Blog Content Review: How Important Is It?

Blog Content Review: How Important Is It? – Why start a blog post review process? 4 Good reasons and some interesting considerations not only to improve the quality of your blog, but also its positioning.

In recent months, comparing myself with various colleagues, there has often been talk of the importance of  revising old articles published on a blog .

Clearly this article refers to sites and blogs that have a lot of content, and which, probably, could benefit greatly from  reviewing the content .

But what do I mean by reviewing articles?

If you have already read articles dedicated to  How to write a perfect post or  How to write a perfect article on your blog (and on the web there are dozens of them), among the tips you will usually find there will be what it says more or less:

After writing your article, reread it, verify it, correct it, simplify it: the longest work is precisely that of revision, not that of writing, and users are very attentive to the quality of the content.

While this is absolutely true, on the other hand those who have to manage a blog at 360 degrees often do not have the time to  reread what they have written before sending it for publication. What you can do, however, after some time, is to  check how our blog is moving and act accordingly.

Review of Published Articles: 3 Reasons to Do It

So let’s try to understand right away why you should go and look at your old articles and give them a “refresh” (by the way, probably, in the next few months, I too will do what I am talking about in this article, on®) , and to do so I want to give you  3 good reasons .

1. You have no ideas on new articles to write

If you have no ideas on what to write, you could start from an old piece of content, see what you wrote and improve that content by adding valuable information or going into more detail, thus providing your readers with a more complete and professional page.

The years of experience will also allow you to write better and correct several “beginner” mistakes or maybe update the images to make them more appealing.

2. Updating an old article and republishing it… is good for SEO!

According to some recent experiments by SEO colleagues, changing the date of an old article can make a leap in ranking!

WARNING:  Google is not stupid, so if you just change the date of your old articles without actually updating them, you may have some nasty surprises, so watch out for how you use this little tip!

3. Update old articles by taking a cue from SEO Software

When I talk about SEO Software I personally refer to  SEMRush

In practice you could go and examine your website and see which articles are positioned on the second page or that have potential, update / modify them to improve them, perhaps by inserting keywords that are not present in the article but for which Google has decided to include you in SERPs and in this way increase traffic!

Clearly, the article review process must always be done carefully, also paying attention to what are the keywords for which an article has already positioned itself, thus avoiding counterproductive actions!

4. Bonus: Fix broken links and skipped affiliations?

If you also work with affiliate marketing, a nice review process can help you monitor that the affiliate links are still working or if there are broken links to replace, thus increasing your earnings!

good job and good money online.

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