Bitcoin received an “A” from Weiss Ratings

Weiss Ratings globally is one of the leading companies dealing with credit rating . They are operating in various sectors of finance such as insurance companies, mutual funds, banks, stocks and now even cryptocurrencies. The Weiss Ratings compiles a list where we evaluate the best criptovalute. Currently in first place is Bitcoin (BTC) to which […]

Bitcoins accepted as payment for Brazilian public transport

In Brazil, specifically in Fortaleza, payments in Bitcoin will be accepted by the end of the year for public transport . Therefore, citizens will have the possibility to buy bus tickets by making the payment both in local currency and in Bitcoin. This news came out in the local Opovo newspaper , where it was […]

Hyperfund, Reviews and Opinions: What it is and how it works

In recent years we have been witnessing a proliferation of new online trading platforms such as Hyperfund that promise huge and fast returns. But is Hyperfund a scam? Is Hyperfund a pyramid system or a Ponzi scheme? Yes Hyperfund is a scam, it is the usual Ponzi scheme, and like all systems that promise easy […]

The Chinese cryptocurrency will be similar to Facebook’s Libra

It looks like the Chinese cryptocurrency will be launched in November . Unlike Facebook which had planned to launch Libra in the first half of 2020. It too is based on Blockchain technology and they have also implemented tricks against money laundering. Being issued by the Central Bank it is a safe cryptocurrency. Among the […]

Coinbase Opinions, How It Works, 2021 Review

What is a Hedge Fund

Coinbase is a platform, or rather an exchange where it is possible to store and exchange Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, but not only can you also earn free altcoins and even do trading on crypto. If you have decided to buy Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency and are evaluating the various solutions, you will surely […]

Crypto soft: does it work? It is a scam? or is it a misleading promise?

Every day there are people trying to find systems or methods that make Bitcoin or other digital currencies earn by searching on the net. Today we are going to tell you about a system that promises unbelievable gains. This system is called Cyptosoft, a software that promises people who use it to earn money in […]

The 8 Best Emerging Cryptocurrencies to Invest in [2022]

Right now in the cryptocurrency industry there is great hype about the Metaverse and the emerging cryptocurrencies that are part of it. HomeCryptomonetThe 8 Best Emerging Cryptocurrencies to Invest in [2022] The 8 Best Emerging Cryptocurrencies to Invest in [2022] the 3rd Canto November 23, 2021 cryptomonet No comment Right now in the cryptocurrency industry […]

How to Buy Litecoin: Opinions and Advice from Experts 2022

The word “cryptocurrency” is on the agenda and more and more we hear about Litecoin. So let’s find out how to buy Litecoin . Today, in fact, a great deal of interest has been sparked among many investors in this area. When we talk about cryptocurrency we are referring to virtual currencies that are completely […]