Top 10 ways to make money online

Dear readers, we present 10 ways to make money online

I am sure that, if you have come here, it is because your idea is to start an online business and I am sure that these useful tips that we are going to give you, will help to realize a business idea and maybe a hint on which activity is best suited to your availability in order of time and your passions.
Having read right … passion, because success linked to a site web , to make money with a blog , you care items, search for news to share and plenty of availability to your users online :

“Without passion and dedication, no online project can be successful”.


The order in which we present today’s activities are listed not by importance, but in random order.
The only classifications that can be done for online activities are of 2 types :
– Simplicity ;
– Profit .

In this article, this distinction does not interest us, because what we want to give you today is just an idea or an address on a potential business that you can undertake online .
For the record and to satisfy your curiosity, I can tell you for example that affiliate marketing is the simplest to start, while creating and selling software is certainly more profitable .
We are ready, we can go to list the 10 different ways to make money online :

Affiliate Marketing ;
– Buy and sell online sites web ;
– Sell your own service;
– Dropshipping ;
– Become a reseller;
– Sale in online auctions ;
– Sell your product;
– Buying and selling domain names;
– Online surveys ;
– Selling works in the public domain.

Before making any decision regarding any of these activities, please take into account your skills, knowledge, time available and capital to invest .
If you have any questions, contact us and we will be happy to give you an answer or a suggestion.

Affiliate Marketing: Sale for third parties
The affiliate marketing does not require its own warehouse with products to sell, so it can be consider one of the easiest and fastest ways to start an idea of online business , but especially for novices who for the first time compete in a new online business.
How does affiliate marketing work ?
You place an affiliate link somewhere on the website where you can advertise a company, such as Amazon.


Buying and selling websites
The webmaster buying web sites and then selling them with improved and more user traffic. With a design overhaul , a site can get more traffic, and thus much more money can be made in its sale . A webmaster with design experience will be able to breathe new life into a website, through a makeover , and then put it back on the market.

Selling your own service

If you feel like a freelancer on the web, you can sell your profession online through specialized sites such as the Fiver portal.
Find out more about how to sell online

What you have to do is advertise a product on your site, which is physically not available to you, as, after the sale, the delivery is paid by the manufacturer, therefore, the customer receives the product directly from the manufacturer and you are assigned a commission on the sale.

Become a reseller
For this business, it is necessary to acquire the rights to sell a product, which is more expensive than the dropshipping method or sales with affiliate programs, but it is certainly more profitable .

Sale in online auctions
If you have items in your basement or garage that you would like to get rid of but are not worth throwing away because of value, you can find someone willing to pay for them through an online auction site like eBay . We are talking about an inexpensive business , about 10% of the final value is the auction commission. It only takes a few minutes to post an item and then wait to see how much the audience appreciates your items.

Sell ​​your own product
It is a very profitable way to do business on the Internet, even if you have to consider many factors in the design phase, such as the payment system, the warehouse and the shipping.

You should know that there are also companies that offer solutions to these problems, such as pick and pack services, payment processing and shipping systems.

We must also take into consideration that there are products for sale online for which it is not necessary to send, for example an e-book or Software .
If you can write an ebook you can sell it on Clickbank or Amazon , and if you’re not a writer, there are a number of ways to produce an infoproduct without having to write a single word.
Instead, if you are a programmer you can create a piece of software for a business community or an application for a laptop.

Buying and selling domain names
There are people who have made a fortune by buying and reselling domain names. If you have an idea for a domain name that might one day be worth something, buy it, and wait to see if anyone is willing to make you an offer to buy it.

Online surveys
Every year, Italian companies spend more than 100 million a year trying to convince consumers to buy their products or services. There are companies that carry out sector surveys to test the public’s appreciation of the web . Such companies offer you compensation for your opinions. Making money with online surveys is a good alternative to rounding up your salary at the end of the month.
Learn more about how to make money with surveys

Selling works in the public domain
Similar to selling an e-book, we’re talking about selling public domain works. it is not protected by copyright and includes writings made before 1922, works made for public use, such as government documents, whose copyright has expired.

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