Text Spinner: What It Is, How It Works

Have you heard of text spinners  but never really understood what it is? Have you been told this is a way to speed up content creation but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, today I’ll explain everything about the Text Spinner: what it is, how it works and much more.

The Text Spinner allows you to write both manually and automatically thanks to the support of specific plugins. But let’s see in detail all the peculiarities, advantages and limitations of this type of writing.

What does it mean to spin a text

Trimming a text means taking content that already exists on the web and rewriting it by replacing words, phrases, or entire paragraphs with any number of alternate versions to provide a slightly different variation.

That of the Text Spinner is a technique used mostly with a view to SEO optimization . It basically allows you to use duplicate content without suffering penalty in positioning on search engines.

The level of correctness of the Text Spinner is still debated today : if on the one hand it is a common practice that facilitates the life of those who create content by giving them ideas to create something new, on the other it is seen as unethical because, at the base, it is paraphrasing copyrighted material.

As I mentioned, there are two ways to spin a text: the automatic  one and the manual  one.

Automatic Text Spinner: advantages and limitations

By doing automatic Text Spinner you rely on some online tools that allow you to insert your text, already complete with variants, to create a reworked text.

If you want to change small sentences the text spinner can be an advantage: it is quite fast and if the sentence is not too complex it is also reliable. On the contrary, the automatic spinner on too long texts can be really deleterious.

This is because spinners work in two ways :

  • By manually entering the variants to use
  • Relying on variants already included in the database

As you can understand, inserting variations for every single word of too long a text is a waste of time. As for the variants already entered in the database, however, you risk running into gross errors : for example the word “image” can be replaced by “photograph” and change the meaning of what you were writing.

An automatic spinner does not recognize context or grammar: this means that several words, from nouns to verbs, can be replaced with incorrect synonyms.

Text Spinner manual

As I mentioned, text spinner applications do not always allow precision. This is why website owners generally prefer to pay columnists or content editors Who spin the texts themselves.

On the other hand, by making text spinners, those who create content and articles can decide to sell their works to a larger number of customers or to use a single article for multiple purposes.

It must be said that a good content editor will find this process more challenging and annoying , because those who are really good take less time to create new text than to search for millions of synonyms for the same sentence.

Text Spinner For eCommerce

If doing Text Spinner for writing content and elaborate articles can be “condemnable”, it certainly becomes recommended when it comes to taking the first steps in the world of eCommerce.

When trying to sell something for example on Etsy, you can have different products that look alike and writing a different description for each one can be quite tiring. At this point, it’s best to diversify with a spinner.

This goes for any online store – starting with the basic information of your product you can actually use a spinner, giving yourself a boost and getting lots of small descriptions in a relatively short time.

With the increase in sales, however, it is advisable to avoid relying totally on this system and try to create unique texts, in order to give an original imprint and style to your texts.

Text Spinner Plugin For WordPress

Your site is on WordPress  and you are wondering if it is possible to use a spinner that is even integrated? Well, the answer to that question is yes. There are Text Spinner plugins for WordPress. Here is a list:

    • RobotPosterSpinner is a text spinner that allows you to rewrite text and titles. I’ll point it out first because it has multilingual support that allows you to run the text also in Italian, without too many hitches. In addition, this spinner also allows you to set the publishing status.
    • WordPress AutoSpinning is one of the most popular spinners. It automatically rewrites WordPress posts by converting them by replacing words and phrases using its database. WordPress Autospinning also supports the Italian language, but it is clearly specified that the results in this language may not be optimal. On the other hand, it works great with the English language. It is paid and has been sold 4698 times.
  • Spin Rewriter is another highly rated spinner plugin. Unfortunately, however, he can only rewrite texts in English. In this language it is extremely reliable. Once installed you will find the button to proceed with the spin directly below the WordPress text box.

Text Spinner and SEO: What to Know?

As I told you at the beginning, Text Spinner is used in particular to optimize content from an SEO perspective. Why? Simple: by copying the content of websites better positioned in the SERP (page from search engines), a small deception is carried out.

Basically, the search engines recognize the text as original and make it climb the ranking, increasing the page rank. Precisely because it deceives the algorithms of search engines, the text spinner is identified as Black Seo Hat , which is a malicious practice to gain visibility.

However, if you want to try your hand at the text spinner, there is a list of tips that you absolutely must follow to optimize the text for SEO:

  • Never replace all the text : you can change the sentences, their position, but never try to use a text spinner on the whole article. You would end up with garbage, illegible text.
  • Never leave all the text intact : here you would be making the opposite mistake. By changing just a few words and moving a few commas you don’t write a pinned article: you just copy-paste that damages your site. You violate copyright and get penalized by search engines.
  • Use a correct syntax : in essence, if you use an automatic spinner you have to apply the SpinTax principle, that is to try to give synonyms of complete meaning to each word that remove the hint that typing is an automaton. This will waste your time but at least it will allow you to have easy-to-read texts.
  • Use invisible text : it will seem absurd, but if you write invisible text (therefore the same color as the background of the blog) you will have a better chance of writing meaningful text by inserting everything you wanted to insert in your article.

Finally, and this is not only true for SEO, always reread the articles . This advice is valid for anyone who writes on the web, but it is also double for those who use spinners: no one buys a badly spinned and meaningless text!

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