The 10 best services for sharing files on the web

There are many ways to share files with others and between different devices, too bad that many of these involve the need to register, download apps, set up accounts on the cloud etc. But who is it that has the time to do it?

For this it is preferable to resort to simple file sharing sites , those that allow you to drag and drop files and share links so that recipients can download them immediately, without any registration whatsoever.

Here are the best sites to immediately save as your favorite bookmarks:

1) Google Drive

The famous service offered by Big G offers 15 Gb of space in the cloud to share any type of document or multimedia file.

2) JustBeamIt

Select one or more files, generate a URL, share the link with the recipient and keep both browsers open during the transfer.

Features : URLs expire after 10 minutes; no limit on the number of files; no encryption or password protection

3) UploadFiles

This is also a service that allows you to upload to your servers without having to register. It is completely free and is one of the least restrictive.

Features : unlimited uploads; 5 Gb file limit, simultaneous upload of 10 files at a time; encrypted transfers; the files remain on the server for 30 days; by registering you can have 10 Gb of permanent space (not expiring, that is); business users can have up to 100 Gb of space.

4) FileSharing24

It is the best service to use for occasional file transfers. Once uploaded, the files are shareable via URL or email. Transfers can be paused or resumed as needed.

Features : unlimited uploads; 5Gb limit in file size; encrypted transfers; password protection; the files remain on the server for 24 hours; each file can be sent to up to 15 recipients at a time

5) File Dropper

Extremely simple and immediate site, upload the file and share the resulting link with the recipient to download it.

Features : unlimited uploads; file limit of 5 Gb; no password or encryption protection; file sharing; it is not clear how long the files remain on the server. There are several plans, which can be subscribed with a few dollars a month, to increase the available gigs.

6) Send Anywhere

Fast and efficient service, once the files have been uploaded a six-digit code is provided to share. Anyone with the code can download the file (s).

Features : unlimited uploads; 1 Gb file size limit (when using the web app); no encryption or password protection; the files disappear immediately after being downloaded

7) PlusTransfer

Very easy to use, in this service only the recipients’ email is required to send the file.

Features : unlimited uploads; 5 Gb limit per transfer; no encryption or password protection; the files remain from 1 to 14 days depending on the choice made

8) WeTransfer

It works like PlusTransfer: you upload the files, type the recipient’s email address and send the download.

Features : unlimited uploads; 2 Gb limit per transfer; no encryption or password protection; files remain on servers for 7 days; the Plus account increases the transfer limit to 20 Gb and guarantees 100 Gb of storage

9) MailBigFile

It doesn’t offer much compared to the competitors, but it’s a good backup if the others don’t work.

Features: 2 Gb limit and maximum 5 files per transfer; files remain on servers for 10 days; unlimited uploads and 20 downloads per transfer; Three premium accounts are available, with incremental limits of 4, 5 and 20 Gb.

10) Sendspace

This is also an old service, which dates back to 2005. Unfortunately, its limitations have been largely exceeded.

Features (and limitations …): no encryption; 300 Mb per transfer; files are deleted after 30 days of inactivity; password protection is only available to paid accounts

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