Local Marketing: How To Advertise An Online Store?

When it comes to Local Marketing, the first person that comes to mind is L uca Bove (on the cover). Do you have a local shop, company or business and are looking to promote yourself online?

Find out how to advertise your business with local marketing , Google Maps and Google My Business.

The term local marketing identifies today all the communication and promotion activities that aim to bring customers or potential customers to a physical business.

Google My Business and Google Maps are two often underestimated marketing tools, despite their apps reaching a billion users worldwide every month .

Local Marketing

Google has revolutionized our behavior: before buying something we search for reviews on Google, when we are near a restaurant we search on Google for the reviews of other people and if we do not know an address we look for it on Google Maps.

We use our smartphone and Google apps when we leave the house to get directions, to find out which restaurants are nearby, where we can buy a product or where is the nearest office of a telephone operator, electricity, …

This is why local marketing is becoming more and more important and why if you have a business you should use local marketing to promote yourself.

Intercepting people and potential customers who live in your city, or who are close to your business is essential for your company, and thanks to local marketing you can intercept these people and above all be found .

Local marketing is in fact part of inbound marketing activities , that is, those activities that allow you to be found when a person is looking for something .

Exploring all the best local marketing strategies in an article is practically impossible.

If you are looking for a complete course on local marketing , Google Maps and Google My Business I recommend the video recordings of Local Strategy Live , the most advanced, complete and important course on local marketing:

Local Marketing Online Course: Local Strategy

When you search for a business on Google the first thing that is shown is the Google Maps box .

This is the first contact a person has with your business, and for this very reason you should ask yourself:

    • Am I present in the Google Maps box when someone is looking for my business?
    • Do I have a good Google Maps / Google My Business listing?
  • Is the information entered correct or should it be updated?

Many mistakenly think that it is enough:

  •  enter name,
  • the address
  • the telephone number
  • the link to your website,

In reality, creating and verifying the listing with Google My Business is not enough to be effective.

Competition today is fierce and for this very reason we need to have an effective strategy.

How to manage a Google My Business listing?

Thousands of merchants and entrepreneurs throughout Italy complain every day about the difficulty in managing the Google My Business card and the lack of clarity of the functionality of this tool.

Difficulty in claiming your business ?

(How to claim a Google My Business listing is one of the most common searches among merchants).

Are you looking for information on how to position your business within Google My Business ?

These are two extremely important topics for any business owner.

  • How to create an effective Google My Business listing?
  • Is it possible to index cards on search engines?
  • Why is your business not appearing at the top of Google Maps results?
  • How to manage fake or no longer active cards?
  • Is it possible to remove photos posted by users that may not match those of your business?

These are just some of the questions that business owners ask themselves who are unknowingly trying to do local marketing but are not getting the desired results.

Luca Bove’s Local Strategy Live Course was created to answer these questions and help all business owners to do local marketing effectively.

How to advertise a company?

Luca Bove’s course will give you a competitive advantage over the competition by helping you to have:

  • A superior understanding of the dynamics behind Google My Business
  • A knowledge of all the rules to improve visibility on Google Maps and intercept more customers
  • A final certification issued after passing a final exam

You can use this knowledge to improve your Google My Business listing, create it or manage it effectively with an effective local marketing strategy .

There is more because if you are a freelance or if you work in the world of web marketing, this course will allow you to propose yourself as a local marketing professional and offer your services to the businesses of your city.

The course is in fact designed for:

  • Web Agency and Freelance
  • Marketing Manager of Retail Chains and Franchising
  • Owners or managers of accommodation facilities
  • Owners of restaurants, pubs, bars and the like
  • Local owners or business owners
  • Car dealership managers or owners
  • Lawyers or other freelancers

Local Search Marketing

Luca Bove’s course is the first vertical course in Italy on local search marketing that teaches you how to optimize Google My Business and the presence of a local business on Google .

You will have in-depth information and above all a working method that you can use right away to put into practice an effective and successful local marketing strategy.

In fact, the teachers of the course have been working full time in this sector for several years and have followed several thousand files in Italy and abroad, developing considerable experience in local marketing.

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