 and € 15.00, or free magazine subscriptions.

There are sites where the surveys are serious and carefully conducted, but they have the defect that the Payout will be high, because it will be necessary to reach the milestone of, for example, 1000 Merket Points , which will correspond to about 40.00 euros to receive the payment, quite difficult to achieve, but not impossible for this.

Do you really think you can make money online with paid surveys? Yup!
What are Online Paid Surveys
The Paid Surveys are among the methods that uses the statistical survey, which are commonly used to get some guidance from a representative sample of the population placed under review, which is required to express their own opinion about the purpose of the investigation.

It is really possible to make quick money online with paid surveys but …

The opinion that is requested of the individual interviewee, or the participant in the survey, will be inherent to one’s own satisfaction, dissatisfaction, feeling, agreement, disagreement in relation to a specific service, product, or topic, for which the interviewee can express a judgment, which will be quantified through a verbal scale.

This scale will indicate, for example, whether it will be:

completely disagree;
neither in agreement nor in disagreement;
according to;
completely in agreement.
or through a numerical scale, i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Schemes will be created and used to detect the perception that an individual will have of a given topic.

In addition to the creation of a simple table, the paid surveys must be structured in such a way as to be significant for the survey in question, such as the subdivision between the population of men and women, age groups, motorists or centaurs, and much more.

The paid survey therefore consists of questionnaires and cards that will ultimately lead to a statistical result , on a specific field of investigation. From the questionnaires they will thus be able to obtain interesting data regarding the opinion on their products and services.

How to participate in Online Paid Surveys
If you want to participate in Online Paid Surveys , because you think that your experiences or ideas will be useful for improving a product, a service or simply to say what you think, it will be possible to register with companies that carry out paid surveys directly from Internet.

To subscribe to the Surveys you will need to go to the appropriate platforms, and it is advisable to view the “Survey Registration” section and follow the simple instructions given. It will be necessary to know that in order to subscribe to some Panel of Online Paid Surveys, very often you will need some sort of invitation or registration link, which will give the possibility to subscribe to the Panel of Online Surveys.

The registration links will not always be available , because the companies that carry out the online paid surveys open or close the registrations, according to the needs of the research or the base of the participants that they will need to have, and for this reason the registrations are not always active. Statistical surveys have value because they are conducted with criteria, method and because they must respect very specific targets.

Like any scientific research, and paid Surveys are such, it will have to be based on solid foundations that will reduce the risk of having false data , because if all those who wanted to participate in the Surveys were accepted indiscriminately, without skimming the source, it could be counter indicative. You could have a population not suitable for the possible research to be done, you could enroll a number of willing participants who would be too many or too large compared to the target .

It’s a question of… links!
It must be remembered that each participant has a relative cost in corporate terms, a cost that can be quantified in hours, a cost for the acquisition of the participant, a cost for the reward that is the basis of the online paid surveys. It would therefore make no sense to have too many pollsters willing to participate, when statistically a much lower number would be enough to obtain the same information. This would not make sense, it would just be an unjustified cost and for this reason you do not have the links always active.

When the links will be active again, or when the registrations will reopen, they will be opened for various reasons, but which can basically be two, one could be for example the decay of the participating population, and the other reason could be the search for a population specific.

The population in general has its own physiological decay, a decay due to the age of the participant, to the mutated life situation of the participant, to the change of interest.

Age advances for everyone, and even the participants in the Surveys logically do not escape this rule and therefore the advancing age will imply that the young population will decrease and therefore will have to be reintegrated.

The participant’s lifestyle may also change, both because he will have different needs for work, and because the new condition will ensure that he will no longer fall within the interest base, and because the change in the standard of living will move him to a different data population from that of departure and for these reasons also in this case it will be necessary to make a reintegration.

Finally, the change of interest will be the typical situation, the participant may have signed up to the Online Survey Panels at the beginning with a different idea as a reference, he will have signed up out of curiosity but without real interest, or he will have signed up but then maybe not he will have found what he wanted, or he will simply be dedicated to other activities and therefore also in this case a percentage of the base deteriorates and therefore will have to be reintegrated.

How to make money with Online Paid Surveys Panels
There are several sites that are dedicated to market research, therefore, on these sites, once you have signed up, Surveys will be sent periodically to which you will have to answer, and for having participated in these surveys you will receive a salary.

