Local Marketing: How To Advertise An Online Store?

When it comes to Local Marketing, the first person that comes to mind is L uca Bove (on the cover). Do you have a local shop, company or business and are looking to promote yourself online? Find out how to advertise your business with local marketing , Google Maps and Google My Business. The term local marketing identifies today all the communication and promotion […]

How to Choose the Right Niche to Earn Money Online?

How to Choose the Right Niche to Earn Money Online? In this article I will explain how to identify a profitable market niche to open a blog and make money online with google adsense and affiliate marketing (affiliations). When you approach the internet and decide to take the plunge and open a website or a blog, the first […]

How To Redirect From One Domain To Another!

How To Redirect From One Domain To Another!  How to migrate a WordPress site or blog to a new domain without causing damage? In this article I try to explain how to  migrate a website without having to start from scratch and without making too many SEO mistakes, thus losing the rankings obtained. When it comes to  WordPress migration , or the […]