How to Choose the Right Niche to Earn Money Online?

How to Choose the Right Niche to Earn Money Online? In this article I will explain how to identify a profitable market niche to open a blog and make money online with google adsense and affiliate marketing (affiliations).

When you approach the internet and decide to take the plunge and open a website or a blog, the first step is to choose the right topic for our blog .

Identifying the market niche in which we want to position ourselves can be very complicated, and, if you are wrong at this stage, the risk is big: our work will not be rewarded, and we will not be able to monetize our website

The “most popular” suggestion online is certainly to follow your passions and open a website on a topic you know well, not initially thinking about “making money” with that site, but trying to build value and create a reputation around it.

Over the years, experience has taught me that choosing a profitable niche is essential to be able to make a website monetizable.

How to choose the niche for a blog?

There are therefore some practical advice that I want to give you to help you in choosing the topic to be treated on your blog: the first advice is

Do not create a generalist site: even if you manage to attract a lot of traffic, being able to earn will be very complicated (if not impossible for those looking for interesting earnings)

Once you have chosen the topic, try to create macro categories that you would like to develop on your website and think about how many and what content you can create within those categories: if you see that there are categories that remain “empty”, perhaps it is better change category and avoid categories with few articles .

Alt. I went too fast. Before thinking about the categories you have to check if the topic you have chosen is monetizable , if there are companies that advertise within that particular sector. How to do? Watch this video:

How to use the keyword planner without a credit card

A user, after the video was published, pointed out to me how new AdWords accounts are automatically redirected to AdWords Express and are unable to use this tool. In reality, you simply have to find the gimmick, which is the way to bypass AdWords Express and take advantage of the keyword tool. The steps to follow are as follows:

  • Open the link shown here on as “Google Keyword Planner” (without being connected to your account)
  • Click on Create an account and then on Skip the setup wizard (essential!)
  • At this point, ignore the window that opens and create a new Google account
  • Go back to the AdWords screen and enter the new email address
  • Click on save and continue and you will access AdWords: find the keyword planning tool in the Tools section

What are the highest paying niches for a blog?

Ok, if you have read the article up to here (but in reality you may also have read only the titles of the paragraphs), you have reached the point of the article, you want to know which are the most profitable niches for those who want to open a blog.

I can’t list them all, but I can tell you some sectors that are very competitive and very profitable , and I will list them below, but first I ask you a favor: if you liked this article, share it on social networks (Facebook and Google Plus in particular ), it costs you nothing and I will be rewarded for the efforts and work done!

  • Diets, Methods for Weight Loss, Fitness, Beauty & Make Up
  • Food
  • Loans, Mortgages and Insurance
  • Automotive
  • Finance and Economics
  • Sentimental Relationships (Dating, Seduction, …)
  • Personal growth
  • Online Gaming
  • Real estate sector
  • Work and Education
  • Presents
  • Health

These are some of the most profitable niches you can find on the internet. Within these macro areas there are clearly a lot of “sub-niches” available, many of which are unexplored, that you could use for your blog.

Good online income,

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