The 7 best apps to know where gas is cheaper

Word of mouth? Traveling from one distributor to another? Stuff from the past. Today the smartphone can also help us save on fuel. With an app

The 7 Best Apps for Cheapest Gasoline

Ever higher gasoline prices ? A way to defend oneself exists, thanks to technology: the smartphones we never part with have become the best tools to find a station with the cheapest petrol. How? Using apps that monitor gasoline prices . Here is the best you can find on the Play Store and the App Store:


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1) Google Maps: for years now the Big G app (also available on any desktop browser) has become the reference for any motorist who wants to plan a route. You set a starting point, type in the destination and the app indicates the time needed to reach it and the km to go, with the possibility of adding intermediate stages. If you want to arrive on time for an appointment, the function that highlights the traffic on the route is essential: when you notice a red line, you have to worry because delays are possible. For a few months (we are in July 2022) on Google Maps you can also see the cheaper petrol and diesel distributors . Just touch the itemPetrol stations and on the map will appear all the petrol stations in the vicinity with an indication of the prices. By tapping on the price, you access the petrol station card, and you can read if the price has been updated for more or less than 24 hours.

1) Google Maps
2) PricesBenzina (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone): very famous app with an interface very similar to that offered by Google Maps. The differences are: the inclusion of the logo of the oil company, the ability to understand at a glance which is the most convenient distributor by observing the colors (green the best, red the most expensive) of the label and the “collaborative aspect “Of the app. Regarding the latter, in fact, each user can report the price update by touching the appropriate item on the price label, thus helping the team behind the app.


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2) Price gasoline

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3) Waze (Android, iOS): in all probability, those who do not use Google Maps use The app, owned by Google since 2013, has practically the same functions as Google Maps with regards to the navigator, and also allows you to monitor gasoline prices . _ Touching the item Where to go at the bottom of the screen will appear Petrol stations , with the list of distributors present in the vicinity of the point where you are. From this point of view, finding out where the function is is less intuitive than Google Maps, but the indication of the latest update is very clear and the reports from the community are very frequent.

3) Waze
4) Fuelio (Android, iOS): the tracking of gas prices is only one of the functions of this app . Starting from the setting of your vehicle, you can keep track of the historical trend of fuel prices through the various refuelings carried out over time and the costs of maintenance, parking, tolls paid, fines and insurance. It is a pity that the update date of the fuel prices is not indicated (but there is, here too, the possibility of reporting an updated price).

4) Fuelio
5) ViaMichelin (Android, iOS): this is the navigation app that makes the famous Michelin maps available to motorists, and more. In addition to calculating routes and providing traffic information in real time, ViaMichelin also allows you to consult fuel prices in the petrol stations closest to your location. Use is intuitive: open the app , simply touch the icon with the petrol pump and the list of service stations will appear, complete with the date of the last update. The color system allows you to identify at a glance the cheapest (price in green) and the most expensive (indicated in red). Interestingly , gasoline pricesare available for Italy , France and Spain .

5) ViaMichelin
6) Fuel Flash (Android, iOS): this app is very useful not only in Italy, but also for those traveling abroad. In fact, fuel prices are also indicated for Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Portugal and Spain. A little spartan graphics, but the value of this app lies in the census of over 60,000 petrol stations in the countries indicated.

6) FuelFlash
7) iCarburante (iOS): this app , available only for Apple platforms, is very similar to the others as regards the concept . A map indicates the distributors close to your location, with a clear display of prices by color (green indicates the cheapest). As in the other apps, here too you can have a complete card of the distributor that interests us and the possibility of reaching it using the navigator. The textual price list of the distributors is also useful, ordered from the cheapest to the most expensive. The ad-free Pro version is also available.

7) iFuel

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