How does Google Search Console work?

Google Webmaster Tools , originally  Tools Webmaster (Webmaster Tools) is one of the essential tools to get information on our site directly from Google. What is Google Search Console? It is a tool for Webmasters, blog and website owners made available by Google that allows you to understand “how Google sees our blog / website”, this tool allows […]

How to Speed ​​Up WordPress: Plugins, Tips and Tricks

Why speed up WordPress? The performance of a website affects its positioning in search engines and user behavior, which is why it is important to have a website that loads quickly . In this article you will find a series of tips that will help you speed up WordPress , I will explain how to improve the performance of your website using […]

How to Use WordPress Tags – WordPress Guides

How to Use WordPress Tags – WordPress Guides. One of the most common problems for those who use WordPress is knowing how to use the Tags , in this article we give a series of useful tips on the subject and on the most common errors in the use of tags: what they are, why and when to […]