It’s a pretty profitable business and obviously you won’t be earning large amounts immediately, but it will take some time to reach certain amounts. To date there are many people registered, because making money with paid survey panels is a way of being able to earn online that can also be fun.

There are Survey Panels that pay for each survey carried out, even from € 3.00 to € 5.00, but some may even exceed € 10.00, this will depend on the type of survey that will be carried out, because the more sophisticated it will be, the more time it will take to complete it, and consequently there will be a high salary.

Among the payment methods you can find, for example:

Credit on PayPal : it is one of the most popular payment methods in the world, to remunerate the occasional earnings services of users, who will respond to opinion questionnaires sent by companies operating in the online market research sector. Having a PayPal account will not cost anything, it is a very advantageous electronic tool and is now recognized by all E-Commerce sites in the world. The PayPal account is connected to an e-mail, which will also be used for access, and where the payments will then be received, and in fact, in some Survey Panels, they will request the e-mail of the PayPal account to receive the money. ;
The prizes deriving from the accumulation of points: the points can also be spent within the Web Shop, or they can be exchanged for money, such as, for example, 400 points will equal 5.00 euros;
ITicket Compliments : worth several tens of euros;
Voucher ;
Bank transfers;
The easiest way to make money online: surveys
Currently, one of the easiest and most of all less demanding ways to make money online is to make money online with surveys .

Many companies have realized that if they want to have serious answers to their marketing research , they have to offer an incentive in return. It is for this reason that the Paid Surveys Panels were born , which deal with acting as an intermediary between users and companies that need to place questionnaires for market surveys to the public.

The Paid Surveys are basically market dell’indagini, and in essence surveys enable companies to understand what consumers think, to study the tastes of consumers through market research and also receive the feedback of consumers online , through reviews .

For this reason, companies are willing to pay Survey Panels, which in turn will pay the survey participants who have signed up, for answering the questions in that particular survey.

In summary, paid surveys are simple questionnaires to be done online.

The questions are closed-ended, with a cross, and concern our tastes, interests and opinions on a commercial product, but also on more general things. There are Survey Panels , which recognize points based on reviews left, in addition to participation in surveys.

You will start earning online by simply answering the questionnaires proposed from time to time. You can do it from the comfort of your home or office, from your PC, smartphone or tablet .

Generally, each market survey will consist of a form , a series of multiple choice questions that will last from ten to thirty minutes depending on the difficulty of the survey, or the number of questions, and depending on the duration of the survey, more or less can be accumulated. points within the Survey Panel, which will then be converted into rewards, shopping vouchers, tickets , money via Paypal , etc.

Whenever there is a new survey, it will arrive by email , where you will receive short questions to understand if the profile will match and if it will be ideal for that particular survey, and if it is suitable, you can actually answer that survey.

It should be borne in mind that often to participate in a certain survey, it will be necessary to possess particular characteristics, for example, there may be Survey Panels where the pollster must have a certain age, or who must be a woman, or who is a person dedicated to shopping.

There will be various requests that will limit the possibility of participating in numerous surveys, therefore often to be able to make money online through paid surveys will not be easy. The longer the survey, the longer it will take to complete it and consequently the more you will be able to earn online , based on the surveys that will be carried out.

The gain will consist on average of the minimum value of about 0.50 euro cents to a maximum value of about 100.00 euro per month. We should not expect huge figures, because the surveys will basically allow you to have a few more coupons , some discounts, a few tickets or a few euros more. There are not many surveys that can become a real business with a real salary.

The advantage will however lie in the fact that it will be possible to subscribe to more Survey Panels.

What you can earn by participating in the survey panels are basically:

Payments via Paypal;
Payments by checks;
Payments by wire transfers.
Panels are representative samples that remain unchanged in subsequent surveys. There are both Italian and foreign Survey Panels, they have an international reputation, and to be sure that they are reliable, and that they will potentially allow, if your profile is the right one, to earn Online. In advance, you can do research where you can verify the reliability.

There are sites that collect promotional offers from various companies looking for testers of their free products. Which means that by registering on these sites you will have the opportunity to be updated every day on new offers and to participate in their surveys for free in order to receive the products to be tested at your home.

In essence, the mechanism is this:

You sign up;
A short survey will be answered;
You will become part of the possible testers .
There may be, for example, marketing companies dedicated to cosmetology where they want to know your opinions. You will need to register on the site by filling out the form in its entirety and respond to the proposed surveys, and in exchange you will receive free samples of the products directly at home. Some give the possibility because if you invite at least four friends to join the site, you will immediately receive a free sample .

