Top UK Courses for Graduate Employability

International students frequently choose the UK as their study abroad destination because of its rich academic history, presence of venerable institutions that date back centuries, and economy that is driven by research and innovation. Now let’s look at the best degrees to study in the UK for international students to acquire jobs. Each of the programs listed below has proven to be able to equip graduates with the “soft skills” needed in today’s jobs. Given the intense competition for graduate positions across the globe, students should take seriously how their courses can appropriately prepare them for full-time employment by linking them with international businesses and ensuring that they acquire the essential skills and knowledge.

The United Kingdom- dream for every student who wishes to study in UK.

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Top UK Courses for Graduate Employability

It’s always challenging or tricky to choose a course for a degree in the UK for prospective students. There are a number of things students need to consider before choosing a course here. In the UK, tuition fees begin at £9,250 for home and EU students in universities, which is even more for international students. So, it is the most important thing to get the course selection right so that students spend a good amount of money on their courses. It becomes essential to choose the right course for a student’s expected career, and here we are, AHZ Associates, bringing you the top UK courses for which you have the highest graduate employability rate in the UK.

Almost All courses have well employability ratings, but some number of courses such as-

  • Medicine– Graduate Employability: 93%
  • Veterinary Medicine– Graduate Employability: 94%,
  • Physiotherapy-Graduate Employability: 94%
  • Nursing Graduate-Employability: 94%
  • Dentistry Graduate -Employability: 95% have more opportunities.


Graduate Employability: 81%

When students are looking for the best graduate programs in the UK, a building degree does not always sound like laying the bricks and mortar yourself. This degree also has an important role of quantity surveying, property development, or building economics. And statistics say 81% of building graduates become full-time professional level employees within six months of graduating.

Annual Programs Civil Engineering Courses
Architecture Courses
BIM Courses
Welding Courses
Tuition fees £24,000 – £50,000
Job opportunity Construction Engineering Coordinator
Building Training Instructor
Technical Coordinator
Annual Salary £43,946- £45,774

Land & Property Management 

Graduate Employability: 85%

This course looks into how the environment’s development and surrounding countryside have an impact on human life. And the graduates from this course can find themselves in a number of professional fields such as rural practice surveyor, estate agent, etc.

Annual Programs Block Management
Asset Management
Property Development and Planning BSc
Real Estate BSc
Tuition fees £13,000- £20,500
Job opportunity Trainee Property Manager
Land & Property Manager
Estate Management Officer
Assistant Rural Land Manager
Annual Salary £32,500- £45,000

Occupational Therapy

Graduate Employability: 88%

This is one of the best courses among the university courses for graduates to secure a job. When students find top courses in the UK, they select to study these. Study this course at a UK university and you will become an Occupational Therapist very soon.

Annual programs Professional Therapist Qualities
Methodologies of Research
Occupational Therapy Industry
Occupational Therapy Theoretical Models
Tuition Fees £18,050-£30,000
Job Opportunity Occupational Therapist
Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Community Occupational Therapist
Annual Salary £48,750 – £78,000

Optometry, Ophthalmology & Orthoptics

Graduate Employability: 89%

This course is related to the human eye side and courses that fall into the section. The Optometry, Ophthalmology, and Orthoptics courses explain the general scientific study of the eye and related issues such as diseases, examining, diagnosing, and treating conditions of the eye.

Annual Programs Optometry
Ophthalmic Dispensing Registerable Award
Optometry and Vision Sciences
Hearing Aid Audiology
Tuition fees £20,000- £28,000
Job opportunity Specialist Orthoptist
Bank Specialist Orthoptist
Annual Salary £54,800- £60,000

Medical Technology

Graduate Employability: 89%

This course is related to the development of medical tools in identifying and treating human disorders.

Annual programs Biomedical Science (Cellular Pathology) MSc/PGCert.
Biomedical Science (Clinical Biochemistry) MSc/PGCert.
Biomedical Science (Infection and Immunity) MSc.
Biomedical Science (Medical Immunology) MSc/PGCert.
Tuition fees £27,500-£35,000
Job opportunity Associate Consultant in Medical Technology
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in MedTech
Medical Technologist
Annual Salary £29,135-£55,000


Graduate Employability: 93%

This course takes a bit longer to finish(at least 5 years) and develops the practical and clinical capabilities to practice as medical doctors. Even though after graduating from this course, a student has to undergo more training, he/she will get a well-paid position in the future.

Annual programs MB BChir
BSc Medicine
MBBS Medicine
BMBS Medicine
Tuition Fees £22,000 – £52,000
Job opportunity Anesthetist
Hospital Doctor
Clinical Scientist
Annual Salary £40,000 – £90,000

Veterinary Medicine

Graduate Employability: 94%

A student can become a specialist as a veterinary practitioner, and it could be in general practice or in specific fields such as farm animals or equine. This course is highly vocational where students have to spend a huge amount of time on clinical placements.

