The Best Joomla Hosting in 2021

The Best Joomla Hosting in 2022 : who is best for you?

The Best Joomla Hosting in 2022

Joomla! is one of the most versatile and secure content management systems out there. 

However, a disadvantage is navigating your way around Joomla can prove to be a challenge. Every sector is absolutely happy to boast it has the best solution for Joomla. In reality, some handle it better than others to promote their company.  


Joomla hosting requires the same amount of research to make sure that you are hiring the right one. Even though all the companies will claim themselves as the best that have unlimited disk space, email and unlimited bandwidth, it is your responsibility to pick the right one and read all the terms and conditions. 


We looked through an array of providers that claim to have the best platform for Joomla. Carry on reading on to find out which hosts get Joomla hosting right, and what you should avoid in the choices. 


 Best Hosting services for Joomla site 2022

Joomla CMS can be activated in the control panel software of most hosting companies with a single click.

Manually installing and configuring Joomla can be done just as quickly as installing WordPress if you want to go a different route than installing with a single click.

But for your convenience, here we have come up with the best list of Joomla hosting providers in which we have included only hosts that offer pre-prepared Joomla servers, one-click installation and support for Joomla-knowledgeable customers.


The best Joomla 2022 hosting providers

Top managed Joomla hosting servers
# 1. FastComet – Fully managed Joomla hosting
# 2. A2 hosting has the best Joomla hosting server
# 3. Liquid Web – Cloud hosting for Joomla
# 4. Bluehost – Cheap Joomla service provider
# 5. HostGator – The best hosting for Joomla sites
# 6. InMotion Hosting – The best hosting for Joomla sites


Here are the top reasons to choose the best Joomla hosting providers that we have used in reviewing friendly Joomla hosts.


# 1. Joomla Friendly Hosting Servers

A professional Joomla hosting provider should have Friendly Joomla hosting servers. Joomla also created with PHP encoding just like WordPress CMS. Joomla servers should have PHP version 7.0 or later.

Cloud Joomla hosting providers are excellent at scaling servers in the shortest time, and the uptime is very long compared to shared Joomla hosts.

So “Joomla friendly servers” is my first check to list the best Joomla hosting providers.

# 2. Installing Joomla with a single click

It is best to have Joomla pre-installed or to have a one-click Joomla installation mechanism. We’ve selected six of the best Joomla hosting providers for you, all with either pre-installed Joomla or one-click Joomla installation.

# 3. Customer support with Joomla knowledge

Joomla-knowledgeable customer support executives need to be there to help us in need. Customer support is a key factor we have used to select the best Joomla hosting providers from a wide group of hosting providers.


# 1. FastComet – Fully managed Joomla hosting

Check out the special FastComet Joomla hosting page. You can see the full features of FastComet’s Joomla hosting and you will know why it is in the top of the best Joomla hosting providers in 2020.

Why is FastComet included in the list of the best Joomla hosting providers?

Reason no. 1 – Joomla customer support

Customer support from hosting companies only provides help with hosting server issues. But to gain new customers, hosting companies offer support for the famous WordPress CMS.

Some hosting companies do not support Joomla too much. Therefore, you should be careful to avoid such hosts.

Reason no. 2 – Fast Joomla sites

FastComet servers run on SSD servers that are 300% faster In-Out operations than regular disk servers.

FastComet servers are 3 times more powerful and 3 times fewer tenants per server. Usually, many hosts offer Joomla hosting, but they will put you on a busy server where several hundred other websites will stay with your site.

Quick Comet offers free CDN Cloudflare to host your website image, data-rich files and folders. Cloudflare offers over 100 data centers around the world.

This means that your website files are stored on all over 100 servers and distributed in the client’s browser in the nearest possible data center and thus save the page load time in transit.

Reason no. 3 – Secure Joomla Websites

FastComet ensures that your Joomla sites are completely safe. How can I say that? I will show here the security features available on your Joomla host.

