How to invest in stocks in the time of the Coronavirus

At this moment, some of the questions that many will be asking themselves will surely be for example whether or not it is convenient to buy shares and if so which ones to buy.
Unfortunately, the news of the Coronavirus has shocked the entire world population, the economy has suffered a sharp decline if not a stop. Investors saw the stock market collapse and therefore found themselves displaced by this situation.

Not everyone, however, got discouraged and even in this bad situation they managed to see an investment opportunity. There are currently several pharmaceutical companies and research centers that are racing against time to find the vaccine against Covid-19 and this has inevitably also had repercussions on the stocks on the stock market.

Experts advise not to be influenced by emotions and therefore not to make hasty decisions. Everything is still a bit uncertain, at this moment it is good to analyze all types of information and statistics available.

We are talking about a volatile market and therefore we are talking about risky investments but at the same time it can be exploited by investing in the short term. The important thing is to choose quality securities that guarantee an advantage in the short and medium term. It is also important to reduce the risk level of your e-wallet .

Let’s see which pharmaceutical companies are currently recording positive numbers on the stock market:

Pfizer Shares: PFE ( Buy Pfizer Shares );
Moderna Inc: MRNA ( Buy Moderna Inc. Shares );
Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc: INO ( Buy Inovio Inc stock );
Novavax Inc: NVAX ( Buy Novavax Inc stock );
Bayer: BAYN ( Buy Bayer shares );
Applied DNA Sciences Inc: APDN ( Buy Applied DNA Sciences Inc. stock );
Fujifilm Holdings Corporation: 4901 ( Buy Fujifilm stock ).
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1 The Equities in which to invest
2 Invest in the shares of ModeRNA Inc
3 Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc
4 Novavax Inc
5 Bayer
6 Applied DNA Sciences Inc.
7 Fujifilm Holdings Corporation
8 How Stock Trading Works
9 How to buy shares on eToro
10 How Social Trading Works
11 Investing in shares through the bank
12 Conclusion
The Stocks to invest in
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For more information, read our guide on how to invest in stocks in the time of the Coronavirus .

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We want to clarify that the securities we have just mentioned are not traded by all brokers and are not available in all banks. For this reason we recommend that you take advantage of this stagnation period to get to know and learn how to use and take advantage of all the tools and services made available by regulated brokers .
In particular, we will tell you about eToro and its Social Trading platform .

Invest in the shares of ModeRNA Inc
Moderna Inc is the biotechnology company based in Cambridge (Massachusetts). Their research is aimed purely at the realization of drugs that are based on messenger RNA , hence the origin of the name of the company Mode RNA .

It was one of the first to make the coronavirus vaccine ready to be tested on humans, which was given the name mRna-1273 .

This is certainly excellent news but the director of the American National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, was keen to point out that the times will be long. They are in the experimental phase , the test should start in April and the first results should be ready between July and August.

Real Time Quote Chart of Moderna Inc

As for the stock market trend, we can say that since the news was learned that the Moderna company has developed a vaccine against Covid-19, the value of the stock has begun to rise. Surely investors seeing the results of this company have seen fit to take advantage of this moment by investing in it to take advantage of it.

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Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc
Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc is one of those companies that have been chosen by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations ( CEPI ) to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

The company is American and its headquarters are located in Pennsylvania. In 2018 with CEPI had signed an agreement to develop other vaccines, one against the hemorrhagic fever, Lassa and the other against Respiratory Syndrome Middle East (MERS, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome ).

With the arrival of the funds, the company was able to start the first phase of the clinical trial against the coronavirus . The identifying name of the vaccine is INO-4800 .

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Live Quote Chart of Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc


Of course, you cannot know exactly when it will be ready, this type of research takes time. Joseph Kim, the company’s CEO, said they have started pre-clinical testing right away and will begin human testing in April .
They plan to distribute one million vaccines by the end of the year.

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Novavax Inc
Novavax Inc is an American biotechnology company, was founded in 1987 and its headquarters are located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. It mainly deals with discovering, making and marketing vaccines to prevent serious infectious diseases.

This company also has to do with the CEPI which funded the research for a vaccine against the coronavirus, there is talk of 11 million dollars.

Novavax Inc Real Time Quote Chart

As you can imagine, the shares of the Novavax company also rose sharply. This occurred after CEPI announced its investment. Professional investors have glimpsed in this initiative a possibility of gaining by investing in the companies involved in this search for a vaccine against Covid-19.

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In this period of fears and uncertainties, Bayer remains an important point of reference in the pharmaceutical sector by launching a wide range of specific products on the market.

It is one of the most important pharmaceutical multinationals in the world.

Its headquarters are located in Leverkusen , Germany. One of the company’s best known drugs can only be aspirin .
It deals with human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, biotechnology, high value polymers and much more.

EToro platform
EToro platform

While it does not invest its resources in research involving vaccines, Bayer’s stock market shares confirm a fairly steady trend in this period . In the last period, trading is closing up , these are more than positive days.

Bayer Live Quote Chart

The shares can be traded on the Social Trading platform made available by eToro .

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Applied DNA Sciences Inc.
The new virus, COVID-19 , is of great concern to the world population and is putting all health systems in crisis, especially the Italian one. Italy is the second most affected country after China, unfortunately there are still no vaccines to counteract the spread.

In recent weeks, several biotech companies and public organizations around the world have increased their work to be able to find the cure in the shortest possible time.

Among these we find the company Applied DNA Sciences Inc. , founded in 1983 with the name Datalink System Inc. , then in 2002 it was assigned the name we know today.