You will be able to subscribe to the Panel of Surveys with paid points , where you will fill in the registration form and you will immediately receive an incentive of a few euros on your virtual account. Points will be accumulated for each completed survey, which can be redeemed for prizes or cash.

It will be a quick and profitable way to express your point of view.

They bring together people who want to participate in surveys covering a wide variety of areas, such as new products or services, Internet sites , TV shows, magazines, advertisements. For these sites the opinions of users are precious, for this each survey will be paid with a sum of money. There are also Panels that will ask for opinions on their products, where to become a member just click on the subscribe item and then follow the instructions.

Once the education is complete, how do you proceed?
Once registered, you will have the opportunity to talk a little about yourself and make your tastes known. This information will allow him to invite you to suitable and personalized paid surveys and tests. Once registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email , with which you can activate your account and start earning with surveys .

It is free, they do not require any amount of money for any reason, but you will be earning by participating in their paid surveys by giving your opinion. The account does not expire and has no obligation.

When you want to stop with surveys, you are free to cancel your account . For each completed survey, a sum of money will be paid, the amount of which will vary depending on the duration of the questionnaire, where the longer the survey will be, and consequently the greater the cash reward.

You can manage your account and check the status of payments directly online . It can be fun to be able to give your opinion on products that have not yet come out on the market, and earning with paid surveys can be a truly satisfying experience.

Product testing can be interesting and diverse, and answering those questions can be a real pleasure.

Earning with online surveys: opinions and advantages!
What are paid surveys? Why do they pay?
First of all, it is necessary to specify that earning with surveys is a serious and possible thing.

To provide useful products and services and in particular to guarantee their sales, it has always been important and necessary for companies to know how their customers and potential customers think.

At one time they used telephone surveys in which they were asked to answer some questions for market research. Today some companies choose to pay people who answer the questionnaires directly, instead of paying a receptionist to ask questions over the phone. This is why they create questionnaires and look for people who can fill them out.

Online surveys are also answered by ticking an option from several available , while others ask for a numerical judgment on the choices. For each completed questionnaire, to encourage people, there is a salary. This is how survey panels and paid questionnaires were born. There are different types of surveys, so you can find all sorts of questions. The companies themselves turn to survey panels, which create questionnaires which are then sent to members. You get paid because your opinion is asked and you are free to respond as you please.

The pros and cons
It can’t be expected to become your main source of income, but it can take that little bit of time each day we find ourselves surfing the internet to supplement your salary . One aspect not to be overlooked is that you have full autonomy to work from the comfort of your home or wherever you prefer.

The important thing is that it is not necessary to have special qualifications. The work is simple, it requires reading the questions and answering with criteria, because trick questions are asked to check if you have proceeded with the answers at random or if you have inserted an automatic software. The sites according to the time of the year, according to different factors, show more or less surveys to fill out.

Where to start
On the net there are some internet sites in Italian, with free registration and concerning different topics and products that allow you to respond to surveys and receive money in exchange.

The money earned for responding to surveys will then be possible to redeem with one of the most popular options, via PayPal , check, bank transfer, shopping vouchers.

The paid survey panels consist of subscribing to marketing companies , focus groups , which over time offer you opinion polls to which you will have to answer. All you have to do is register on the websites, signing up for a panel is free and you can sign up for more than one, but you must be of legal age and money is never requested. Once you have registered on one or more sites, where one registration does not exclude the other and indeed, you will receive multiple paid surveys, you have the opportunity to access your profile on the panel and complete it by entering your interests.

Based on these, when a questionnaire is available, alerts will then arrive by email with a link attached, which will lead to the questions, after which the surveys will take place, in which you can also see the estimated duration for completing the questionnaire and the relative gain.

Once the survey is complete, the money or other prizes will be added to your account . Some panels send home products to test and you will receive real money payments to answer some questions about the same products or you will have to complete questionnaires sent by email, so it is advisable to check your email regularly. You are free to decide to unsubscribe when you want and stop receiving surveys.

