The best Android VPNs of 2022

In the guide you will find the best virtual private networks to protect your privacy on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Do you really need to use a VPN on your Android smartphone or tablet? Since your mobile devices contain some of your most sensitive information, the short answer is: Yes, I highly recommend it . If you use public Wi-Fi on your Android device, a VPN or virtual private network can offer you complete peace of mind .

Great news for Android users : You can now find a number of easy-to-use VPN services with apps that are fast, lightweight, and optimized for mobile devices.

The mobile VPN market is booming , with over 480 million mobile VPN apps downloaded worldwide in just 12 months between 2019 and 2020, according to a report by research firm Top10VPN . That’s 54% more than the previous year. And around 75% of those downloads happened through an Android phone or other Android device.

While free services account for 84% of all mobile VPN downloads, we highly recommend using a proven paid VPN whenever possible and avoiding a free Android VPN app. This means getting the most out of your investment with a secure and hassle-free VPN app for Android .

While the article with the best VPN services ranks them based on their strength during the test and review process, this list specifically focuses on each VPN service provider’s mobile offerings .

Each Android VPN app listed here comes with a price – a list of free VPN services is not included . This only means that you will pay for the connection speed and for a reliable and secure VPN, which is essential on an Android smartphone, Android tablet or any other mobile device.

Here are the best Android VPN deals tested so far

Be sure to keep checking the article periodically so as not to miss the reviews of any other VPNs that may have been ranked.


The best solution in terms of speed, packed with features

  • Intuitive app interface, very powerful
  • Number of servers: over 3,200
  • Number of VPN server locations: 65
  • Country / jurisdiction: British Virgin Islands

Despite its customization and powerful performance as a VPN, the Surfshark app for Android offers a surprisingly intuitive interface for first-time users. Its four-tab design elegantly hides a host of privacy tools and connection options , highlighting a one-click connect button on the app’s main screen.

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