The most popular emoji of 2021 is a perfect representation of this year

Just like last year, 2021 was a year full of difficulties to overcome and challenges to face. The Unicode Consortium analyzed the most used emojis during the year and it seems that the most sent emoticon ever was the face that laughs with tears in its eyes and fully represents this 2021.

“According to data collected by the Unicode Consortium, the non-profit organization responsible for digitizing the world’s languages, Tears of Joy (the official name of the laughing emoji ) accounts for over 5% of the total use of emojis “ Said Jennifer Daniel, chair of the Unicode Emoji subcommittee, in a blog post.

Coming second for 2021 was the heart emoji, closely followed by the second laughing face. Here is the complete list of the top ten emojis according to the Consortium:

Overall, the emoji feel used in 2021 seems to be related to the concept of love and hope . We all spent a year in which we cried tears of joy and spread as much love as possible towards our friends and loved ones.

The only sad emoji in the top ten is only visible in fifth place , in the middle of the table, and this small sign alone suggests that 2021 hasn’t gone too badly. This makes sense, since quarantines ended and it was finally possible for so many families to hug their loved ones and many friends again for the first time in a long time.

What will the list of the best emojis of 2022 look like? It all depends on what the next 12 months will be like.

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