Top 8 reasons to use a study abroad counsellor

1. Experience & guidance
Our study abroad counsellors send numerous students to study abroad every year. They are experts in the process. No matter the doubts you have about the studying abroad process, they will be able to help you, even in their sleep!

Instead of asking to google how to study abroad, you can ask those questions directly to someone who is doing it for a living. And you can get their guidance from start to end.

2. Connections with universities around the world
Studying abroad counsellors have ties with many universities around the world. Which you can directly talk to representatives from your dream universities during the many international education fairs that they will conduct.

Even if you want to personally talk to some universities before you make a choice, you can do so by asking your counsellor to decide.

3. Shortlisting assistance
Narrowing down from all the top study destinations and hundreds of amazing universities is just a little short of a actual nightmare. With a study abroad counsellor by your side, you can tell by your preferences and your qualifications. They will then come up with a short, personalized list of universities that are available for you.

Now, you can choose your final choice after discussing the pros and cons with the counsellor.

4. Help with the application
Top study locations like the US, the UK, Ireland, and Canada have different types of application processes. Even universities within the same country make you jump through hoops before they finally let you submit your application.

With a study abroad counsellor by your side, you just need to give your details, sit back, and watch as they do their paperwork magic. You just need to click the submit button and apply.

5. Track application
‘Am I going to get in? Will they reject me? Why is it taking so much time?’ These are just a couple of things that will run through your head after submitting your application. But the real stress starts now. Most universities do not have an application status tracking page on their website. So, your left to refresh your inbox ten thousand times and wait till you receive a mail from them.

But if you are working with a study abroad counsellor you can get up to date information about your progress application. Remember their strong ties with top universities? They will contact the universities directly regarding your application.

6. Guidance in finance and budgeting
Money is a big part of anybody’s study abroad process. Right from tuition fee to cost of living, it is not a dream that is going to go light on the pocket. To make things better, study abroad counsellors can talk to you about scholarships, study loans and other ways of funding your education.

They can even help budget your student life to have the complete study abroad experience while spending money very responsibly.

7. Making the visa process easy
Like university application processes, visa processes also change country to country. Immigration officers also generally are quite strict and can reject your visa based on certain things missing like documents or improper conduct.

Study abroad counsellors can help you put together all the necessary documents and apply for the appropriate documents. Then they can help prepare you for your visa interview, making sure that you clear it.

This is where counsellors can come in and tidy things up for you. They will remind you of all the important things and make sure that you are prepared for the journey of your life.

8. Guidance while adapting to the new country
The help and support don’t end with enrolment. You can always call your study abroad counsellor if you are feeling down and are finding it difficult to adapt to the new atmosphere. They will give you quick tips and tricks for making friends, studying, and even applying for part-time jobs.

There you have it! Studying abroad is easy when you have a counsellor with you. And we, at campus, have made it easier. You can now book an appointment for a one-to-one virtual counselling session with one of your counsellors. You don’t even have to step out of your house. Do everything from shortlisting universities to enrolment through our AI-powered digital website as our expert study abroad counsellors support you.

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