The best sites to download copyright-free short movies

It is well known that videos are increasingly viewed online, both on Facebook and YouTube (some have built a fortune on it) and on other social networks. And if you edit movies for passion, or for work, and you need clips for a presentation but you don’t want to deal with copyright issues, what do you do? Either you buy them on specialized sites, or you resort to alternative economic solutions.

Fortunately, there are several sites to download videos that meet this type of need. Here are a few:

1) Pexels Videos

It is the emanation of the famous Pexels , a site where you can find thousands of freely usable photographs. Here, high-quality, completely free movies are hosted, covering a wide range of topics.

2) Coverr

Coverr was born primarily to provide cover pages to website titles. When you download a video, several choices of formats are provided. The site allows users to see a preview of the movie chosen as the cover. If you need a custom video or a developer, this information is also provided after the download is complete.

3) Pixabay Videos

As we said earlier, Pixabay is a great site to find free photos that has expanded its archives to the presence of free videos. Beautiful landscapes, urban settings, you can opt for the ” Editor’s choice ” to see the best videos according to Pixabay itself.

4) I saw

Videvo impresses the quantity and quality of excellent videos to download: over 200 pages are available including any theme. Watch out because, while all Videvo clips are free to download and use, they don’t all use the same licensing schemes.

5) Life of Vids

This site presents videos that are hosted, however, by the Vimeo platform. The themes are represented by high quality videos of urban and naturalistic landscapes. New movies are added to Life of Vids every week, and users can contribute.

6) Videezy

On this site you will find hundreds of HD videos about travel, urban, naturalistic scenarios and more: there are clips for video editing programs (titles, backgrounds, flags, etc.), abstract, artistic scenes and much more. The site also has a YouTube channel and a blog

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