TikTok History: Complete Guide

TikTok history, a very useful tool that allows us to see all the videos you have seen on TikTok , how many TikToks we have seen and that many do not know how to delete.

Today let’s find out together what there is to know about TikTok history.

Timeline is extremely useful when we want to review a video that we have already seen and enjoyed but cannot find anymore.

If you have already tried to search for a video that you saw on TikTok via the search bar or with hashtags without results, here is that the history can be extremely useful.

How to see the videos seen on TikTok?

If you want to see the history of the videos you have already viewed, just open the app and enter your personal account, then from your profile click on the section with the little heart symbol.

From here you will have access to the history of all the videos on which you have put a like or a heart, reviewing them in a moment.

How to clear TikTok history?

If you have done a lot of research or if you want to have a clean profile and prevent anyone from watching the videos you have seen on TikTok you need to clear the TikTok history .

Doing so is very simple, just enter TikTok and select Discover (via the icon with the magnifying glass that you find at the bottom of the app).

At this point click inside the search box at the top and all the searches you have done on TikTok will immediately be displayed.

If you want to delete a specific search, just click on the x next to the search you want to delete, or, if you want to delete the entire history, you can click / select the item delete all .

Now that we have seen:

  • How to see TikTok history
  • How to delete one or more searches made on TikTok
  • How to view the videos to which we have put a heart

If you have any other doubts or questions leave a comment below,

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