FastComet offers you free SSL encryption.
FastComet offers free virus scanning and malware removal.
FastComet offers Apache SpamAssassin for spam-free email.
Network application and firewall to protect your Joomla site.
Free Joomla updates from FastComet ensure peace of mind and security.
Reason # 4 – Free Joomla Installations, Backups and Restores

The last but not least; if you get a free Joomla installation, it’s easy to get started right away. There is a one-click method to install Joomla for your website. If you want the installation task by the hosting support team, just tell them that you have such a need. They will do this for you.

FastComet also stores daily and weekly backups on offsite servers and allows one-click restoration in cPanel for your convenience. If you want help restoring your Joomla site, just ping your customer support team and they will do it for you at no extra cost.

Features of FastComet Joomla Hosting

CDN Cloudflare free.
Free Allows SSL encryption.
Free domain
CPanel hosting
The initial and renewal prices are the same
Free transfer of all websites
Choose from server location 8

Installing Joomla with a single click
Offsite backups of your Joomla site
24/7/365 customer support with Joomla Knowledge
Free backup of Joomla websites.

Cache included in the SpeedUp plan only.
What are other people saying?

My Joomla site was transferred for free by the FastComet team from my old and slow running host on the FastComet servers. My site loads 300% faster.



# 2. A2 hosting has the best Joomla hosting server

A2Hosting offers the best Joomla hosting. See details on A2Hosting’s Joomla hosting page.

Let’s see why A2 Hosting is one of the best Joomla hosting providers in 2020.

Reason no. 1 – Joomla comes pre-installed

Buy their Joomla hosting plans, right? Then why not ship the preinstalled server with Joomla servers.

This convinces us that we are buying Joomla web hosting, not a shared host sold to us on behalf of Joomla web hosting, and later we learn that there is no one on the customer support team who knows Joomla.

A2 Hosting offers the best Joomla hosting in the hosting industry.

Reason no. 2 – Fast loading of Joomla sites

A2 Hosting offers the fastest loading of Joomla web hosting. They have three common hosting plans. Their Swift and Turbo servers are optimized for fast performance. Turbo servers have a feed rate of 20x faster than other servers.

A2 Hosting offers free Cloudflare CDN (A2Hosting says that page load time is 200% faster than without using a CDN), a redundant 10 Gb / s network, at least 12 server cores and at least 64 GB of server RAM. All these technical features ensure fast loading of Joomla-powered websites.

Reason # 3 – Not Just Joomla Hosting – Beyond-Joomla Hosting

The A2 hosting server provides opportunities to extend Joomla web hosting beyond standard Joomla websites through VirtueMart and JoomlaCBextensions.

You can check out their VirtueMart and JoomlaCB web hosting pages. If you purchase any of these web hosts, you will get Joomla pre-installed on your server and you can request the free installation and configuration of VirtueMart / JoomlaCB.

Reason # 4 – Functions for developers

A2Hosting is very easy to develop.
FTP and FTPS access available.
Python (2.6, 2.7 and 3.2), Rubi 1.8, PERL 5.10, Git, CVS, Apache 2.2 are all well supported on all servers.
Pre-instaledphpMyAdmin & phpPgAdmin.
MySQL 5.6 and PostgreSQL 9.6 databases.
A2Hosting is compatible with PHP; all significant versions accepted (5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 or 7.2). You can choose the server version.

Features of A2Hosting Joomla Hosting

CPanel control panel.
Softaculous is available for one-click installation.
CloudFlare CDN.
Free SSL certificates are available.
Turbo servers come with HTTP / 2, Edge Side Include (ESI).
Raid-10 SSD storage at no extra cost.

Commitment of 99.9% operating time
Migrating the site to A2Hosting is free.
Third-party reviews (5 star rating)
Perpetual security – core care, brute force defense

Most premium features are only available on Turbo plan servers.
What do others say about A2Hosting?

I built my first Joomla site ever on A2Hosting Turbo servers. They are fantastic and I am glad that I received free SSL. Thanks A2Hosting.