Annual Programs Animal health science
Animal disease
Animal husbandry, welfare and health
Veterinary musculoskeletal systems
Clinical management
Tuition fees £22,640 £36,640
Job Opportunity Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Practice
Veterinary Surgeon
Teaching Fellow in Production Animal Medicine
Annual Salary £28,000- £55,000


Graduate Employability: 94%

A student will know how to treat diseases, injuries, and illnesses via various methods learned from the course, such as massage, heat treatment, exercise, etc. A graduate can work in the NHS in the UK or in the private sector at a hospital or for any private company.

Annual Programs Advanced Clinical Practice
Physiotherapy – Advanced (Cardio-respiratory)
Radiobiology and Radiotherapy  
Tuition fees £9,250- £22,500
Job Opportunity Physiotherapist
Virtual Physiotherapist
Physiotherapy Support Worker
Advance Practice Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapist
Annual salary £35,752- £43,000


Graduate Employability: 94%

This course fits students for vocational and highly professional courses. The employability rate of this course is continuously increasing day by day.

Annual Programs BSc Nursing
Nursing research
BSc Adult Nursing
BSc child Nursing
Tuition Fees £14,000- £30,000
Job opportunity Adult Nurse
Mental Health Nurse
Learning Disability Nurse
Children’s Nurse
Care Home Manager
Annual salary £33,384-£55,000


Graduate Employability: 95%

This is one of the most popular subject areas in the UK. If you are afraid of going to the dentist for your own issue, but if you are not, then this course is highly recommended to everyone.

Annual Programs BDS(Hons)Dentistry
BDS(Hons) Dental surgery
BDS Dentistry
DEClinDent Pediatric dentistry
Tuition fees £23,500-£27,500
Job Opportunity Non-EEA qualified dentist
Associate Dentist
Qualified Dental Nurse
Annual Salary £84,559- £114,003

Computer Science:

Graduate Employability: 72%

Graduate in computer science, students in UK can really earn a lot. This is the most demanding course in UK for international students.

Popular Programs BSc Computer Science
MSc in Advanced Computer Science
MSc Human Computer Interaction
Tuition fees £20,000 – £43,000
Job opportunity Software Developer
Computer Hardware Engineer
Computer Systems Analyst
Computer Network Architect
Annual Salary £35,000-£40,000


Graduate Employability: 71.8%

According to Wikipedia, Law is a system of rules that are created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior, with its precise definition a matter of longstanding debate.

Popular programs LLB
LLM Corporate Law
Tuition Fees £ 19,5000 to £ 44,000
Job opportunity Barrister
Legal Writer
Legal Consultant
Annual Salary £ 20,000 – £ 70,000

Fashion and Interior designing:

Graduate Employability: 77.1%

Fashion and Interior designing, both follow the trend and depend on current needs. The increased convenience of fashion made this easier. Fashion design follows social and economic lifestyle. Similarly, interior designing changed with development and places.

Popular programs   MDes Interior Design
MA Interior Design
BSc (Hons) Fashion management
MA Fashion Marketing
MSc Strategic Fashion Management
Tuition Fees £10,000 – £30,000
Job opportunity Interior designer
Architectural designer
Design manager
Fashion designer
Brand Manager
Annual Salary £20,000 – £115,000

International Business and Accounting:

Graduate Employability: 95.5%

This course is designed for business students with 91% student satisfaction rate. Mainly this course examines the international strategy, international finance, international human resource and international marketing.

Popular Programs MSc in Financial Economics
Masters in Finance
MSc in Finance and Accounting
MSc Accounting
Tuition Fees £20,000 – £45,000
Job opportunity Financial Planners
Financial Analysts
Business Advisors
Annual Salary £40,000 onwards

Business Analytics:

Graduate Employability: 81%

This course is offered by more than 20 top universities. International students can take this highly demanding course which is globally recognized and the graduate rate is very high.

Popular Programs BSc Data Science and Business Analytics
MSc in Business Analytics
MSc in Business Analytics and Management Sciences
MSc in Business Analytics & Big Data
Tuition fees £18,000 – £29,500
Job opportunity Machine Learning Engineer
Data Architect
Data Analyst
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Chief Data Officer (CDO)
Project Manager
Annual Salary £47,302-£59,000


Which course in UK has more job opportunities?

Almost All courses have well employability ratings, but some number of courses such as-
Medicine- Graduate Employability: 93%
Veterinary Medicine- Graduate Employability: 94%
Physiotherapy-Graduate Employability: 94%
Nursing Graduate-Employability: 94%
Dentistry Graduate -Employability: 95% have more opportunities

Which course has highest demand in UK?

The most demanding courses are-
1. Medicine
2. Law
3. Economics
4. Computer Science
5. International Business and Accounting etc.

Which course is best after graduation in UK?

Almost All courses are best after graduation because courses are globally recognized and highly demanding.

Which UK university graduates are most employable?

There are lots of universities such as the University of Oxford, University of Birmingham, University of Manchester etc.

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