Earn money with live streams on Twitch

More and more people are using the internet to find viewers. Live performances, gaming, literature, education, talk formats, entertainment or other forms of video art: they all find an audience. The desire to create something yourself that can reach other people is an important driving force. But the time spent should also be rewarded. It helps to know how you can earn money. Twitch is the world’s largest platform for live streaming offers, which is why we are using this as an example.

What’s up with Twitch

Twitch, also Twitch.tv, is a portal for the live transmission of videos. The platform was founded in 2010/2011 to broadcast video game content. In the esports area in particular, there have been large numbers of viewers, but so far only a few high-performance providers who have been able to satisfy customer needs. In analogue television and also in the digital branch of conventional TV providers, e-sports did not find the coverage it should get in the opinion of the operators and fans by far. In addition, broadcasting pre-produced or live content linearly is no longer interactive enough for many people. They would like to have the opportunity to participate in what is happening through their own impulses, to submit comments that are received by the performers and taken up. Twitch offered all of that.

The platform grew rapidly and in four years had nearly 50 million viewers and 6 million streaming channels. Those numbers made the deal interesting for internet giant Amazon, which bought Twitch for $ 970 million. The growth continued steadily. In 2020, 15 million viewers were reached every day. German is the third most important language among the streams. After English and Korean, the share is almost 8%. The biggest German streamers reach millions of fans: MontanaBlack, Knossi or Gronkh regularly inspire numerous viewers who are also willing to pay for these channels with subscriptions.

Twitch partnership

Anyone who streams regularly and regularly maintains a minimum number of followers can apply for a Twitch partnership. Partner channels receive numerous benefits, including the possibility of monetization. Twitch uses channel subscriptions and emotes for this.

Revenue is generated by the fact that viewers subscribe to the channel. In addition, followers use so-called bits to express cheers and applause in the live stream through “cheers”. These bits are a virtual currency that fans buy on Twitch. The canal operator receives a share of this money.

Lastly, Twitch is also a platform that enables advertisers to display or switch advertising videos. If these are presented in a live stream, the streamer receives a share of the advertising income. You can determine how often and for how long the transmission of advertisements is interrupted. But the partnership offers other advantages , including better access to support, longer storage of stream recordings and greater variety in the individualization of the channel. The requirements for the partner program are not great, but only 1-2% of the more than two million channels fit into the concept. Therefore, it is important to focus on that partnership when aligning the channel, if it is a goal.


If you inspire your fans, you can also set up the option to give away donations via PayPal. This is a form of donation that the followers can use to thank the streamers. This model is particularly successful if the channel owner can convey that these donations create added value for the community, e.g. B. cause certain actions of the streamer or enable rewards. These transfers are provided with donation texts, messages to the streamer himself, comments on the transmitted content or messages to other followers. This works best, especially on German channels, when the streamer reads these messages out himself and reacts authentically.

Influencer Marketing

It is particularly worthwhile for companies to find brand ambassadors who fully support the style and feel of the product that is to be advertised. Here Twitch offers an unbeatable selection with its huge portfolio of streamers. Compared to YouTube with its linear videos, the interaction and thus the loyalty of the audience to the message is much greater. That is why it is possible to create a synergy between sender and recipient, both of whom are 100% convinced of the brand. 

The uncut display creates an enormous degree of authenticity that appeals to followers and carries them away. Statements about products are understood less as an advertising message and rather act as a personal recommendation and an expression of a deep appreciation of the brand.

Thanks to the opportunity to support the platform operator directly through donations or other elements of the partnership program and to reward them for performances, Twitch establishes a very close contact. The relationship is spontaneous, authentic and personal – ideal conditions for placing influencer marketing. The performers of the stream also let followers take part in everyday situations live, cook with them, furnish the apartment or relax to good music. You discuss real life events and react in real time to comments, advice or requests from fans. This means that streamers are much closer and more tangible than z. B. Models on Instagram or comparable portals.

An agency for Twitch Marketing takes over the selection of suitable brand ambassadors. It is important to identify channels that are 100% compatible with the brand being advertised and that can represent them in the long term. In this way, campaigns can show a permanent presence and not only recommend a one-time placement of a product, which is also perceived by the follower as much more manipulative – because it is intrusive in an organic manner. Information about the use of Twitch as a marketing channel can be found .

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