USB 3.0 sticks on the market: the most reliable and with the best value for money

With normal use of the USB stick, the internal memory may deteriorate. It happens when the data is always rewritten in the same memory cell.

Think of a waterfall crashing on a specific point on a rock. In a relatively short time you will see the first signs of wear.

Some USB sticks have a technology called wear leveling. This helps to reduce the premature deterioration of NAND Flash memory by optimizing their exploitation over time.

As if the previous waterfall crashed on the whole rock, not on a specific point.

The final result? Units with wear leveling often enjoy much longer life than counterparts without.

But I guess you’re not just looking for a long-lasting USB stick. You also want to be sure that the data on that drive is best protected .

Some devices allow you to protect their content with a password .
Others have hardware encryption to make the data inviolable.
Some USB sticks also have cloud backup capabilities . So you don’t have to worry about losing files anymore.

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