Earn money with live streams on Twitch

More and more people are using the internet to find viewers. Live performances, gaming, literature, education, talk formats, entertainment or other forms of video art: they all find an audience. The desire to create something yourself that can reach other people is an important driving force. But the time spent should also be rewarded. It helps to know how […]

How can I increase the traffic on my WordPress site?

Anyone who runs their own website on the Internet is happy to see a large number of visitors. The desire for more traffic is initially completely independent of whether you want to earn money with your site or whether you are only running it for a private passion. Experience has shown that there is always room for improvement when it comes to traffic. If […]

What is necessary for a good Google ranking?

Anyone who wants to be successful online must also be found by their target group . 86% of all search engine users visit Google to look for what they want to find. For most search terms, search results are displayed page by page, in which you can pick out what suits you. Most of them only look at the first page and the […]