Is it profitable to make money with surveys?
It mostly depends on the number of surveys you are invited to and take. Usually it is no more than two or three a week. For example, an estimate could be that, by registering with three or four agencies, you can get to participate in about sixty surveys a month, which can lead to earning about thirty euros a month by working for twenty hours or even more if the surveys are more. articulated. To receive the compensation you must complete the online survey and not leave it halfway or be excluded due to incompatibility.

How Much Can You Earn With Surveys?
On average, a survey is rewarded with a figure ranging from thirty cents to one euro, if it takes about 10/15 minutes. In some exceptional cases they can pay even more than ten euros but, it means that the survey was particularly complex and that consequently it will absorb more or less an hour and a half.

Some sites pay directly in cash at the conclusion of each survey, while others assign points, which will be accumulated based on the surveys carried out and subsequently can be converted or redeemed, choosing the payment as well as in cash, in prizes, coupons and discounts , depending on the survey site you signed up for. So before choosing the paid survey panel to sign up for, it is always advisable to take a look at the rewards.

In fact, the more sites you sign up for, the more surveys you will receive and consequently you will earn more.

Paid survey sites often look for new subscribers, but not always. For this reason, membership may be temporarily closed for some.

In summary, it is recommended to subscribe to more panels, which means that there will be the possibility of receiving more questionnaires and therefore more income. Also, do not hesitate to answer the surveys, because each is limited to a limited number of participants. Last but not least, check the form of payment.

Earn money with online surveys: List of the best paid
You may not have noticed it before, but there are many companies and advertising companies on the internet that regularly pay someone to answer surveys or questionnaires.

That’s right, these are companies that collect consumer opinions and tastes about many products and services sold both online and offline .

That of “opinion polls” is a model that in the United States (a country where this type of online work is widespread) has been present for many years, and in which people participate very willingly.

Let me be clear from the outset, we are not talking about the “turning point” in our life, but about an excellent opportunity to earn a few tens of Euros and make us feel like web workers .

Precisely for this reason, and in line with the argument about the many ways to “make money online”,

we have decided to go ahead with compiling a list of the best websites that offer money for answering online surveys .

Just check us one of the many companies that promote this type of activity and answer questionnaires and surveys about the quality of certain products and / or services, sites internet , participate in debates and issue our opinion on the Forum or portals.

Truly a kind of online job suitable for everyone, young and old, men and women, in which no particular aptitude is required to earn.
The following are a small selection of the agencies and internet companies that currently offer the best economic conditions to start earning by answering surveys.

The first thing we want to find out when starting to enter the world of paid surveys is how much money you can make .

The answer to this question is extensive as it depends on certain factors such as which organization / company you signed up to, tenacity, persistence, number of surveys received, and how well you have completed your profile.

Each of these factors affects the amount of money you can make by taking on surveys.

Organizations / Companies
Currently on the Web there are dozens of sites that claim to pay for surveys and that it is a fact that 89.9% have the sole purpose of obtaining personal information from participants and then bombarding you with it. spam. You can stumble upon a scam when starting this job (without a legitimate list of serious organizations). It should be taken into account that a membership is required to make money with this business. Then, you receive a steady stream of invitations to give your opinion. You start off on the right foot by downloading the directory that provides the list of real entities that will pay well. The acquisition of a directory gives you the possibility to register with certified companies / organizations;
The tenacity
It takes a month and a half to two months to start sending many surveys. Now, to receive the first salary you will have to wait at least 2 months. Companies / organizations don’t send out many surveys at first, this is to ensure that people who have joined have done so seriously and take this job seriously.
Like us, these organizations don’t want to waste time. If you keep answering the initial few surveys and have the tenacity and perseverance to keep meeting the tests for 2 months, you can start receiving many surveys and therefore a steady stream of money month after month;
When you start working on investigations, you need to take a given program of work seriously. If in the process the results have not been what you expected, you need to find out what is being done wrong, correct and have the tenacity to move forward to achieve the goals. From time to time the work gets monotonous and boring, but if you want to earn money for it you have to persist. Without persistence, there is no money with polls.

The Surveys You Receive
Obviously, receiving a substantial number of surveys is the daily key to earning a decent income. This will only happen after two months and not sooner, because if you stay active by answering the few surveys that organizations will send you at the beginning, you will join the club of reliable speakers. After 8 weeks they will invade your email with invitations to participate in paid surveys;
Filling Out Your Profile
A completed profile will greatly affect your bottom line. So you have to worry about making your profile as good and complete as possible without neglecting any details that could make a difference in the number of invitations received.
Now comes the answer to the original question, how much can you earn with online surveys?

