How to invest in Cryptocurrencies, Guide to get started 2022

Today we are getting used to seeing more and more often new record quotes set by cryptocurrencies , especially Bitcoin. However, many are wondering if investing in cryptocurrencies can really represent an opportunity or a risk (Read the guide on the Best emerging cryptocurrencies ). The cryptocurrency market currently offers huge opportunities , is the […]

What will the future of cryptocurrencies be?

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about cryptocurrencies . This is due to the fact that prices have recently started to rise very quickly. After Facebook announced the creation of its new cryptocurrency Libra , the rest of the digital currencies began to move, to rise. The mass media strongly influenced […]

Will the price of Bitcoin take flight?

Many think that the price of Bitcoin will soon rise sharply. There are analysts who in their surveys have taken into consideration the halving that will take place in 2021, while others have taken into account the hash rate of the BTC where the higher the value of the indicator, the more it is certain that in […]

Which country invests the most in Bitcoin?

In 2009, when Bitcoin went on the market, it did not immediately become a great success. Most investors were hesitant to make a decision whether to bet on this asset or not. Many did not believe in the growth of Bitcoin. In recent years things have changed a lot, certainly for the better, the criptovalute […]

How to invest in stocks in the time of the Coronavirus

At this moment, some of the questions that many will be asking themselves will surely be for example whether or not it is convenient to buy shares and if so which ones to buy. Unfortunately, the news of the Coronavirus has shocked the entire world population, the economy has suffered a sharp decline if not […]