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You will be surprised there is an online community that trades in and offers for sale, the dirty attire for a side hustle. There is a high number of individuals that are willing to repeatedly purchase the same from the seller. This is a reputable marketplace through which you can easily and quickly acquire or sell dirty panties at the comfort of your own home and in your own time.


How to Start a Used Underwear Business…


Visit snifffr to create a profile as well as filling out your details. If you are a seller, upload videos and images to your gallery. Make sure the images are a good quality with good lighting that showcases your used underwear. Let your potential customers get a look at your items, customers may also request to see you in a video of you wearing them to finalise the sale. If you carry out the steps well, customers will start reaching out to you and this will result in more consistent buyers. Agree on a mutual price as well as shipping terms and payment to send off to the buyer.


Why Sell Used Underwear?

You wouldn’t believe it but people will pay for this. Imagine the satisfaction you get from knowing that someone appreciates your smell and you’re making money from it? You also get a chance to cater to fetish individuals because many people find the smell of used underwear extremely appealing (which is why it is a fetish). This can even range to fancy undergarments too which will go higher in price, so why not monetise on it ?


Categories of Used Underwear 


Like all other products, dirty panties buyers have different tastes. That is why their requests from their suppliers vary widely. Typical requests include;


  • Wearing for certain days; one common stipulation among sniffers of used underwear is to wear the attire until they acquire a certain smell. When preparing for such clients, therefore, you have to wear garments for a specified number of days to ensure they’ll be happy with the purchase.


  • Specific colors; besides demanding designer underwear some customers prefer specific colors, like red or pink. Since you have to purchase them despite possible price hikes, the buyer should be willing to incur the extra expenses.


Used underwear businesses besides helping you generate good money provide an avenue to satisfy the needs of those with fetishes. So, if you are planning to join and make some money from this you will be glad to know there are thousands of genuine buyers or sellers that are willing to partake in business. By using snifffr; it has everything you need to easily start and run such a niche business. On its website are tips on how to win over customers and maintain certain business relationships.


Here are some tips on the best ways to sell your dirty panties online and make a profit from it!


Pick Your Platform Carefully


Used underwear sales happen all over the web and this includes popular shopping platforms like Etsy where these types of communities are not that difficult to find. Big-time sellers do resort to specialist websites like snifffr but these sites provide robust commercial protections and support.


Top Tip


Specialist sites have moderators for user safety and for protection on both sides. There are methods for resolving payment disputes, social groups for sellers… So why go for it alone if you can be part of a community?


Be Specific and Descriptive


The fastest way to sell dirty panties online is by making them part of your buyers’ ultimate fantasies. Whether you invent a character or share personal information, make the details convincing so they keep coming back for more. Successful sellers paint vivid pictures for the buyers with their product descriptions. Their underwear isn’t just ‘used’, for instance they’re hot and sweaty after spending two hours at the gym. Their favorite thong is ripped all due to a wild one-night stand. That lacy outfit that the buyers are competing with each other for is on its third day of wear.


Top Tip 


Get creative. Buyers want to invest in a convincing story that comes along with the garment. Were you thinking about something naughty when you wore that purple G-string and bra set? Did you pick out that negligee for a partner or to see your ex? Go beyond the surface level of size, color and fabric. How long did you wear those dirty panties for? What activities did you do in them?


Never Try to Fake it


A quick way to alienate yourself from used underwear communities like snifffr is to fake your products and not be authentic. When it comes to a seller’s products, there’s little tolerance for dishonesty in the community. The majority of buyers are true experts who can tell whether descriptions and smells are genuine as soon as they receive the item so there is no point in fooling the experts! They know when sellers try to be dishonest and will advise others to boycott and badname  their store.


Top Tip


Unusual or kinky requests attract a higher price on the item. However, plenty of buyers have simple requirements. There are opportunities for sellers who want to keep things modest and fair so don’t promise things you’re not willing to do just to make a sale.


Think About Going Fetish


One of the most profitable niches on snifffr and other used underwear platforms is stains on the panties. Yes, you heard that right. Dirty panties with visible (and smellable) stains attract high prices from buyers who have serious kinks for bodily fluids and smells. All stains and smells have an audience and, though it may seem strange at first, you’ll realize quickly that they make some sellers a whole lot of money through this fetish.



Always secure stained panties in a clear zip-lock bag before you send them off. This is a good practice generally but this is extra important when you’re dealing with substances that the postman wouldn’t want to be exposed to.


Treat Your Buyers with Respect


More focus is given to safeguard sellers. This is because most sellers are in fact female. There are protections in place to prevent harassment from buyers while more attention is paid to the way that buyers do communicate, the rules definitely go both ways for the buyers and sellers. Sellers are expected to reciprocate good manners, respond to messages promptly and deliver what customers pay their money for.



