What Is Involved In SEO Client Work?

If you own a business with a website, you probably have heard a great deal about SEO or search engine optimization. To learn more about the SEO scope of work, please keep reading.

SEO involves improving a website to enhance it’s visibility when people look for things in major search engines, including Bing and Google. The more visible your site is in organic searches, the more likely you are to get site visits and sales.

How It Works

Search engines use ‘bots’ to crawl or review websites and web pages. They go from site to site all the time, gathering information about the pages and making an index. Google’s index is not much different from a massive library where the librarian can grab a book or page to find what you are looking for.

Also, algorithms analyze website pages in the search engine and consider hundreds of different ranking factors to decide which sites get top placement.

The success factors for good SEO can be thought of as proxies for the searcher’s experience on the Web. The search bots provide an estimate of how well a website or page provides what the person is looking for.

SEO is different than paid ads because you cannot give Google money to give you the best organic ranking. So, SEOs need to put in a lot of work to get results.

SEO is vital for your marketing because people do millions of Web searches every day, often with the idea to buy a product or service. Search is the  major source of digital traffic for most online companies. The more visible your website is, the more sales you can make over time.

Keys To SEO

One of the first ‘pillars’ in a solid SEO strategy is to understand what your keywords are and to create pillar

pages. These are site pages that you most want to drive traffic to.

You can select a pillar page for your site by thinking about who your ideal client is. What would you search for if you wanted the products or services that your company provides?

For example, if your site sells investment properties, you probably want to create pillar pages about how to buy your first investment property, where to get capital, how to get a mortgage for an investment property, and how to analyze a deal.

SEO can make a huge difference in your sales, so be sure to invest in it.


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