What are the most famous social networks? (List)

Social Network: every year a new social network arrives and being present on everyone becomes more and more complicated. 2021 was the year of Clubhouse, but what are the most famous social networks?

Social networks are literally nothing more than social networks , or platforms within which you can build communities, spend time, get informed, entertain or have fun.

While on the one hand we have giants such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube and Twitter, over the years some have managed to capture the attention of many users and knowing them is essential for an effective communication strategy.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or have a small local business, whether you are an aspiring influencer or creator, knowing and knowing how to use different social networks (or social platforms) is essential.

That’s why I decided to create a guide to the most famous social networks in which to summarize the main features.


It was Facebook that gave rise to the phenomenon of social networks.

With over 1.1 billion visitors every month it is perhaps one of the most used social networks in the world.

Available in 37 languages, it offers many features inside, no longer just a space where you can connect with friends and acquaintances or upload photos but also a social network where:

  • Participate in Facebook groups where you can meet people with common interests or passions
  • Learn about local or online events and initiatives
  • Buy and sell used and new items via the Facebook Marketplace
  • Communicate with your customers through a Facebook Page and through an advertising campaign on Facebook Ads


The social network of photos that soon integrated many features “copied” from other social networks.

Today on Instagram stories and reels are used a lot .

On Instagram we can in fact share photos and videos, direct and use hashtags to catalog our content. It goes without saying that even on Instagram it is possible to manage advertising campaigns (via Facebook Ads).


We could define it as the social network of the moment, even if in reality it has been in vogue since 2019. I have published several articles on TikTok  and in particular:

More and more brands and companies are re-evaluating TikTok, a social network that today allows you to have great visibility and to create a community or an audience, not just a social network where you can publish funny or music videos and challenges.


Few people know this, but YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world, after Google.

More and more people dream of becoming Creators and being able to call themselves full-time YouTubers . It is a video sharing service that has billions of videos of all kinds.


Amazon-owned live streaming platform launched in 2011 today has become one of the platforms on which users spend the most time watching live shows of all kinds, from gaming to thematic channels.



It had its moment of success between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, the social of the “rooms” where you can discuss “only verbally”.


It is the social media oriented to B2B (Business to Business): this is where company contacts can be found and CVs or collaboration proposals can be sent.

In addition to being a social network, it is in effect a work or job search tool.

Unlike other social networks, in addition to having a free version, it also has a premium version ( LinkedIn Premium ) that offers additional benefits and features (such as the ability to highlight a job application, discover companies and people who visit your profile , compare the resume with that of other candidates and much more).

In addition to having additional features for job seekers, it also has business subscriptions for companies or for those who have to hire.

Social Network List

  • Snapchat : The social where we can modify our face with lots of effects and share it with friends or other people
  • Quora : a social network where you can ask questions and … get answers (or answer existing questions)
  • Medium: a mix of contents (guides, tutorials, tips) and a social network
  • Telegram: messaging system that unlike Whatsapp offers many additional features (including the ability to send encrypted messages or which are deleted from all devices after a certain time)
  • Ask.fm : is another social question / answer where we can choose to ask questions anonymously or publicly and which allows you to “vote” and share the answers

The list of social networks would still be long, but these are the most famous.

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