Nomad Key: The gadget that every iPhone owner should have

For some time now I have eliminated the traditional Lightning cable to charge my iPhone XR and replaced it with a fantastic NOMAD Key. In this way I have saved precious space and solved the problem of the cable winding around every other object in the backpack, drawer or pocket.

I personally don’t need such a long cable for iPhone charging. Normally I connect it to the laptop, so as to have it nearby while I work, or to an external charger .

The NOMAD Key was my salvation !


It is a cable for ultra-portable charging for iPhone , therefore with a Lightning connection. It also has a very handy extra keychain function . It is particularly suitable for those who spend a lot of time away from home, travel often or do not want to have the unnecessary bulk of such a long cable.

The NOMAD Key cable is portable and durable!
The size is that of any USB stick, which means it fits snugly into most wallets, pockets or purses without adding any significant weight.

A collapsible rubber frame makes it easy to move the device to almost any position without breaking. Do you need to recharge on the fly?

Just plug it into a power source that has a USB slot and plug in your Apple device. Voila, the device begins to do its duty.

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