5 Google functions you should know

Surely you know that Google in addition to being the most famous and used search engine in the world, provides other  very useful services such as large email boxes , a cloudstorage space to store data and keep them synchronized on various devices, a calendar for management of appointments, contact management that can be integrated with smartphone address books, a […]

6 tips for creating an AdWords campaign

If you have decided to advertise your site on Google then these simple tricks that I found on the net to create an Adwords campaign and that I first experimented on one of my sites may be useful for you. Let’s see what the basic tricks are and how they can help you increase your site’s revenue.   I recently […]

How a cyber attack happens

Every now and then the TV shows news of cyber intrusions to American companies or large-scale cyber attacks , but no one gives any news on how it could have happened. So today, without pretending to explain the topic in detail, let’s see how a cyber attack occurs .   “Know the enemy as you know yourself. If you do so, even […]