Powerbank: the favorite promotional gadget for smartphone enthusiasts

Promoting a business relying on power banks is an idea destined to be successful, not only for companies in the technology sector. Opting for such a gift means enhancing an important event: it could be the press conference for the launch of a new service, or an anniversary in round numbers.

Certainly, customized power banks help to effectively retain customers , but they are also useful for expanding the catchment area of ​​a brand. On the other hand, for marketing strategies, the high tech component is not just an extra, but is now indispensable: this is also true for the gadgets to be offered to potential customers. And not only!

Not just gadgets for customers
Yes, because gadgets of this type are also ideal for surprising your employees , making them feel appreciated and therefore encouraging them to work better. A power bank customized with a logo can be used in the workplace, of course, but also in many other contexts.

Everyone happens to find themselves struggling with the battery of the phone or tablet that is about to run out, and thanks to a power bank you will not have to worry about not being able to charge the device . Today’s power banks are devices equipped with various outputs and are characterized by an elegant and minimal design.

Perfect, therefore, to strengthen the image of a brand and to build loyalty in a community.

How to choose the power bank
In the event that a company makes the decision to distribute customized power banks as a gift, however, it cannot pay too much attention to savings : in fact, high standards must be guaranteed in terms of quality.

This means focusing on products that are long-lived and functional, with a battery with an important capacity and with an aesthetic appearance that is as elegant as possible. Their use, then, must be a guarantee of comfort .

As you can see, there are many aspects that must be taken into consideration to make a power bank prove to be a perfect personalized gadget.

A device that were to wear out in a short time would not only stop functioning as an advertising vehicle , but above all it would produce an effect opposite to that desired as regards the reputation of the brand.

The importance of a careful choice
As always happens when it comes to ordering company gadgets , therefore, it is important to make an accurate reflection on the various models available , on the dimensions, on the materials and on all the other characteristics.

In short, planning to buy a stock of customized power banks it is advisable to ascertain that they are resistant materials and able to last over time. Do not forget that we are talking about devices that need to be carried around, and which are therefore exposed to a certain level of wear.

The surfaces must not suffer scratches or be affected in any way by the passage of time or wear. And, again in terms of aesthetics, it is necessary to refer to printing techniques that guarantee the persistence of the brilliance and vividness of the colors.

The models with the mobile phone holder base
We talked about power banks as articles designed to be carried around, but it is true that there are also desk models : they are those equipped with a mobile phone base.

Thanks to a gadget of this type, you have the possibility to continue using the phone even when the battery is being recharged. There are generally 4 USB ports available, plus the phone holder is removable. As you can guess, all the details are studied and developed to ensure maximum practicality.

The dimensions are compact , with a length of just over 10 centimeters which involves a certain manageability. In short, versatile and modern gadgets at the same time, which – it should never be forgotten – can be easily customized, for example by engraving the company contact details or the logo.

The ideal target for a gift of this type is represented by those who work indoors, for example in the office, and need their phone always at hand, even when it is being charged. However, the models equipped with a suction cup and metal ring are also interesting.

StampaSi’s customized power banks
StampaSi is one of the companies that offer the possibility to order customized power banks. More than 3 thousand customers have already turned to this reality and have been able to see their needs met.

There are many reasons why it is worth choosing StampaSi, and among these there is the speed of deliveries , which are always free. The printing technologies that are used for personalization range from embroidery to pad printing, passing through screen printing.

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