# 3. Liquid Web – Cloud hosting for Joomla

Liquid web hosting has been in this hosting business for the past two decades. It offers all kinds of hosting and supports Joomla well. You can install Joomla in their shared hosting and even in their cloud hosting sites.

You can visit this article for information on installing Joomla on their cloud hosting servers.

Why is Liquid Web included in the list of the best Joomla hosting providers?

Reason no. 1 – Cloud sites

Liquid Web offers “Cloud Sites” hosting with a 100% Uptime guarantee and automatic scaling, regardless of the sudden increase in traffic. Cloud sites (as the name suggests) are cloud hosting servers.

These are the group of servers located around the world, all with the exact mirror copy of your websites; provide the browser content to the reader from the nearest possible server location.

You can install Joomla in just two clicks with the application installer. Your Joomla installation takes only 2 minutes. Get cloud hosting for your Joomla site now.

Reason no. 2 – Automatic scaling of your Joomla site

What happens if your Joomla site reaches maximum traffic in seconds? I bet every hosting listed here will drop by a few seconds. But Cloud Sites automatically resize without our intervention, no matter how high the traffic and it never decreases or even slows down.

Prices for liquid websites are not cheap. But every dollar is worth it. Who can provide a server that can automatically scale and never go down? Every penny spent on Liquid Web Cloud sites is fully worth it. You can compensate by buying during the festival seasons, as there will be offers with huge discounts for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales.

Reason no. 3 – 100% network guarantee, power and uptime

Liquid Web shows their true dedication to their products. I saw 100% network guarantee and power provided by the number of hosts. But those hosts only offer about 99.9% Uptime guarantee. Liquid Web differs positively there. Liquid Web shows a real commitment to the 100% Uptime Guarantee.

Not only in Cloud Sites, but also in Cloud VPS, Dedicated Cloud and all other Liquid Web servers offer the same. They come with 100% network, power and Uptime SLA (service level agreements). Isn’t it wonderful?

Reason no. 4 – Wide portfolio of technology for your Joomla hosting

Do you need load balancers, VPN, FireWalls, premium business email, cloud VPS, dedicated cloud servers? You can ask any service if you need your Joomla hosting.

If you are planning to host an e-commerce site on Joomla, then Liquid Web is the best Joomla hosting solution for you. You can ask the Liquid Web team about any e-commerce solution and get it.

PCI Compliance, TCP Enforcement, Secure RDP, Antivirus Protection – Want something from these services? You can rely on Liquid Web for these broad hosting solutions.


Cloud hosting
Automatic scaling
CDN Cloudflare free
More storage services and bandwidth
Automatic SSL
Joomla application installer

100% network guarantee, power and uptime
Phone 24/7/365, live chat, e-mail support
E-commerce friendly Joomla hosting
PCI compliance servers are available.

Prices are on a higher range because the quality of the server is incredible.
What are other people saying?

I host my high traffic Joomla site on Liquid Web Cloud websites and I have never experienced downtime and there was even a slow loading time.

# 4. Bluehost – Cheap Joomla service provider

Bluehost is the best shared hosting starting today. Professional bloggers like Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome recommend Bluehost on a high level.

From this, you can get to know the credibility of Bluehost. Although Bluehost mainly promotes its normal shared hosting plans and WordPress hosting plans, Bluehost also offers Joomla Hosting servers.

Why is Bluehost included in the list of the best Joomla hosting providers?

Reason no. 1 – 1-Click Install

Bluehost offers cPanel, which is the most popular control panel used by various shared hosting companies. BluehostcPanel’s MarketPlace installer offers one-click installation for multiple CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, and many other scripts.

Signing up, accessing cPanel and installing Joomla in a single click takes just 5 minutes. You can start using your Joomla site in just 10 minutes from now. Go ahead and start now.

Reason no. 2 – Cloud sites

If you want more uptime and a higher site speed, then you can use Bluehost Cloud Sites hosting for your Joomla site.

If you choose Cloud Sites to host your Joomla site, the mirror copy of Joomla websites stored on multiple servers and content distributed in the reader’s browser in the nearest possible data center. Thus, we get the fastest pages to load Joomla sites.