Surveys pay an average of € 4/5 per survey completed. The usual practice is that survey companies will send you between 2 or 3 surveys every week. To give an example, let’s put the minimum amount of 4 euros per survey for a total of 20 euros per week, 80 euros per month. Then you can see the difference it can make having access to one of the directories of companies engaged in the consumer survey.

Imagine joining a directory that gives you the opportunity to get many constant surveys to earn 200 euros per week, you can earn a salary of 800.00 euros per month.

Correct strategy when working with surveys
Few people know that there are paid online surveys and that it is really a good and easy way to generate extra money. So if you are thinking about trying this simple method, the information I provide below will clarify the scenario to understand which is the right strategy for making money with online surveys.

First of all, let’s try to establish what are the advantages and disadvantages of working on filling out online surveys .

After taking into consideration the disadvantages, I will explain to you what is the right strategy to make money .

Extra Income: The main benefit is, of course, that you can generate additional income, just say what you think using a computer and an Internet connection.

Work a few hours a day: Another great benefit is that you can only devote a couple of hours a day to this work to generate additional income. There is also the option to work longer hours and create a full-time job.

Flexibility: The best thing about online surveys is the flexibility, no plans or deadlines to meet, no managers who will pressure you to reach your goals. The surveys online paid offer a way to get money without pressure. All you have to do is simply log into your account and decide which surveys you want to participate in.

Fraud: Not all sites that provide surveys are transparent, there are many companies that scam with the sole purpose of obtaining your personal data for their own obscure purposes, or even sending questionnaires and never seeing a dime in compensation. For this reason it is best to be cautious when agreeing to sign up on a site that offers the opportunity to earn money with surveys / surveys .

Right strategy
One of the smart moves you can make in this craft is to adopt a correct strategy. This strategy begins by choosing the regulated companies that pay consumers to answer their questionnaires. Companies trying to scam internet users should be avoided at all costs.

The best way to answer the best choice is to search a specialized portal or directory of pollsters (web pages where you can find a list of companies that carry out serious market research). This is the strategy that allows you to earn cash.

Additionally, these directories will provide a considerable number of businesses to which you can offer your answers to their surveys. We suggest that you subscribe to multiple survey sites in order to produce good returns.

And remember, there is no point in investing time and energy in an unpaid business.

Make money online by sharing your thoughts
The internet is so important nowadays that it becomes a part of our daily routine . You can read the newspaper, check your email, update your Facebook status , visit an online shop for Christmas gifts, Skype with friends, do a Google search, and so on.

You can almost do something through the internet
But did you know that you can also make money online ?

If you haven’t, then congratulations! This is a great opportunity for you.

Some may say that it is too complicated or that it requires a lot of professional skills to make money online. You have probably heard of many ways to make money online such as building a website, blogging , getting a freelance job online etc which can make it all overwhelming. Unless you are an expert in any of these areas, then you most likely have no idea how to make money online.

But how can you make money online just by sharing your thoughts?
As easy as drinking a glass of water? It’s simple, no prior knowledge, no writing skills, you just need to share your thoughts, simply through something called Paid Surveys.

The simplest and most legitimate way to make money online from the internet.

Paid Surveys – The Easiest Way to Make Free Money Online
There are many big brands who would like to hear your opinion on their products and would like to pay for this valuable information in return. A site that pays for a survey acts as an agent who communicates with companies about your opinion.

Your opinion can change the world
Your business feedback can be positive or negative, companies are open-minded and accept different types of opinions as valuable feedback for their product development. So don’t worry about “not getting paid” if you give negative feedback. Maybe a company saw your opinion and was inspired to create a new product… .. eeeee Bangh !!! a new generation of smartphones appears on the market.

Paid survey
All you have to do is sign up for a free account and share your thoughts by completing online surveys. That’s all. You will be able to cash in or redeem any rewards after completing a series of investigations. Beware of scam sites.

Such scam sites most likely claim that you need to “invest” before making money or that they need your credit card.

So how to make money online? Here are the only 5 steps you need to take to make money online through a survey:
Yoursel you got it right… Yourself !!!
A computer capable of connecting to the Internet;
A cup of coffee (or whatever else you like to drink, so you can relax on the sofa and complete paid surveys);
Register a free account, without paying money or granting your credit card;
Collect your income.

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