Choosing the right name for your blog

In this lesson we return to talk about domination and, more precisely, about how to choose the right name for your blog.

Why is your site name important?

Your website name is the business card of your business, the first piece of information users log, and probably the first thing they will remember about it.

For this reason, it is essential to thoroughly study which is the best choice in your case, considering all the alternatives available to you and keeping in mind the rules for creating a domain.

Your blog name must be memorable

The first of the rules for choose the name of your blog is to make sure to find a domain that is easy to remember, that is, that remains imprinted in the heads of network users.

What does it mean?

You need to find a name that your users remember easily.

Put yourself in their shoes, what you want to achieve is that the next time they need your services or content, your site name is an immediate mental link, like a light bulb going on.

This also makes word of mouth much easier – a memorable name is a name your users will mention with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

For it to be easy to remember, a domain name must be:

  • Short
  • Easy to write and pronounce
  • Catchy or, as they say in English, ‘catchy’

What are we talking about?

Let’s ask this question now so that we never find ourselves in the situation of having to ask again.

The topic covered in your blog must be immediately deducible from the name.

Let’s leave aside the puzzles and riddles: this is not the right context.

Here comes that list of keywords you collected in the niche analysis comes in handy again.

To be effective, the domain must be strictly relevant to the subject matter, that is, it must be, using the jargon of the net, SEO oriented .

That pinch of I don’t know what

This lesson is titled ‘how to choose the right name for your blog‘, not’ how to pick a boring name ‘.

It is not worth interpreting the rules listed so far as the will to find a sterile name.

Creativity is key in choosing the right name for your blog.

It is only necessary to balance it with common sense, without being overwhelmed by the too many stresses that you surely have when you start searching for the best name in a spasmodic way, perhaps by asking your acquaintances, colleagues and friends.

What comes after the point: domination

Let’s talk about domain extension. My advice is to always choose a domain with the extension .it or .com, the most common ones.

These two extensions give your blog a more professional look and allow users to remember it more easily.

But a friend of my cousin …

It may happen that you have seen or heard of fairly successful sites with impossible names.

This is not a good reason to emulate them: they are exceptions, or more likely urban legends.

Why take a harder path and risk your job when you just stick to a few simple rules to ensure your blog’s success?

Proceed by preferring the simpler and less articulated way, even if you still have to try to be original.

One last check to be sure

Unfortunately it may happen that the name we have chosen is already in use or that it has a connotation (past or present) that is not exactly gratifying that we are not aware of.

Just type in the desired name and start the search.

Now that your blog has a name it all feels more real, doesn’t it?

You are on your way to creating a successful and professional blog, which over time will turn into a legitimate business.

But first you need to make sure you follow all the steps.

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