6 tips for creating an AdWords campaign

If you have decided to advertise your site on Google then these simple tricks that I found on the net to create an Adwords campaign and that I first experimented on one of my sites may be useful for you. Let’s see what the basic tricks are and how they can help you increase your site’s revenue.


I recently decided to invest a few hundred euros and create an AdWords campaign to increase the revenue of one of my sites, but before doing so I tried to document myself as much as possible, reading some books on the subject, also following a course and obviously reading some of the countless AdWords expert guides on the subject.

After what is defined in cooking blogs as a general smattering of the subject, I finally decided to try my hand and these are some tips that I allow myself to give you to create a good campaign or simply not to waste money.

Creating an AdWords campaign – my tips

Objective and monitoring

Set yourself a goal to achieve and make decisions without losing sight of it. There are a lot of AdWords settings and it’s easy to be tempted by the countless options available.

Keep the compass on the target and measure the results constantly. You will find that a small change can greatly affect the results of the campaign and therefore your income.

Start with a fraction of the budget you have available

It seems obvious now, but at first I was determined to prepare the campaign and start with all the budget available. Using only a part of the budget, on the other hand, is a good habit to test the settings and measure the results with a controlled expenditure. I decided to create an AdWords campaign by setting 20% ​​of the total value but even 10% can be fine.

Create an ad that’s easy to read and interpret

The announcement must be captivating! It must be of immediate interpretation and at the same time arouse curiosity. Take some time to create the perfect ad for your campaign.

Time is of the essence

“… sleeping pills don’t sell in the morning!”   therefore it is essential that you choose the best time to reach your potential customers. A thoughtful choice of ad serving time not only saves you money, but also increases your conversion rate.

Narrow the field

Mobile or Desktop? World, national or local? For men or women or both? Identify the target and try to enclose it within a set of AdWords parameters. In this way you will reach only potentially interested people and you will increase the possibility of concluding a sale.

Create multiple campaign groups for smaller targets so you can monitor the progress of the campaign for each sub-group.

But above all, do not improvise …

If you are new to Digital Marketing and you have difficulty in creating a good campaign on Google AdWords, ask for help from an expert. On the net you will find many and very competent ones.

In conclusion

As you will have understood, I am not a digital marketing expert but in this article I wanted to collect the tips that were useful for my first advertising adventure and create an AdWords campaign . I hope they can be useful to you too and if you have any other advice that you have found useful in your web marketing campaigns, I invite you to write it in the comments below.

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