Cloud sites offer more uptime than a shared hosting plan, because if one server fails at some point, then another server distributes the mirror copy it has. Thus, downtime becomes negligible for your websites.

Reason no. 3 – Customer support

Being Bluehost recommended by top professional bloggers, you can guess the reputation it has. Customer support is the highest priority for any service that needs to be recommended by an authorized person in the field.

Bluehost offers 24/7 live phone and live chat support. The support helps you not only with hosting questions, but also with the Joomla help you will need when installing and setting up your Joomla site.

Reason no. 4 – Free domain and advertising credit of 175 USD

If you are running a Joomla site for selling products or you are a small business, then we recommend that you advertise your site.

When you buy Joomla Hosting, Bluehost offers you an advertising credit of 175 USD. You can use this credit to promote your Joomla site.

Bluehost also offers free domain if you buy Joomla hosting for a year or more. Bluehost plans are cheap compared to other hosting companies.


Unlimited websites
Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited email accounts
A free domain


Bluehost’s Pro plan offers free SSL and a dedicated server.
The cloud site plan hosts your website in 3 cloud servers.
The Bluehost headquarters has a data center of 20,000 square meters.
24/7 Joomla customer support

Bluehost does not offer monthly payment options.
What are other people saying?

I experimented before Bluehost shared hosts and when I planned to build a new Joomla site, my choice was to host Bluehost Joomla and I never regret the three years with them.

# 5. HostGator – The best hosting for Joomla sites


HostGator has been known for over a decade in the shared hosting industry. HostGator hosts 80.00 000 domains on their server.

HostGator hosts all kinds of CMS on their servers.

HostGator offers Joomla hosting with 99.9% uptime and money back guarantee. See the HostGator hosting offer here.

HostGator also offers Joomla cloud hosting.

Why is HostGator included in the list of the best Joomla hosting providers?

Reason no. 1 – cPanel control panel

cPanel has been one of the control panels of the popular hosting server for over two decades. If cPanel is known to everyone today, it is because shared hosts have used it extensively for two decades. HostGator is number 1 among them.

I used this cPanel a decade ago when I hosted my first blog with HostGator. HostGator has been popular ever since, and now they’ve included cloud hosting in their hosting products as well.

cPanel is so easy to use that you can do it all in just a few clicks, you don’t need a single coding word. For example, you can access website statistics through AWStats, Webalizer, Raw Log Manager, Referrer, and cPanel error logs.

Reason no. 2 – 1-Click on Install Joomla

You can install Joomla and 75 other scripts with just one click. If you decide to host your Joomla hosting after reading this post, then you can start a Joomla site in just 10 minutes.

Yes, all you need to sign up for a hosting plan, get cPanel login details in your email, sign in to cPanel, and install WordPress using a one-click installer.

Reason no. 3 – Award-winning support

Everyone wants to have a different way of getting support. If one person likes phone support, then another person says live chat is best! HostGator offers telephone system, live chat and tickets (e-mail) on 24/7/365.

The HostGator support portal gives you over 500 video tutorials and over 680 support articles. You will also gain access to the HostGator community (forum) to ask questions and answer other questions from HostGator users.

Reason # 4 – Free dedicated IP and free SSL certificate

First, the HostGator business plan provides a free dedicated IP that grows for search engine rankings. A free dedicated IP helps you isolate your Joomla site from bad neighbors.

Typically, shared hosts allow you to host hundreds of individual websites to host on a standard shared IP. If a site is malfunctioning, all the other websites on the same server get the bad look from it about the search engine rankings.

Second, HostGator offers free SSL certificate to host your website at https: // instead of HTTP: //. The SSL certificate is the security mechanism to encrypt incoming readers on servers. SSL is now an important signal for search engine rankings.

Features of HostGator Joomla Hosting

Unlimited number of sites
Unlimited storage and bandwidth
MySQL and phpmyadmin unlimited
The servers are the Joomla site.
Over 10,000 Joomla websites are already running.
Over 850 customer support employees
Premium support 24/7/365

1-click on install Joomla
99.9% availability guarantee
CPanel access
Hosting green energy.

