Top Ranking Universities in UK for Students Planning To Study Abroad

If you are planning to study abroad and are looking for top-ranked universities in the UK, look no further. This article will help you find the top-ranked universities to study abroad at. The UK is known as a true travel hub, and international students can explore its history, culture, architecture, cosmopolitan cities and beautiful scenery.

With more than 442,000 international students, the UK is the world’s foremost education destination—thanks to the strong global reputation of UK universities. An impressive 76 universities were listed in the QS World University Rankings as top ranking universities in UK.

Irrespective of uncertainties after the nation’s referendum on EU membership, top-ranking universities in the UK are united in their efforts to continue welcoming students from around the world. Indeed, this country is home to the world’s most internationally diverse communities and university campuses.

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Top Ranking Universities in UK

Currently, the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford are ranked as the top universities to study in the UK. Imperial College London and UCL have also secured a good place among the top-ranking universities in the UK. Studying abroad in the UK is a good opportunity to get some of the finest higher education in the world.

This type of quality typically does not come at a low cost, and most international students need some kind of financial help to cover all or part of their education costs in the UK.

When it comes to choosing a good, generous scholarship, the struggle is really high, and some of the universities take your earlier educational history into consideration seriously. To help you find the top-ranking universities in the UK, we selected some of the best universities. Given below is the list of the 20 best universities to study in the UK for students planning to study abroad:

2019 University World Rankings
1 University of Cambridge 5th
2 University of Oxford 6th
3 Imperial College London 8th
4 UCL (University College London) 10th
5 University of Edinburgh 18th
6 University of Manchester 29th
7 King’s College London (KCL) 31st
8 London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 38th
9 University of Bristol 51st
10 University of Warwick 54th
11 University of Glasgow 69th
12 Durham University 74th
13 University of Sheffield 75th
14 University of Birmingham 79th
15 University of Nottingham 82th
16 University of Leeds 93th
17 University of Southampton 96th
18 University of St Andrews 97th
19 Queen Mary University of London 119th
20 Lancaster University 131st
Top Ranking Universities in the UK

Factors to Consider When Choosing Top Ranking Universities in UK

There are more than 150 higher education institutes in the UK to pick from. It is vital to have all the information at your disposal. International tuition is expensive in the UK, so the decision of where and what to study should not be taken lightly. When choosing a university, consider if you want to live in a big city or a smaller town, as the UK has plenty of both. As an international student, if your plan is to get your entire undergraduate degree in the UK, you will need to apply and enroll directly with the university of your choosing.

Consider these factors given below before choosing the right university in UK:

  • University rank
  • Subject rank
  • Locality
  • Living cost
  • Student satisfaction scores
  • Research ranking
  • The fraction of international students

Benefits of Studying Abroad

  • It can be cost-effective
  • Allow you to stand out from the crowd
  • Opportunity to study in a top-ranking university in UK
  • Get internationally savvy
  • Improve your English language skills
  • Experience a different style of teaching
  • Enhance your network
  • Develop your confident
  • Learn about new cultures and perspective
  • Discover career opportunities abroad

Some top universities

The advantages of studying abroad are tremendous at any stage. For international students who are looking to study abroad at the graduate level, finding the right program to fit their needs can be challenging. Some top universities are

University of Manchester-

Overseas Tuition fees (£19,565- £47,000)

They offer airport pickup for students and host information sessions in countries around the world. Student accommodation is guaranteed for all fee-paying international students. The university is committed to welcoming international students and fostering a multicultural environment.

UCL (University College London)-

Overseas tuition fees (£22,200-£35,100) Known as “London’s” global university, UCL is very popular for international students. One of the top universities in the UK. UCL is the first university in England to welcome students of all religions.

University of Southampton-

Overseas Tuition fees (£21,069-£24,344)

The university was ranked 15th overall in the UK (Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021). The University of Southampton shares that 34% of students are international among all the students. Every student is entitled to three years of career advice after graduation, and the university collaborates with academic institutions all over the world.

University of Bristol

Overseas Tuition fees (£20,100-38,000)

The University of Bristol was the first university to welcome women on an equal footing with men and the first in the UK to establish a drama department. It is also environmentally friendly. The town is full of bars, cafes, museums, and shops.

University of Nottingham-

Overseas Tuition fees (£15,600- £16,200)

The university’s emphasis on internationalism in all areas of study makes it a great choice for international students. Besides the UK campus, the university has campuses in Malaysia and China. The UK campus is divided into four parts—in the Midlands, rolling green fields, and on the banks of the river Trent.

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)-

Overseas Tuition fees (£16,500-£23,330)

The LSE is popular for producing notable alumni in many different fields and has educated the most billionaires in the world. LSE graduates can earn more money than those of any other university in the UK. The school is comprised of 25 academic departments and institutes across a range of studies and is ranked second in the world for social sciences, behind Harvard.

The British have always been world leaders, so it should come as no surprise that many of the top universities on the globe happen to be in the tiny country of England. If you want to learn more about top-ranked universities in UK and their application process, contact us. For getting help around studying in the UK, contact us and arrange a free consultation with our advisor today.


Which university ranked first?

University of Oxford ranked first according to World Rankings.

What is the most accurate University ranking UK?

The struggle is really high and some of the top-ranking universities in UK take into deliberation your earlier educational history seriously. To help you find the top-ranking universities UK, some World ranked universities are-

1. University of Cambridge
2. University of Oxford
3. Imperial College London
4. UCL (University College London)
5. University of Edinburgh
6. University of Manchester

What are the top 20 University in UK?

Given below is the list of 20 best universities to study in UK for students planning to study abroad

1.      University of Cambridge
2.      University of Oxford
3.      Imperial College London
4.      UCL (University College London)
5.      University of Edinburgh
6.      University of Manchester
7.      King’s College London (KCL)
8.      London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
9.      University of Bristol
10.  University of Warwick
11.  University of Glasgow
12.  Durham University
13.  University of Sheffield
14.  University of Birmingham
15.  University of Nottingham
16.  University of Leeds
17.  University of Southampton
18.  University of St Andrews
19.  Queen Mary University of London
20.  Lancaster University

What are the benefits of studying in UK?

Benefits of Studying Abroad-

1. It can be cost-effective
2. Allow you to stand out from the crowd
3. Opportunity to study in a top-ranking university in UK
4. Get internationally savvy
5. Improve your English language skills
6. Experience a different style of teaching

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