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Coinbase Opinions, How It Works, 2021 Review

Coinbase is a platform, or rather an exchange where it is possible to store and exchange Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, but not only can you also earn free altcoins and even do trading on crypto.

If you have decided to buy Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency and are evaluating the various solutions, you will surely have heard of Coinbase . And surely you will be asking yourself a lot of questions.

But is it safe? What are the commissions? Are there any more advantageous solutions?

We respond immediately by stating that at the moment it is the largest platform in the world for exchanging and storing cryptocurrencies .

Of course, on the web you will find conflicting opinions, for some it is the best service, while for others it could be the opposite.

Now let’s find out together Coinbase What it is, How it works, Review and Opinions .

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Buy and Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other Cryptocurrencies.


With the Coinbase exchange it is possible to buy or exchange Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, you can also earn free Altcoins and even trade cryptocurrencies.
Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies!
Simple and safe service!
Professional platform!
Transfer (SEPA), Credit Cards
Coinbase Review and Opinions

* Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. There is therefore no guarantee of earnings.
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1 Coinbase: What is it?
2 Exchange Coinbase Features
3 Coinbase: how does it work?
4 Coinbase: Products
5 Is Coinbase a safe exchange?
6 Coinbase Earn
7 Coinbase Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Buy Cryptocurrencies?
8 Coinbase Pro: Bitcoin e Crypto Trading
9 Coinbase Pro: Fees
10 Is Coinbase profitable?
11 Coinbase Support
12 Coinbase Opinions
13 Conclusions
Coinbase: What is it?
Coinbase Inc. is an American company, headquartered in San Francisco. Its founders are Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam .

Today Coinbase is active in more than 100 countries and has been chosen by millions of users around the world. It is a company that reaches the value of 1 billion dollars.

The site is coinbase.com , here you can find many services to buy, exchange and store cryptocurrencies, trade cryptocurrencies, accept payments in digital currency, and much more.

Exactly it is a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet . This means that it has a double function.

As an exchange it allows you to exchange money in cryptocurrencies and vice versa and as a wallet it allows you to deposit fiat currency such as the euro and the dollar and digital currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum .

So with Coinbase , users can invest in cryptocurrencies by choosing between the most quoted and emerging ones.

In the wallet you can have multiple digital currencies at the same time in order to balance your wallet. In addition to this, to reduce the risk linked to volatility, it is possible to set a periodic purchase threshold , i.e. buying little by little.

Features Exchange Coinbase
🔥 Free Account: Free and Unlimited Account ( Open a Free Account )
🔥 Costs: Free Account Activation
💰 Minimum deposit: 0,01 €
🔐 Security 100% Total Security
💶 Commissions: Very low trading fees
₿ Cryptovalute Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Ethereum , and all other major and minor Crypto
💪 Suitable for: Buying, Selling and Trading Cryptocurrencies
⚖️ Rates: Competitive
☎️ Assistance: Chat 24h su 24h
💪 Tools: Online Chat , Guided Tutorials , Real Time Help, E -Books , Economic News, Charts, Technical Analysis Tools
💶 Withdrawals: Credit card (Visa, Master Card)
💡 Platform use: User Friendly , Easy and Intuitive
🇮🇹 Language: Italian , + 15 languages
💪 Ideal for: For both beginners and experts
📱 Mobile Application : Yes (All devices)
Free Account With No Deposit Constraints.

Coinbase: how does it work?
To get started, the first thing you have to do is go to the official Coinbase website and proceed with the registration .

To trade and to keep cryptocurrencies and your money, you need to create an account.

Opening an account on Coinbase is very simple, it takes a few minutes and above all it’s free.

To create the account, click on “Start here “.

coinbase registration
Coinbase exchange. It starts from here

Immediately after, the contact form will appear in which your name, surname, a valid e-mail address and a password will be entered .