Hatchling & Baby plans do not offer free SSL.
What other people say about

I host all my Joomla sites in HostGator’s professional Joomla hosting. I enjoyed 99.9% uptime, free SSL and dedicated IP with other benefits. Customer support with Joomla knowledge is a great blessing to me.

# 6. InMotion Hosting – Best hosting for Joomla sites

InMotion offers shared Joomla hosting, Joomla VPS hosting and dedicated servers. You will have Joomla servers pre-installed and you will start working on it immediately.

InMotion servers are built on SSD disk, and disk space is unlimited.

InMotion offers free SSL in all three hosting plans. InMotion hosting servers offer PHP version 7.0, which loads three times faster than PHP versions 5.x.

Why is InMotion included in the list of the best Joomla hosting providers?

Reason no. 1 – Joomla preinstalled

InMotion gives you optimized Joomla servers, and Joomla is pre-installed on your servers. You can work on it right away. You don’t even need to do this through cPanel.

You can check the information about Joomla hosting here.

Reason no. 2 – 90 day money back guarantee

Money back guaranteed
You will now launch your Joomla based site. You need a safe and best place for this project. You don’t want to risk it anyway. All you have to do is go with the best Joomla hosting company.

InMotion offers a 90-day money back guarantee that you will never see anything like this anywhere. No hosting company offers so much money back guarantee. You will see over 45 days the 45 day money back guarantee. But InMotion Joomla hosting comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Reason no. 3 – Free domain registration, free transfers, free SSL

With your Joomla hosting account, you can get free domain registration and free SSL. Both free offers are great for the price we pay.

If you already have a domain registered elsewhere, you can transfer it to Inmost Hosting for free. If you already host your Joomla site elsewhere, you can move it for free to your InMotion hosting servers without any downtime.

Reason # 4 – Support for customers with Joomla knowledge

Do you have a question about your Joomla site? Throw it in to fantastic InMotion customer support. You will receive a prompt response from a Joomla expert. You can get support by phone, email and live chat system.

You can also browse the InMotion support articles, tutorials on their website.


Joomla Preinstalled
Joomla servers have optimized
PHP 7.0 servers
SSH access
Softaculos one-click installer
Free SSL
PostgreSQL databases
Two data servers to choose from.

Easy integration with Google Apps
Free protection against malware
Free data backups
Free domain registration
Free advertising credits $ 150
E-commerce ready (1-click installations)

Prices in unlimited plans are relatively expensive than other hosts.
What other people say

I had a colleague who hosts his Joomla site on InMotion servers, he recommended me to InMotion Joomla Hosting and I always thank him for that. Very fast InMotion servers are Joomla friendly.

Conclusion: The best and fully managed Joomla hosting services

Which should you go with these six best Joomla hosting providers?

All 6 are the best Joomla hosts. All offer professional Joomla hosting services.

Some may be cheap Joomla hosting, and others may be cloud hosting for Joomla. Since all six of the best Joomla hosting providers offer friendly Joomla web hosting for your needs, you can choose anyone.

Liquid Cloud websites are expensive, but offer Joomla cloud hosting with a 100% network, power and uptime guarantee. Liquid Web’s friendly Joomla hosting servers are automatically scalable to peak rush hours.

FastComet Joomla hosting is worth the price, I can say. I am one of the best Joomla hosts that offers free CDN, free SSL and fast page load servers.

A2Hosting offers cheap web hosting for Joomla. If you are ready to host the Joomla eCommerce site with VirtueMart or your Joomla site with the JoomlaCB social network, you can choose A2Hosting. Their customer support is very familiar with Virtuemart and JoomlaCB extensions.

So, be specific about your needs and choose one of the best Joomla hosting providers listed here. Tell me what your choice is.




You now know who offers the best Joomla hosting in 2021. Review the features carefully, and, if anything catches your eye, take the provider for a test drive through their free trial and see for yourself. 

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