Active Campaign: the guide to doing Email Marketing

Do you want do email marketing to promote your WordPress site, your products or your services? Are you ready to implement more advanced email marketing strategies than the ‘simple’ weekly newsletter? You would like to start sending campaigns to your users highly targeted emails? Here are the main features of Active Campaign and how you can integrate it […]

ECommerce site: 8 mistakes to avoid absolutely

ECommerce site: 8 mistakes to avoid absolutely Many users contact us daily because they have invested money in theirs online shop but they fail to make adequate sales and profits that allow them to obtain the desired revenue. We have found that there are often mistakes that are made, and that undermine the chances of […]

Choosing the right name for your blog

In this lesson we return to talk about domination and, more precisely, about how to choose the right name for your blog. Why is your site name important? Your website name is the business card of your business, the first piece of information users log, and probably the first thing they will remember about it. For […]