Then you have to accept the terms and conditions to declare that you are of age and finally you have to click on ” Create account ” and proceed with the registration.

coinbase account
Coinbase exchange. Create your account

To avoid fraud and illicit acts Coinbase will ask you to provide it with your valid photo ID. This is done to verify your identity for security purposes.

At this point, the next step will be to choose the payment method you want to use to deposit and withdraw money from the Coinbase wallet . You have the option to choose a credit / debit card or connect a current account to send and receive by bank transfer.

To start buying cryptocurrencies on Coinbase, you must wait for the verification and validation of the current account and the account to be completed .

Free Account With No Deposit Constraints.

Coinbase: Products
At the moment on the two platforms Coinbase Consumer and Coinbase Pro there are exactly 10 criptovalute and 5 tokens that are based on blockchain of Ethereum .

Coinbase is constantly expanding the number of cryptocurrencies available on its platform. You can find the main crypto but still missing important names such as DASH, XMR, NEO, TRX and BNB appearing in the top 20 of CoinMarketCap .

Let’s now see what are the cryptocurrencies offered by Coinbase :

Bitcoin Cash;
Ethereum Classic;
Stellar Lumens;
The token that you can buy directly Coinbase are Basic Attention Token (BAT), Augur (REP), Chainlink (LINK), 0x Protocol (ZRX) and stablecoin DAI and USDC.

Now let’s see which cryptocurrencies are supported by Coinbase Wallet , the mobile wallet:

Bitcoin Cash;
Ethereum and all tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain;
Ethereum Classic;
Is Coinbase a safe exchange?
Coinbase is licensed in more than 44 jurisdictions in America, including Puerto Rico . In Italy, even if the CONSOB (National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange) does not rule on cryptocurrencies, it is still possible to use the Coinbase service , it is considered legal.

It would appear that user safety for Coinbase is very important .

The Coinbase platform manages several hundreds of billions of dollars in transactions. Should this reassure us? Is it really safe to buy cryptocurrencies with this service?

Of the money deposited into the account, just under 100% of customer funds are kept offline in order to keep them safe from possible hacker attacks .

Coinbase has seen fit to keep the money belonging to users in separate accounts from Coinbase Inc’s balance sheets .

You can sign up for free on Coinbase by clicking on this link!

Cryptocurrencies are also safe, a virtual backup is made of all Coinbase wallets and even a paper copy of each transaction carried out on the platform, these are then divided into different deposits around the world. They are also protected by AES-256 encrypted codes.

If you are still not convinced we tell you that Coinbase has its own community of security experts, the Bug Bounty , who have the task of finding out if there are problems in the system and any dangers.

Coinbase Earn
Thanks to the Coinbase wallet, you can take advantage of Coinbase Earn which allows you to earn cryptocurrencies easily and completely free of charge. The platform offers free different cryptocurrencies among the emerging ones, of your choice, for a maximum value of around 200 dollars.

Currently the digital currencies present are :

Zcash (ZEC);
Tezos (XTZ);
Orchid (OXT);
Ox (ZRX):
Stellar Lumens (XLM);
Basic Attention Token (BAT).
To benefit from this service, you have to watch short videos (about 3 minutes) of presentation concerning the new digital currencies. At the end of the video, you have to answer some questions and in doing so the new cryptocurrency will be deposited in your wallet . It doesn’t end there because if you manage to invite other people to the Coinbase service, you can earn additional cryptocurrencies.

Even if the value of the digital currencies earned with Coinbase Earn at that particular moment do not have a very high value, the possibility is not excluded that one day it could be worth several tens, hundreds, even thousands of euros as has happened in the past with Bitcoin.

Coinbase Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Buy Cryptocurrencies?
It is important to talk about the commissions because there have been some customers who have expressed several negative opinions.

We know that it is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets in the world that allows you to keep money and virtual currency in the wallet for free.

What are the costs of the purchase and sale transactions that take place on the exchange platform?

