Crypto soft: does it work? It is a scam? or is it a misleading promise?

Every day there are people trying to find systems or methods that make Bitcoin or other digital currencies earn by searching on the net. Today we are going to tell you about a system that promises unbelievable gains.

This system is called Cyptosoft, a software that promises people who use it to earn money in a short time, simplifying the profit process with cryptocurrencies, letting you invest your money at the right time.

Too good to be true? we decided to take a look.

What we saw was quite surprising. So, if you are considering using Cryptosoft, stop immediately! There are a few things you need to know about the software before trashing your money.

crypto soft homepage
Fig. 1 – Homepage

Entering the official site, we are greeted by a video where some guys claim to have had a fantastic experience with Cryptosoft. (and here the alarm is already triggered, all systems that offer easy money quickly have such videos).

Well, that alone doesn’t prove that the system is a scam . However, as you continue to watch the video, it becomes clear that you have already heard something similar or that you have deja vu.

The biggest online scams in recent months have been or are being carried out with binary trading, a very similar story is recognized here.

In many of the binary trading scams that there are, the scammers tell you that the software is the fruit of years of work, they tell you that you are extremely lucky to be one of the lucky few to have the ability to use and profit from their system, and if you sign up, they reassure you that your money will be safe., Your money is completely safe… Of course !!

crypto soft recensioni
Fig. 2 – site user comments

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2 Is Cryptosoft a Legitimate Way to Make Money Online?
3 So are you still looking for a totally legitimate way to make money online?
But is your money safe?
So if you follow the instructions given to you and sign up with Cryptosoft, they tell you exactly what we just mentioned, that you are one of the lucky 77 and that they are creating your account.

you will be asked to fund your account with at least 250 dollars or euros, this is the same amount that is recommended in many online and binary trading scams.

You will be told that your money is completely safe and that you can withdraw your money at any time. But this is not entirely true.

Once you put your money into the Cryptosoft account, the software starts trading for you, and once the software starts trading, there are no refunds and no money back guarantee. It doesn’t matter if you trade currencies or anything else your money is at risk if not already lost. And since whoever runs these software is only interested in taking commissions on you, don’t think for a minute that this software will work!

Is Cryptosoft a Legitimate Way to Make Money Online?
Cryptosoft software is designed to randomly guess the outcome of trades.

There aren’t any magic formulas or algorithms running in the background.

The software didn’t take years to develop as you were told, in reality this software is simply based on a binary trading system which has been used countless times and which will cause you to lose your initial deposit.

cryptosoft slogan site exit
Fig. 3- site exit screen

But those of Cryptosoft have an extra gear, in fact once you have lost your initial deposit of 250 dollars or euros they will contact you and tell you that something has happened that was totally unexpected. They will try to get you to put more money into the system and try again.

Unfortunately, many people actually fall into this part of the scam too… but it is not enough you will also be contacted by the trading brokers where the software is used who will offer you some very special offers. Our advice is that you should avoid all of this and keep your money !!

So are you still looking for a totally legitimate way to make money online?
If you were hoping for good things from Cryptosoft, you might feel disappointed.

So we will talk to you about a method where you can really earn in cryptocurrencies , not as these scam methods with earnings impossible to achieve even by professional brokers, but with small daily quantities and for free without making you invest or lose money but only using some of the your time.

If you want you can start by following our free guide to earn free bitcoins which explains step by step how to make these earnings online and then further increase your income by taking a look at our Faucethub reviews and similar faucets. using the same free system.

This is the only real free method, there are no others, forget about those who promise you easy earnings by making you lose money too.

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