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Hardly anyone can do without the Internet these days. The World Wide Web is used for entertainment and communication as well as for gathering information, and this is used by private individuals as well as by companies and public figures. For the latter, it is particularly important that their websites are found and visited by as many users as possible. In this context, it is not enough to rely on an attractive website or regularly updated social media accounts: Nothing should be left to chance in online marketing.

What is SEO and what role does it play in online marketing?

Search engine optimization, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for short, is one of the basics in internet marketing. If you want your website to be found as quickly as possible by the common search engines and displayed in the first hits, you cannot avoid this topic. SEO measures are only there for thatto display the corresponding website at the very top of the search results from Google and Co. Since Google is represented in Germany with a market share of around 90 percent in the field of online search engines, it makes sense to concentrate on optimizing for Google in this country. There are different ways to positively influence the search engine results (SERP) in favor of your own internet presence. For example, the image search via Google Images can be included, as well as the video search via Google Video or the news search via Google News.

The texts contained on websites play a decisive role in the field of SEO. These are enriched, among other things, with relevant keywords that relate to the topic of the website. These keywords are the search terms that users search for on Google. For example, if you offer a plumbing service, you can use appropriate keywords such as plumber, pipes, pipe cleaning, clogged pipes and other related terms. If these appear in sufficient quantity on the website’s landing page, for example, the page slides upwards in the Google search. Tools such as Google Ads can be used to directly check which keywords are relevant and how high the search volume is. But that is by no means the only way to literally bring a website forward with the help of SEO tools. The following areas should also not be neglected:

  • OnPage optimization (improvement of content and meta content)
  • OffPage optimization (backlinks and mentions on other websites)

With these measures, owners of an Internet presence can already achieve a significant improvement in search engine results. However, good results cannot be achieved within a few days. Good SEO online marketing takes time and effort and also requires a certain amount of know-how if it is to be really effective. It can therefore make sense to hire a professional to do the SEO optimization.

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