First of all, it should be noted that Coinbase is composed of various platforms, which each have different commissions for the purchase, sale and transfer of funds.

In general we can say that currently the spread is 0.50% and there are commissions that change depending on the country.

Then there are the fixed ones that vary according to the value of the transaction:

if the total amount of the transaction is less than or equal to € 10, the commission is € 0.99 ;
if the total amount of the transaction is between € 10 and € 25, the commission is € 1.49 ;
if the total amount of the transaction is between € 25 and € 50, the commission is € 1.99 ;
if the total amount of the transaction is between € 50 and € 78, the commission is € 2.99 .
As for the percentage fee in Italy it is 1.49% , but if it is made by credit or debit card it rises to 3.99% .

A fee of 2% is applied to convert a fiat currency into cryptocurrency .

Finally, for withdrawals of money from the Coinbase wallet, the commission is worth € 0.15 , with outgoing bank transfer.

Coinbase Pro: Bitcoin e Crypto Trading
Coinbase Pro is a great service offered to its customers who want to invest in cryptocurrencies . It is a real trading platform where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies .

It is important to know that the platform is aimed purely at professional traders who in particular speculate on the volatility of cryptocurrencies . So we are talking about a very risky way of trading not ideal for beginner traders .

Coinbase Pro: Fees
Coinbase Pro ‘s fees in general can be said to be higher in comparison to those incurred by other regulated brokers .

We know that costs are 0.50% for both takers and makers below the $ 100,000 threshold. On the other hand, for those who invest more money, commissions are reduced to zero for those who exceed one million dollars.

This confirms what we previously stated, namely that the platform is not recommended for novice traders and with no large capital.

Is Coinbase profitable?
Those who choose Coinbase to trade cryptocurrencies make an excellent choice because it is a safe platform. But is it advantageous?

As for the commissions we have seen that the expenses are a bit high in particular for those who cannot afford to invest certain sums and also for those who are just starting to trade and do not want to put their capital at risk.

Speaking of this, however, there are more advantageous alternatives both for those who simply want to buy cryptocurrency and and for those who want to trade . We bring you as an example eToro that allows you to do both operations. With the eToroX service which is both an exchange and a wallet , users can take advantage of more competitive commissions, while with the eToro platform you can trade cryptocurrencies at zero commissions.

Read the eToro review

Coinbase Support
We dedicate a separate paragraph to assistance from Italy because unfortunately it turns out to be a bit complicated.

On the American platform there are all the useful information but they are in English and it is a problem for those who do not know the language.

There is a chat but it is managed by a bot where the request for support in Italian sends to the contact page and then you need to fill out a form to send the request for help , indicating the field for which assistance is requested.

Even if the response times can be a bit long, the service is still efficient.

Coinbase Opinions
As it is normal for both Coinbase to read both positive and negative opinions on the internet , in particular they complain about the request for rather high commissions for its service.

It is a safe and reliable company that offers one of the largest exchange platforms in the world to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a simple and immediate way.

Also Coinbase also achieved excellent app mobile devices for all people who want to make the operations even from your phone when I travel.

Not to mention the Coinbase Earn service which gives you the opportunity to earn around $ 200 in emerging digital currency. It is a long-term investment that could bring in a lot of money over the years.

By clicking on this link you can sign up for free on Coinbase!

How to conclude this guide if not stating that it is an excellent exchange that allows you to exchange and store cryptocurrencies and like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XPR, Ripple and others.

We are dealing with a very secure platform and it is no coincidence that it has been chosen by millions of customers and conquers new ones every day.

One of the main features is that it allows you to buy digital currencies with a very simple procedure .

In addition, with Coinbase Earn you can earn new cryptocurrencies for free. Not to mention Coinbase Pro a system designed for trading but which in particular is aimed at real professionals and has those who have a large capital.

Although the fees are very high in comparison to the competition, Coinbase is still an excellent alternative both for buying crypto and for trading online

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