Respect and discretion are valued by these communities. The most successful sellers are those who can be trusted with confidential information. If you don’t package your products in a discreet way you could cause problems for customers and they’ll tell others to avoid you and thus you will lose out on money.

Why Selling Dirty Panties is an Awesome Side Hustle


When you think of panties, you probably think of basic undergarments for women that they wear on a day-to-day basis. However, there is much more to them, including femininity and sex appeal that men do find attractive and is a selling point. Over the recent years, kinky men have taken over an obsession with buying used women’s panties online for their pleasure and to satisfy their fetishes and needs. Between the early 1960s and 1980s, there was an increase in vending machines in Japan for used panties.


Who Sets Out to Buy Used Panties and Why?


Shockingly, both men and women from the customer base sell their used panties. They buy used panties solely to sniff them and enjoy the smell and aroma. Several people do confess to having taken a whiff of a girlfriend’s used panties while they were not in their presence. What you need to know is that this is no new news, and many people enjoy the pleasure of sniffing used panties which is why you should not be embarrassed to explore the habit if you find it satisfying or don’t mind pursuing this.


The smell will captivate your nostrils, and the garment itself is pleasing to look at which is why people buy into it. Online experiences are a new way to go about making money and if you do not have a partner, you can buy used panties online to keep you satisfied for your single needs. If you do not want anyone close to you to find out about your dirty little secret with used panties, that is why online platforms exist so you can satisfy and monetise. The buying process is confidential and secure especially at snifffr. No more getting away with your partner’s soiled garment after a hook-up as now you have easy online reach for a panty of your choice with a background story to it.


Why is Anonymity Important for People Buying Used Panties Online ?


People have not just started obsessing over used panties recently. The practice has been there for a while as seen in Japan and whether it be from an intimate relationship or a souvenir from a random hook-up. Despite this being a fetish for both men and women, the men enjoy it most as it is a new scent to them and tickles their senses. It excites them and they get absorbed in thoughts imagining the owner of the used panties going about their day as the panties soak the sweat and natural bodily fluids and scents. Used panties are a useful prop for masturbation also.


The scent from the female genitalia has proven to turn on men and sets the mood for them for sex or foreplay. Men want to enjoy their experience with used panties without judgment. For this reason, they prefer to buy used panties online as well as keeping their anonymity.


Helpful Tips to Sell and Buy Used Panties Online


Whereas selling used panties sounds like easy and quick money, you have to make yourself more appealing to attract the right customers. snifffr is the site to consider as it has many prospective buyers that you can cash on. You can communicate virtually with thousands of sexy males and females interested in your soiled panties and garments.


Take provocative pictures in your panties to gain interest, men will lust for this and rush to buy. It does not have to be a full picture with your face in it as long as you capture the best angles that highlight them best. When you are in touch with interested buyers please do not shy away from describing how amazing they smell and how sexy the undies will look in their drawers to keep forever.


How To Make Payment When Buying and Selling Used Panties Online


snifffr is a mature platform that brings people together to buy and sell these special soiled underwear. It is a case of a willing buyer willing seller situation, and common payment modes include Google Wallet and Venmo. All cash exchanges are directly through third-party apps, and Snifffr actually plays no role when it comes to payment.


In fact, some individuals make up to £4,000 per month selling their used panties and bras online…


If you’re in the market for a side job, or even a full time one because you’ve lost your job due to the pandemic this might be the right thing for you to try and experiment.


But is it actually legal to sell used panties and used bras online?


The answer is yes, it is in fact fully legal, but you need to know where to go to sell them so you won’t come across any issues. Some of the selling sites that come to mind when you think of selling used items won’t allow you to sell things of a sexual nature so please do your research.


So, Is This Fully Legal?


Yes. But if you sell used panties online you need to be sure the person you’re selling the item to is of legal age. If they aren’t, you could actually get into some trouble with the law. Websites that help you sell panties and bras may verify their age, but you can’t always be sure as it is over the internet.


Buy New Underwear


To be in this business you have to not mind sacrificing your daily more expensive underwear to a person from the Internet, you should always have a supply of underwear on hand or the expenses to pay.


Not everyone likes the same things, so you’ll really paint yourself into a corner if you only sell certain types of undergarments or are not willing to cater to certain requests.


Buy several kinds of daily panties, but you should also purchase them as cheaply as possible so you can profit off them. Don’t splurge on La Perla unless you have a keen buyer to purchase them for you so they can pay for your expenses. You have to remember that you’re looking to make a profit as a business, and in this case, panties are a business expense so please take this into consideration.


Having new underwear on hand is also fantastic for if you decide to do special requests, such as selling underwear after the gym or a long day at work. If you have an OnlyFans, you can also sell underwear after wearing it for a session to entice more customers. Offering custom panties and requests is a great way to raise your price, keep your customers coming back for more panties, and create another income stream and isn’t that hard! Creating multiple streams of income is extremely important because this can offer you security as well as working on your own accord.


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