In recent days, it has announced that it has started collaborating with the Castel Romano company, Biotech Takis to develop the coronavirus vaccine . It is expected that the first results of the preclinical trial will be available in April.

Applied DNA Sciences Inc Live Quote Chart

By virtue of its involvement in vaccine research, it has recorded excellent performances in the last period on the stock market .
The price of its shares reached very high peaks, however, alternated by moments of sharp decline. For example, on March 19th it closed at -20.98%. Anyone who knows the financial market knows that it is normal for these episodes to occur.

In general, the performance of the stock is positive , most investors are proceeding with the purchase thus bringing the share price to very high values. It is good to take into account the risk that these types of investments involve, in particular if you invest in the short term given the daily volatility which can be more or less high.

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Fujifilm Holdings Corporation
The company Fujifilm Holdings Corporation was founded in 1934 under the name of Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd . The head office is located in Tokyo, Japan. At the beginning it was mainly involved in the production of photographic films, today it is committed to developing products in various industrial sectors such as cosmetics, medicine and technology.

It is a company that has focused on well-made and cutting-edge products with the aim of improving the quality of people’s health and the environment.

Lately we hear about Fujifilm very often because of the drug Avigan and its use to counter the advance of the coronavirus . From 24 March it will begin to be tested also in Italy, the first region will be Lombardy.

In addition, all this interest has also affected the stock market because Fujifilm’s share price has risen significantly, jumped 15% and 25% .

Fujifilm Holdings Corporation Live Quote Chart

Fujifilm quote from TradingView

In particular since the Chinese minister of science and technology declared that the tests carried out with the drug Avigan on coronavirus patients had had positive results.

During this last period, as could be expected, the price of the shares suffered a decline. However, this should not discourage shareholders, but it is good to keep in mind that these are always risky investments that mostly take place in the short term.

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How stock trading works
L ‘stock investment has always been one of the best ways to use your own money, their savings. Once, as we will see in the next paragraph, the only way to buy shares was to do it through the bank or with an intermediary, but then with the advent of the internet, trading could be done online .

This has revolutionized the financial sector, first of all investors have become independent, then another positive aspect is that prices have dropped and financial markets have become accessible to all.

The online trading has also enabled ordinary people to invest in the largest listed companies in the world. You don’t have to be rich to be able to buy or sell shares.

The trading in shares offers many investment opportunities due to the presence of companies that have the highest revenues in the world.

To trade online you need regulated brokers who provide one or more platforms that allow you to trade on any type of asset . In particular, you can trade CFDs , it is a fairly simple financial instrument to understand and put into practice. Basically it is possible to earn both when the price of the asset undergoes a rise and when it undergoes a fall.

If you are still unfamiliar with trading, don’t worry because there are many brokers who give you the opportunity to open a demo account with which you can trade on simulation platforms where virtual money is used. One of these is the eToro broker which we will talk about in the next paragraph.

How to buy shares on eToro
EToro broker logo
EToro broker logo

The eToro broker is one of the most popular on the European financial market. It offers more than 1000 assets, as well as of course shares belonging to companies like Bayer .

The platform made available by eToro is entirely translated into Italian and it is possible to make your investments both from your computer and from smartphones thanks to the app that can be downloaded on devices that use the Android and iOS operating system .

eToro offers cutting-edge tools such as leverage and short selling. Furthermore, it is a Social Trading platform where it is therefore optional to choose whether to follow and copy other traders thanks to the CopyTrading system . If that weren’t enough, traders also have the opportunity to interact with each other.

For beginner traders, but also for professionals, it gives the opportunity to open a free demo account where you will immediately have 100,000 virtual dollars available. In this way, those who have not yet practiced online trading can practice freely and instead professionals have the opportunity to become familiar with the platform and to put into practice new strategies.

Thanks to the eToro platform you can access the stock markets through CFD contracts (Contract for Difference) and therefore you can invest in the underlying asset. The trader has several investment opportunities that can be done completely independently or can be entrusted to professional traders through Copy Trading .

How Social Trading works

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Investing in shares through the bank
L ‘ investment in the bank is still one of the most used systems to negotiate in action because most of them have adapted to modern investment systems. The banks just are also providing the investment platform that allows you to invest from the comfort of home. Of course, there is always the possibility of going directly to the office to deal with a financial advisor.

The bank certainly offers guarantees but at the same time it can sometimes be not so advantageous. We always recommend that it is good to entrust your money to trusted banking institutions because unfortunately many times it has happened that unpleasant episodes have occurred, for example there have been financial advisors who have proposed risky investments with the aim of protecting only the interests of the company. Bank.

In practice, those who want to invest in a bank have the opportunity to take advantage of a financial consultant who has the task of advising the most advantageous and safe investments. Or, as mentioned above, you can manage your investments through their platform. To do this, you need to have a current account .

Through the bank you can buy one or more securities directly, but unlike online trading you only earn when the value of the shares rises , otherwise you lose everything. In addition, there are expenses to be taken into consideration because most of the time you are dealing with high commissions .

We have seen that in this period the stock markets are suffering sharp drops on the one hand and on the other hand there are great recoveries .

This is an era of uncertainty and fears, but if you don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by emotions you can be able to experience events with more serenity. Maybe taking advantage of the time available to learn new things and why not it can be an opportunity to invest in yourself.

We just have to see how vaccine research will evolve and which company will be able to complete the task and above all what repercussions there will be on the stock market.

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