5 Google functions you should know

Surely you know that Google in addition to being the most famous and used search engine in the world, provides other  very useful services such as large email boxes , a cloudstorage space to store data and keep them synchronized on various devices, a calendar for management of appointments, contact management that can be integrated with smartphone address books, a social network and many others. But I bet you don’t know at least one of the functions I’m about to describe. These are 5 Google functions , useful to all users of BigG services.

1 – How to backup your entire Google account

When it comes to personal data , backup copies are very important! So why not make a backup of the service that contains your correspondence , your photos , the maps of your movements, your contacts , your videos and then again your files , the history of your conversations , your books , and the list of sites you visit? Yes I know, you didn’t think about it! So do it now. With a simple click you can take a backup copy of all the services offered by Google. Connect to the Google takeout page check the data you want to copy and click on Create Archive . You will have to wait a few minutes because the amount of data can be high, but Google will notify you via email when your archive is ready to be downloaded.

2 – How to report copied content to Google

If, like me, you run a blog or share your content on the internet by writing on other people’s blogs, know that it is possible that your content will be used without your consent . If while surfing the net you discover that someone is using your creations on sites that use Google services such as Adsense or Youtube, you can report the fact to Google through the DMCA service .

You can request that the stolen content be removed (Google will contact the site owner reporting your request) and if this is not done, you can request that Google penalize the site that stole it from you.

3 – Find the history of all searches carried out

Have you ever wondered how the way you search for information on the internet has changed since you started using Google? With BigG’s search history, you can get a highly descriptive report of your way of searching. Furthermore, this tool is very useful if you no longer remember the name of a site where you found interesting information but you have not saved the bookmark . With the Google History page  you can retrace the search you made to retrieve this information.

Note : The search information is linked to your Google account and is therefore only stored if you are logged in. Also, if you use more than one account, the search data will be split across each of them.

4 – How to reset Google password with domain verification

Note : This only works if you have an enterprise type account.

If for some reason your account has been compromised the first thing to do is to reset the password . To do this, Google must be able to reach you in some way in order to provide you with a unique link from which you can then re-appropriate your account. This feature is useful when for some reason you have forgotten the answer to the security question or not a second email address linked to your account.

5 – How to create a Google+ account without Gmail

Here is another function that you may not know about. You can create an account for Google Plus , the BigG social network, with any email address . For example, you can use an email address from your domain or from other providers. To sign up for Google Plus in this way, go to the google+ sign up page

and you know any other special Google features that can be useful? If the answer is yes, write them in the comments, they will be useful to everyone.

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